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Obama Steps Up Censoring, Withholding of Info

Five years after he promised to preside over the most transparent administration in history, President Obama’s agencies are censoring and withholding more information than ever, blocking Freedom of Information Act requests at a record pace.

According to the Associated Press:

The Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

The administration cited more legal exceptions it said justified withholding materials and refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy. Most agencies also took longer to answer records requests, the analysis found.

Note below how while “fully granted” FOIA requests have remained roughly the same, both the number that were censored and denied have risen.

Note also that Obama’s rejections and censoring of FOIA requests far outpaces that of George W. Bush in 2008. Remember all the Democratic outrage about the secretive Bush-Cheney cabal?

FOIA rejections

Throw in the rampant bullying and intimidation of journalists through formal means by the Justice Department and informally within the White House itself and you have a administration is slavishly devoted to squashing the flow of information – not promoting some kind of historic openness.

34 thoughts on “Obama Steps Up Censoring, Withholding of Info”

  1. Until the press actually starts REPORTING on the scandals and coverups they can put out all the charts they want. Until they actually start holding this administration accountable they are part of the problem not the solution.

    1. The three main news channels (of the regular stations) seemed to be unconcerned with 1 less viewer. I have not watched them in years……………

      1. I agree Lee. So many Americans do not appear to be fazed at all with this administration. So many citizens are out of touch with politics. Last night on Special Report (Fox) several college students were asked if they could name ANYONE presently in Congress and not one student could name a single member.

        1. I did see that!
          When I was in high school, I was having fun, however knew at least of their names. They did not have 24 hours of news like they do now.

  2. There’s only so many reasons for withholding information to the public; what they are doing/did is illegal, what happened was embarrasing, or their plans for some action are so damaging or outrageous they don’t want it made public until it’s too late to stop them.

    @Geoff is right when he puts the onus on the press for not doing their jobs to hold the poltical elites accountable. If and when the MSM stops acting like office clerks putting the boss’s claims into the company newletter as fact, but investigates or determines on it’s own information that exposes the truth, they don’t have a good cased.

    1. All I want is an intellectually curious media of professional journalism or leave the field.

      Judging by Obama’s demeanor on this recent trip, he looks worried about something …. bloodhounds closing in ?

      1. Your first sentence says it all and very well put.

        I noticed Obama’s hangdog appearance on this European trip. It’s mostly due to Putin’s besting him imho. BTW, several news outlets expect Obama’s poll numbers to go up because of the Pope’s popularity somehow rubbing off on him. I don’t buy it, but I think they have released numbers today in the low forties as ‘new lows’ and in a couple of days will show an uptick. I predict this, but (again imho) I think they’re really down in the thirties. Poll numbers can be manipulated easily.

        1. I do not respect the polls. Most of the people do not even keep up with a portion of the news. The others would stand behind him no matter what he does.
          Let me re-phrase that, The other will stand behind him untill its to late.

  3. Speaking of censorship, stonewalling and obstruction of justice: it’s now going to take ‘years, not months’ for the IRS chief, John Koskinen, to turn over Lois Lerner’s emails. By then, Obama will be living in an undisclosed location.

        1. The ball is now in John Boehnor’s court to name a special select committee. But I am afraid he will let both the IRS and Benghazi slip.

          1. My comment to you has been put in moderation, but I read today that Democrats are calling for the Benghazi hearings to be shut down. I’m not sure Benghazi would be in Holder’s domain. F & F he has shut down already, hasn’t he?

          2. The Congressman need to be reminded of the risk that military take always, by not leaving anyone behind, or not trying to help them.

    1. Gracepmc: You nailed it!
      We will have to remain very concerned, worried for our Country’s future, untill the Journalist anounce such a point.
      Maybe if we all pull together and contact the advertizers, and explain we will not watch any of their commercials, or use their product untill the News Stations do their job.

  4. They,the MSM, helped create and sustain this Frankenstein, and now they complain because it has turned against them? No sympathy from me. Mr Caldwell hit the nail squarely on the head.

  5. The Obama administration has much to hide, and they know it. Interesting that there’s a move now among the D’s to certify or license journalists. More of the same. I would think the J community would be up in arms over this latest tactic to censor the news.

      1. It’s absolutely amazing how docile and sheepish many journalists (not Keith, certainly) are when it comes to doing their job, which among other things, calls for them to constantly vet government actions and inform us of what’s really going on.

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