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Cost of Ferrying Obama Rises Sharply

The hourly cost of flying Air Force One has risen to more than $200,000 per hour, a hefty increase that will result in taxpayers footing the bill for millions more in annual flying expenses for President Obama.

According to Air Force documents provided in response to a FOIA request from Judicial Watch, it appears the FY2014 cost of flying Air Force One has risen to $210,877 per hour from a level of about $180,000 earlier in the decade, a 17 percent increase. This is down, though, from an hourly cost of $228,288 the year before.

Obama on the PhoneMuch of the increase that has occurred appears to stem from heftier jet fuel costs, which rose sharply between 2010 and 2011. The hourly AF1 flying price tag also includes maintenance costs.

The increases make Obamas’ frequent vacations – particularly their annual trip to Hawaii – as well as his endless political travel, much more costly.

At about 17.5 hours roundtrip, the cost of taking Air Force One to Honolulu and back rises over $500,000, to a total of $3.7 million. And that doesn’t include the costs of any planes that travel with the Obamas.

Last year, the Obamas departed December 20th for Honolulu and returned January 5.

According to the Judicial Watch documents, a C-32a jet – a converted 757 of the type used to carry the vice president and other senior officials – was counted as part of the presidential party, mysteriously departing Andrews Air Force Base January 2 and then returning along with Air Force One January 5.┬áThe Air Force redacted the 12 names on the C-32a passenger list.

Obama also travels with at least one cargo plane.

31 Responses to Cost of Ferrying Obama Rises Sharply

    • YAWN…
      Its a good thing NO ONE in the “Main Stream Media”: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC or even FOX NEWS(???) ever “reports” these costs of the Obama regime using “AF1”.

      Why does NO ONE on FNC or FBN ever mention the costs of Obama flying everywhere on “Air Force 1″…?

  1. Great post Keith.
    Keep the info out there.
    There was also another post along the same lines that the crews that maintain these aircraft and the crews that man them are exhausted in keeping up with his schedule.
    It is unprecedented as compared to prior administrations.

    • The DNC needs to start chartering private jumbo jets to ferry him to the fundraisers and stop with the speeches at auto parts stores to make official business out of them.

  2. Absolutely pathetic. I understand that he can’t just jump on Delta or American, but jeez. Maybe a little more work and a little less play would help rein in the costs.

    I wish I had the figures, but I’d love to know the all-in per-Citizen cost of his vacays once travel and security is included. I think a lot of ordinary folks would be very upset with the financial stewardship of our “leader’.

  3. Unless the travelers on the plane are military or Secret Service, the American taxpayers are entitled to know their names. And we are entitled to know why there was not room for them on Air Force 1. If it was because of personal friends of the President traveling with him, it should be noted that in the future guest may travel only “space available” and at a full fare first class airfare.

  4. Since they abused our money. From now on they should take a train for work. If they go on vacation, they should pay first before they leave.
    They also need to be given the bill for the air rides. Pardon, I just mentioned the bill issue on another thread

    • For trips to Hawaii, other, A boat wll do just fine. The smallest Shrimp boat that can handle the waters. The shrimp they catch, can be used to help pay for their other trips, or donated to the elderly now in a nursing home or Vets home.

    • I don’t think he gets up to Camp David all that much. How can he? If the weather is even remotely warm, half his weekend is spent on the golf course.

    • I typed in at Ask.Com
      Scrolled down a slight bit. There was clip from Reuters
      It stated as 05-19-12, he had made 23 trips.
      I did not see anything listed after that.

  5. What a country. When we discuss how the government spends OUR money, a piddly sum like $10,877.00 gets rounded ‘off’, but when it’s the money we owe them, the $10,877.00 is rounded up to $10,880.00.

  6. The former leader of the choom gang flies high and mighty expensive, too!
    Couldn’t help but recall March 10, just a little over two weeks ago when the Senate spent an all-nighter on climate change sans a word about the globe-trotting big foot and entourage in the WH.

    • That’s reminiscent of the time all the Global Warming/Scary Carbon Footprint gurus got together in some place like Gstaad, and they each and every one flew in on private jets.
      And did you see how the Netherlands Prime Minister biked to the meeting with the o and his 900 sisters and his cousins and his aunts, and his 45 vehicles and his 3 cargo planes?

    • I think he should start getting layed over like the rest of Americans while flying.
      Have him sit or walk around a terminal for hours at a time, in between flights. He may start taking the train or boat.

  7. This family and their entourage is making fools of us all. And, they are loving every minute of it.

    This is the first time I am not proud of my country—letting these people get away with it all.

    I think we ought to put a dollar limit on the travel/vacation/fundraising jaunts for this office. We never dreamed we would have first class moochers in the White House on the scale of these people.. How can we,as citizens do this-reining them in?

    And how embarassing was that gift to the Pope. Seeds from what her name’s garden? If I allowed myself, I would be humilated.

  8. This guy is nothing but a malingerer – a slacker. He spends more time in the air than on the ground. It’s costing us literally $$$Billions to fly an empty suit and a TOTUS all over the globe so that he can read a speech and look presidential.
    He needs an excuse to get out of the house, away from Mooch, and, above all, away from the office.
    He told us – all he needs is a pen and a phone.

    Seriously, someone should have offered him $20M…$50M…to leave after his first term. We could have saved BILLIONS! And we would still have a country to call ‘home’.

    • He would have looked Presidential with his Pen and Phone, if he would have gone to Ukraine at a much earlier date.
      Maybe he could have left the Pen and Phone behind, and just showed up without giggling.

  9. Why doesn’t Obama use his Flying Carpet to travel around. It’s cheap to fly (gravity is still free, isn’t it?), requires low maintenance, and has no crew. Plus he can wear his cool Swami costume when he’s flying around on it.