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The Obama Morning News || March 27, 2014

Obama seeks a papal blessing . . . Politico
Obama to Pope: “I’m a great admirer”
. . . Associated Press 
Dems to push Obamacare changes . . . Fox News
Secret Service had trouble in Miami
. . . Washington Post
Cruz: Putin laughing at Obama . . . Newsmax
Ryan: Immigration reform inevitable . . . Newsmax
Dems demand end to Benghazi probe . . . Politico
State Dept. hides Saudi textbook report . . . Daily Beast
New IRS chief: “Years” to get the docs . . . Washington Times
Foreign policy emerges as 2016 issue . . . National Journal
Alaskans petition WH to secede to Russia . . . Fox News

20 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 27, 2014

  1. LOL Alaska WH petition to secede to Russia. I think many of those signatures are Palin haters thinking she’d be included.

    I think if Putin wanted Alaska back, he’d just take it and Obama would do nothing. Too easy.

  2. The Dems who want the Benghazi investigation to end are disgraceful.
    This is not about Dem or Rep, this is about American citizens, that were left out on their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She should have been fired on the spot.
    I have never been in the Military, but I am aware that so many fine military do not leave people behind. They risk their lives to save them.
    The mistake, and or reason for the no response needs to be reconized on the behalf of all military, and Ambassadors, etc. that work abroad.

    • You might appreciate the snark in this comment from a poster elsewhere — he penned it as if it was by Hillary Clinton.

      Guilty as sin,free as a bird…. That’s just the way I roll..

      OT — This is funny. This comment is my first of the day here. When I hit submit I got the “Posting too quickly. Slow down”. Hope the rest of my day and all of yours is better. :)

  3. The only way MrObama could hope to receive a Papal blessing is if he started the conversation with “Bless me Father, for I have sinned” instead of the classless and ridiculous greeting of “…nice to see ya…” he thought was appropriate.
    Gifting the Holy Father with a box of seeds won’t help, either. One does not gain absolution by putting a bag of corn seeds in the church collection plate.

    • And we thought the DVDs and toy helicopters to PM Gordon Brown were in bad taste!
      Michelle sends her regards, along with this special pack of seeds, your Holiness. From her garden to yours. If you are ever in town, stop by the WH and we’ll give you a personal tour of OUR garden.
      Oh, and before I leave, Your Holiness, how about a selfie?

    • Didn’t he bow to other leaders?
      I did not see any body movement made by O with the Pope.
      He looks like he is standing next to a ball player.

  4. AND IN OTHER NEWS….the mayor is from North Carolina, the senator is from S.F. and surprise surprise, they’re both Dems.

    Mayor Patrick Cannon resigned Wednesday after prosecutors said he had been arrested on federal public corruption charges that include accepting more than $48,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents.

    Senator, Leeland Yee, who is currently running for secretary of state, was indicted on public corruption charges.

    • Old Timer, I don’t know. All my life I witnessed them just walking over as if it was down the block. People from Mexico are wonderful people, and everyone just let it continue.
      I feel Ryan should first be discussing guarding our border.
      Than instead of people from each party, discussing now, before elections. It should be fixed one step at a time on a daily basis.
      1. Border guarded.
      2. Stop the drugs from coming to U.S. I do not know who gets a cut from the drug issue. If people were not getting something out of it. this drug issue would have been fixed decades ago.
      3. If the drug issue was fixed, Mexico would start finding other ways to prosper. I do not know if the people in their Govt. get a cut, but they should work with the U.S. to guard the borders.
      4. Tell Mexico no buisness here, we will stop doing buisness with you unless you clean up the drug mess.
      5. Once the above is done. So many people would not be sneaking over the boarder, in order to feed their children, they would have jobs there, if Mexico propers.
      6. While we are figuring out the steps with the people who are already here, make it clear you need to learn English! I am so tired of having to choose if I speak English or Spanish when I call a company.
      7. Now the rest of the issue what happens to everyone already hear (mostly the children who did not choose to break the law).
      This is a Law. As I was stating For the rest of the issue, I will take a break for now, because I don’t know. If someone else hear has any suggestions, please go for it.

  5. I have to say, I’m just a LITTLE curious – last year, the girl’s spring break included a trip to the islands, than a weekend of skiing out west. Michelle flew home YESterday or tuesday, right? … just wondering if the girls are skiing again this year.