As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Top Obama Aide Uses Expletive in Email Subject Line

When I was a boy, my mother told me to scoop up my soup by moving the spoon away from me.


Because that’s the proper way to eat soup. You don’t need to just shovel it into your mouth.

Well, I’d had some manners training, but this was going too far. I told her it seemed quite counterintuitive – didn’t use this particular word, of course – to be eating by first moving the food in the opposite direction.

Well, one day maybe you’ll be invited to dinner at the White House. And then you’ll need to know all your manners.

Such innocent days.

Today this landed in my email box. It was from Jim Messina, who served as deputy chief of staff to the President of the United States and went on to manage President Obama’s reelection campaign. He now heads up Organizing for Action, Obama’s grassroots network.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 4.40.06 PM

It was about the Koch Brothers who apparently were up to . . . some sick crap. Messina wrote:

Let them spend their millions on sick crap like that . . . Our track record is pretty damn good. We’ve shown we can beat them, because we’re building something bigger, stronger, and smarter than just a pile of money.

I’m sure he was tempted to say pile of something else.

Any reporter who works at the White House will tell you that the Obama people have fouler mouths than a group of longshoremen with Tourette Syndrome. Even after Rahm left. With their feet casually draped across their desks, they take their cue from the boss, whose photographer thinks it’s an excellent idea to photograph him with his shoes on the historic Resolute Desk or hanging out in the Oval Office in his sweats.

We’ve witnessed to our great shame and sadness as a nation the disorder in Obama’s thinking – from Red Lines casually drawn to websites incompetently made and policies poorly planned and then updated on the fly.

I’ll admit, I’m not the Emily Post poster boy. As one of our readers properly pointed out, I recently went on television with my tie not quite done. And, I still scoop my soup in the direction most expeditious, not most proper.

But I do recognize the reasons for some semblance of personal order, and I strive for it. Nevertheless, the nation is not depending on my ability to get myself together.

The churlish imprecations and informality of Obama and his crew connote a serious lack of discipline and contribute to the unseriousness of this presidency.

This White House has been incapable of leadership on either the international stage or in Congress. Its denizens sit ensconced in their offices and fiddle with executive orders, lazily ruling by fiat instead of persuasion and assuming the rest of the world will somehow see the light emanating from Obama and do what’s right.

Now isn’t that some sick crap?

48 Responses to Top Obama Aide Uses Expletive in Email Subject Line

  1. I was in NYC last month, seems the Koch Brothers are rebuilding and renovating the arts, hospitals and even the freaking sidewalk I broke my shoe heel on. Kudos to them. And yes, the Koch brand is business friendly, they donate tons of money to pro-business (aka TEA party groups) to candidates that support their libertarian values. I’m sure the current IRS scandal has more to do with the Koch’s than tea party groups.

  2. Thanks for the shout out on your tie not being quite done!

    But you still are more polished & professional than all those other yahoos.

  3. Excellent post, Keith! Barry’s lazy and disrespectful attitude trickles down, becoming the norm in his pathetic administration.

  4. All of of the President’s Men, from Rahm to Zeke to Plouffe to Messina are the dregs of society. And that goes for everyone in between.
    Wonder who is responsible for this assemblage of guttersnipes?
    Valjar? Michelle? Certainly not the prissy sissy with the mom jeans, lol.

    You mention their ‘feet draped over their desks’ and feet on the Resolute Desk, Keith.
    Here is an image I still can’t get out of my mind after 5 years:

    • I am wearing my husband’s T-Shirt, jogging pants, and fluffy socks. However I am not the F Lad., and I don’t have a parade of people, nor cameras in my home.
      What caught my attention more tham his foul word, were the words: Building something bigger, stronger, and smarter.
      That is what I have been concerned with for several years, what are they up to?
      I have used a word or two: #%@#. I will think twice next time!
      By the way: I never cursed in front of my kids, if I slammed a finger, dropped a glass, I would use words like: Dillywolly.

    • Only riff-raff would pose for a staged photo sitting like that. Whatever in the world made her think that pose looked attractive? I think Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies had more decorum and sense than our worst lady.

  5. Foul language was foreign to me unto I joined the Air Force.
    After that experience , no words offend me.

    Keith,…keep the tie loose man.
    We like you just like you are.

  6. Did you read Powerline, where Hinderaker quotes a Russian source as saying that the o is so naive the Russians could steal his pants?
    Now THERE’S something to look forward to.

    • Obama thought he had Russia under his spell for 4 years when Medvednev was president. All the famly vacays/ visits back and forth, burgers at Five Guys,
      Little did he know Medvednev was playing him for the fool he is, while Putin was watching from behind the curtain…waiting for his turn. It was mesmerizing to watch…knowing that Obama was being led to the slaughter. He never saw it coming.

  7. Thank you. Never before has anyone of your stature with a public or internet platform addressed the ill-mannered, profane, and rude occupants of this WhiteHouse.
    We were aghast at the sight of MrsO having a sack race or doing exercises in our beloved and carefully sustained WhiteHouse, and were angered by the sight of MrO casually plopping his shod feet ontop of a historic and antique desk.
    Those of us who receive regular e-mails from the OFA, or some branch of the Dem party can only cringe at the language or sheer hatred that screams off of their messages.

    What everyone in the WhiteHouse says or does in private isn’t our concern, but we expect, OK we demand, that they speak and act with decorum and professionalism in public.

    • Even after several decades of life, there are some things I won’t participate in because, “my mama won’t let me”. It never goes away. “O” and his comrades must not have been as lucky.

      Reprobates! The lot of’em!

  8. MESSina is a step-up (or a spoon away) compared to Biden. All of them have run “afoul” of all decency and compliment it with foul remarks.

  9. If BHO has proven anything, it is anyone in America can be president; he and his staff constantly demonstrate it requires no breeding.

  10. Keith, As a young boy my mother taught me the same thing — “Go out to sea and then come back to shore” and just did it as, well, you know, Mom said. Later, the physics of it all made sense when off to college I saw all my buddies using the ‘intuitive’ method and putting soup drops on their non-napkin covered laps. So in all my years of wearing ties not a drop has hit me. In this case, Mom was right.

    As to Mr. Obama, it is difficult being ‘cool’ and ‘classy’ at the same time and for me I never (even when he was some no-name Senator) did I think he was even cool.

  11. I remember Biden’s comment when Obama signed the Obamacare bill, about it being a big blank deal. Obama thought it was so funny and they sold t-shirts with that phrase. I have never been so thoroughly disgusted with a Pres and VP in all my life. Well, except the time when Clinton dallied in the Oval Office.

  12. The thing that gets me is that children in the forties and fifties were raised to walk on the right side of the sidewalk whichever direction you were going and to go up stairs or come down them on your right side. It may seem regimented to people today, but it made for orderly progression. Now, navigating sidewalks and stairs is a free-for-all.

  13. If I were the Koch Brothers, private American citizens who invest their money in this country, I would sue the crap out of all the crappy people in this crap Administration and the crappy organizations and media who support them. I would certainly sue the crap out of Jim Messina. And if I couldn’t sue the crap out of these crappy losers then I would publish every piece of crap that they write and say and say about them on the most public of American walls for all the decent Americans to see what kind of crap this Administration pulls every single day of this crappy term in office.

    As for Harry Reid, I would not sue this piece of crap. I would kick his sorry butt all the way back to Nevada — inch by inch and mile by mile.

  14. The fish rots from the head. We see it throughout this administration: in the dishonest and corrupt agencies like the IRS, the drunken secret service agent passed out in the corridor of an Amsterdam hotel, the USPS employees using government credit cards to pay for their personal expenses, etc. etc. Every day we witness the further demise of honor. Greg Gutfeld pegged it when he said that our national sense of good and evil has been replaced by “cool” vs. un-cool. But even under that scenario, it’s hard to fathom how Messina is cool.

  15. Here’s an e-mail from Jim #@$%!!! Messina yesterday where he tells me “I’m full of it”. For the life of me I can’t think of what he might think I’m full of. I do know I’ve had it up to here w/ him and his boss:

    Organizing for Action
    Mike —

    Do you ever get the sense that some of the folks on the other side are living in an alternate universe?

    They seem to think they’re on the verge of beating back our progress — they go on and on about repealing Obamacare, stopping immigration reform in its tracks, or banning same-sex marriage.

    Anyone paying attention knows they’re full of it. Our opponents might not like it, but when it comes to the change they’re trying to stop, the momentum is undeniable.

    That’s because you’ve built a grassroots powerhouse that is driving our movement forward.

    OFA’s got a big fundraising deadline coming up — and we’re updating our records. It looks like you haven’t chipped in yet this year.

    Here’s our record associated with this exact email address:

    — Supporter Status: Active
    — 2014 Membership: Pending
    — Suggested action: Donate $5 or more today.

    You can think of any donation as a down payment on a rude awakening for the people on the other side.

    Let them believe they’re on the verge of repealing Obamacare, while more than 5 million Americans have already signed up for private plans. Or that they’re going to roll back our progress on letting any loving couple get married.

    They can pretend all they want that climate change isn’t happening, but the American people actually take what 97 percent of scientists say seriously.

    Don’t I love winning! But we can’t lose sight of the fact that we got our edge because we invested in building a movement together.

    If you still believe in this work, chipping in matters now as much as it ever has. You need to know you have a role to play, Mike.

    Chip in $5 or more before our critical fundraising deadline:



    Jim Messina
    Organizing for Action

    If you’ve made a donation online or by check very recently that isn’t reflected above, don’t worry — it may still be processing. Thanks for your support.

    Contributions or gifts to Organizing for Action are not tax deductible.

    This email was sent to:
    If that is not your preferred email address, you can update your information here. We believe that emails are a vital way to stay in direct contact with supporters. Click here if you’d like to unsubscribe from these messages.
    Organizing for Action, P.O. Box 66732 Washington, D.C. 20035

      • You can think of any donation as a down payment on a rude awakening for the people on the other side

        A down payment on a rude awakening? I almost prefer the dopey curses…that is awful. Who writes this?

  16. That Messina is a toxic little bundle with his creepy red lips. I guess they think cursing is a mark of manhood. Yick. I think his email says more about him than the Bros Koch.

  17. “Chpping in” He forgot to quote the one with all the rough edges: “Don’t leave anything on the table” As an aside, if you have observed the manners on these people while eating soup with The First Mooch who has her face in her food at table level slurping it in, you have some idea that the cause is lost. We just have to play the waiting game with them all and then clean house.

    Another take on the soup situation: I was always taught that you scooped away from you because that far side will be the hot one, and then you are able to drink from the cooler side close to you. My Emily Post moment for the day. She never left anything on the table, you can be assured of that.

    What is that ‘ol saying:”You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

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