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Video: Sebelius Said No Delay Beyond March 31

Do the statements people in this administration mean anything anymore – to anyone?

What about the assurances President Obama has given Americans and the Israelis that he won’t let the Iranians get nuclear weapons, and that he’s willing to use force to prevent it? Who can believe him in the context of all the Obamacare lies?

Here’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius JUST TWO WEEKS AGO on March 12 telling Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) that there ain’t gonna be no delay of the enrollment deadline beyond March 31.

The deadline, as you probably know, was just delayed.

From the exchange before the House Ways & Means Committee:

BRADY: Madame Secretary, you were before the committee April of last year – you assured us all that there would be absolutely no more delays in the Affordable Care Act. We’ve seen eight delays since you gave us those assurances, bringing the total now to 35. So, the question is, I think fairly for our families at home, what other delays should they expect . . .

Are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond March 31?

SEBELIUS: No sir . . . There is no delay beyond March 31.

So much contempt.

These people, who are running the country and in many ways responsible for our fates, say what they think is good for them, and whether it happens to bump into the truth or not is of no concern to them.

It’s a rather frightening thing.

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  1. It makes me very, very afraid for the 2014 and 2016 elections.
    OBogus and his despicable posse lie just to lie. The fact that they do this with impunity makes me believe they feel they are immune to the consequences which, in a rational world, is loss of power.
    Something is “rotten in the state of Denmark.” The question is what is it that we should be aware of, that we are not?

    1. When we have a racist Attorney general that continually stonewalls the congressional committees that are trying to get to the bottom of the myriad scandals perpetrated upon this Nation and a CIC that is complicit with the desecration of the first amendments’ right to free speech and freedom of religion, what do you expect ?

      We won’t fix this until we supplant the senate and the house with people that can eliminate the corruption that is rampant in this administration.

      The 2014 election is the first step.
      Th results will indicate the will of the American People.

          1. My mom (86) will vote D because she won’t stray from D ‘dad & I always voted D’. Well he is gone & she only listens to the lame stream news & will not change. She voted for H because it’s time for a woman pres….low info in my own family. sigh.

  2. This is just a couple of weeks after the administration admitted that it didn’t have the legal power to extend open enrollment!

  3. “I can move Red Lines, and Deadlines whenever I want to. I’m the President and the Leader of the Free World. So let me be clear, if I want the Free Throw Line to be underneath the basket, then that’s where that line goes.

    1. lol.
      BTW, thanks for being a good sport about the ‘smarty-pants’ thing. A little too much time at the tea trolley gets me going, and sometimes I go too far.

  4. Never say never, especially when it comes to the most corrupt administration ever.

    Am I the only one surprised that Putin allowed our astronaut to hitch a ride in their shuttle yesterday?

    1. The Russian wants to win the hearts and minds of Americans, so bumping our astronaut from the flight wasn’t even considered.

      If we throw out all of the anti-American, anti-democratic hyperbole coming out of the WhiteHouse, the Russian is only trying to reassemble his beloved country as he thinks it should be. He has no argument with us, unless we wish it to be about our promises to protect these countries.
      Since, MrO has no intention of doing anything other than putting all of Russia into a ‘time-out’ and putting them to bed without their dessert, Russia will continue until they get to the end of their quest, whatever that might be.

    2. Hitching a ride. We are now the “poor relations” — sometimes depending on the kindness of strangers.

      Although srdem65 is more correct, this Admin. could care less one way or the other.

        1. Because the comments submitted are in mod.
          This site is excellent in it’s content, and the people that comment are highly intelligent and informed on history and current events,….HOWEVER, the moderation vault has the ability to increase your blood pressure to levels that are not healthy.
          It is very frustrating to see your comment slammed into silence in the midst of a conversation.

  5. When do we see perjury charges against all these democrats who have lied to Congress and the American people?

    When do Articles of Impeachment get brought to the floor?

    When do FRAUD charges begin to be brought against those who sold this POS?

  6. What is this teaching our children, the future voters of this Country.
    I have seen a couple of math problems for grade school children, Horrific.
    I hate to see what will be printed in the History books and Civics books.
    For instance: It is OK for the administration to lie, or con as long as they don’t blink when they are explaining the issue on hand.

  7. Best laugh of the day: Dingy Harry says there is no problem with the ACA website. People are just not educated in how to use the internet.

    1. Unbelievable.
      These idiots think that we are that stupid.
      The damn thing doesn’t work.
      The back door on the site does not work.
      The insurance companies are not getting paid.
      This abomination was designed to fail.
      Single payer,….here it comes.

      1. I typed health insurance for several countries.
        Canada for one:
        There is a LONG wait to see a specialist. Many people DO NOT have a family physician. It’s become a MAJOR social issue and a lot more DISCONTENT to come.

        That needs to be worn by thousands of us on the back of a T-Shirt. Why? To wake up the people who are not concerned at this time.
        It did state however that Canada does not COLLECT information about a person’s health.
        Our Country is collecting information left and right.

    2. Well, they might not be able to use anything the GOVT does on the internet. I was a certified contractor–crazy hard. I just today tried to copyright something–crazy crazy hard…. Just let us type in some stuff, click a box and pay…ever heard of that?

    3. Liberals lie. Often. To your face. They will tell you its snowing when it’s 90 degrees. Or vice versa.
      RINOs let them get away with it. They too lie to our faces.

  8. John Boehner said, and I quote: “What the hell is this, a joke?”

    No, Mr. Speaker, the JOKE is that you haven’t impeached him for his serial abuse of power. THAT is the joke, and Obama is laughing about it every single day you let him stay in office.

      1. Boehner is a RINO, just like Lindsey Graham and John McCain.
        Eric Canter is another one that we need to get rid of.
        The list can go on and on but I would probably be thrust into the moderation vault.
        So I will restrict the length of my comment.
        You all know what I mean.

      2. Huge, huge difference.

        Boehner and the House wanted to make legislative changes, the way it’s supposed to be done. A bill is written; it goes to committee; and so on, with the representatives of the People having their say at some point in the process. If it gets voted down, oh well; if it’s vetoed and not overridden, well, that’s the process, too.

        What Obama is doing, is simply making up the law as he goes along, in nearly every case with an eye on the electoral calendar. He knows full well that the numbers aren’t there as March winds down, and that once the low numbers get crunched by the insurance companies, there will be a rate shock this October, and there goes Harry Reid’s protection racket.

        At that point, the Republican Congress is going to start sending him a whole lot of bills that will force his hand. The President can’t vote “present” when a bill is on his desk: he’s got ten days (Sundays excluded) to make a decision, or the bill becomes law.

        He’ll try to challenge that, I fear, but that’s another thread.

        The comparison is apples to oranges: that a legislative extension didn’t go anywhere is not justification for the executive to simply re-write the law himself, out of whole cloth.

        And, for that matter, the GOP can hit Obama right back by saying that he was against extending the deadline before he was for it.

  9. Honor and trust are two words not used by this administration other during a campaign speech. I do not believe anything from anyone in this administration. I can’t even follow the Reagan Doctorine of “Trust But Verify” with this group.

    Yet, if you are in the Republican Party, the Military or the Secret Service you are demeaned, degraded and dismissed on the smallest of charge. Republican are the enemy. Putin is more respected by this administration than any Republicans. Tea Party members are even worse.

    Charges and dismissals of Senior Generals and Admirals are very alarming. A purge of these leaders is occurring because for Political purposes. This administration would have dismissed our best Admirals and Generals throughout history starting with Washington, including Andrew Jackson,Grant, Sherman,Eisenhower, Patton, Mcarthur and including Powell.

    I notice Secret Service Agents sent home from the Netherlands because they were passed out drunk. They are done with their careers. It makes me wonder what causes these agents to get drunk like this? Stress of the job or shame of whom they are protecting.

    1. The last group of agents that got caught were ratted out, I’m sure as these were too. Can you imagine the amount of time they spend away from families? I imagine many of those marriages are in the crapper by now. Therefore, they drinky ?

      THIS is why we have provided Camp David, it gives everyone a rest and some time off …. staff, security, air crews, etc…. as the base already has security in place.

      1. The sad thing is the hotel employees found an agent passed out in the hallway of the hotel and called the US Embassy. You are correct that they are under tremendous stress and this is their way of self medicating. Perhaps, standard operating procedures should be revisited including trial by press.

        1. This may sound like tin-foil hat material, but…

          The assumption being made, seemingly by everyone, is that these agents got drunk of their own volition.

          Nothing is EVER as it appears with this administration.

  10. “What happens when a US President stops talking and nobody claps ?” Well, take a look at Zero Hedge and the video from one of his European appearances , I believe it was the one in the Hague. He apparently didn´t impress anyone .He slipped out, somewhat embarrassed.

    1. swedishlady, I wondered about that, too. I watched it live and no one applauded. It was so embarrassing. But then I read later that because it was a ‘press conference’, clapping is not allowed. I don’t think Obama knew it. He was expecting a standing ovation.

      If you watched his speech in Brussels a short while ago, he looked ridicuous when the audience started applauding. He couldn’t bring himself to get off the stage! He tried to keep the audience clapping by pausing and waving every other second on his way to the exit. Finally, the audience just stopped. clapping..and he reluctantly left the stage. No curtain calls, lol.
      I noticed there were quite a few young people in the audience. I suppose they were there for a purpose – but it didn’t quite pan out the way he expected it to.

    2. Thanks for bringing that up Swedishlady. I heard/read about that this morning. Poor O, did not have his hand picked people, or people who paid off, people who just want him to do good no matter what the cost, etc.

  11. Kathleen Sebellius has free rein. She is restrained by nothing other than Obama. This is not a law, and increasingly, we are not a nation of laws.

    1. grace: The entire box of ‘tools’ have free reign, unless and until they are stopped at the ballot box. I am not optimistic.

  12. Cvvuto had an interesting take on the ACA ‘delay’ (outside of the obvious). He said that there might be a ‘brilliance’ to this move:

    If you know that you’re going to have to pay a penalty if you don’t sign up, all you have to do is check the little box and say you tried. Easy peasy. You would then fulfull the admnistration’s ‘dream’ that they had a huge surge (into the millions) of last minute support. Suddenly, this this thing is a huge hit! No one will ever know ‘why’, but it would give the appearance that there was a last minute rush and they couldn’t keep up with it.

    Makes sense to me. It’s diabolical and so typical of the sneaks in the Obama regime. How can anyone prove or disprove the number of ‘check marks’ on that blue box ? And of course it will take time – at least until after the election, to process all these new apps.

    1. No one in the administration is telling us the amount of money, they have received, If any.
      I have not heard a reason for this.
      Point we will never know the honest figure of people who sign up, as well at this point the amount of money paid either.
      By the way, I am still waiting for the hero’s. The people who know the facts, and are keeping their mouth shut.
      There must be someone who was at least told the facts by someone involved, that can be the hero.

      1. I don’t think the ‘back-end’ part of the website is working yet. Payments go directly to the insurance carriers, But I’m sure HHS could twist their arms and get that info from them.

  13. Keith,

    How can you accuse her of lying? She is a student of Bill Clinton. At the moment she spoke, there was no delay in the enrollment deadline. So what she said, “There IS no delay,” was accurate. She did not say, There WILL BE no delay. She only decided on the delay 5 seconds after testifying.

    One of the bozos in Congress should have followed up with her and asked will there be delay. We cannot trust anyone in this administration to be truthful and forthcoming. Congress should have learned that by now.

  14. Nobody believes anything these folks say. They should be escorted out of their offices and taken to jail or prison for constantly lying. What’s the point of having them show up in Congress and repeat the same crap.

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