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Police Beat, Detain Activists as Michelle Arrived in Chengdu

Chinese rights activists were detained and beaten by government thugs as Michelle Obama, her daughters and mother landed in Chengdu Tuesday to see pandas.

According to Radio Free Asia, authorities were afraid the activists would try to meet with Mrs. Obama.

From the report:

Sichuan-based rights group Tianwang said policemen and plainclothes officers beat up a group of land protesters on the streets of the provincial capital Chengdu, before dragging them to a police station.

The petitioners are villagers who lost their homes or farmland in land grabs and forced demolitions by the government and local property developers, according to the 64 Tianwang rights group website.

What’s more, Michelle’s China vacation has caused some activists to get a vacation of their own:

Tianwang founder and veteran activist Huang Qi said the authorities had taken a number of local activists on “forced vacation” ahead of Obama’s two-day visit to Chengdu, where she, her mother and two daughters are scheduled to visit a panda sanctuary and eat in a Tibetan restaurant.

Michelle has avoided meeting with Chinese rights activists while on her trip to China, which has included large elements of vacation-style enjoyment for her and her family. Now, her trip has actually caused some of those activists harm.

Mrs. Obama and her family today toured the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and ate at a Tibetan restaurant before departing Chengdu. The are now on their way back to the United States.

22 thoughts on “Police Beat, Detain Activists as Michelle Arrived in Chengdu”

  1. If Michelle and the girls wanted to see pandas, they could have visited the National zoo in Washington DC (their own backyard) or flown to San Diego. The fact that I have to pay for her to fly to Chengdu galls me to no end.

        1. Reminds me of the Obama regime’s filtering of free speech. It’s not as brutal but they still screen questions from the press and screen the press pool access. Under the Obama regime “Free Speech” is not guaranteed under the Constitution. He gets a free pass from the liberal media because he shares their liberal agenda and because his skin is pigmented. In this country you are not allowed to call a pigmented person an unqualified, lying idiot. In China you get drug away and beat up, in America you simply can’t get the press to express your decent.

  2. Villagers lost their homes and farmlands, due to land grabs, and forced demolitons by the Govt.
    I read this than pulled up news of the day on Keith’s other thread about the EPA, private property here with natural or man made ponds.
    Not an exact comparison by no means, however the American citizens with man made lake, house and property in the bayou, (for example) will have the in the boat.

  3. “Chinese people can’t get their grievances resolved, so they are forced to approach foreign leaders to defend their rights,” Huang said.

    No one tried to approach her. They were minding their own business. Even the Chinese ppl must know that she and her husband are despots. Ironically, headline news today features EPA land grabs in the US.
    She must be picking up lots of pointers from her ‘impressive’ communist hosts. She will be fired up and ready to go when she returns.

  4. Just started listening to O,
    Caught end of sentence of relief to Syria.
    We are united with allies and partners regarding Eukraine.
    Has not mentioned U.S. gain foothold in Latin America
    If RUSSIA continues more sanctions…
    We have gone though Rocky waters.
    Questions being taken taken now.
    Keith, When you have a moment, please note what he stated in full.

    1. I’m also listening to His Majesty speechifying on “the situation”. He sounds like Yoda after a hard night on the town. He’s slurring his words, and seems not quite awake yet as he creates yet another teachable moment for us ignorant peasants.

  5. The air is heavy laden with rich irony and hypocrisy. The day after Mzzz MIchelle yaps on about “human rights”, freedom of expression, etc., those who advocate them in China are beaten and arrested–while she is still in China.

  6. What’s a little beating among friends. I’m sure the ppl arrested wish Miss High & Mighty would have went somewhere else why we wished she would have just stayed home.

  7. It’s over now. The spectacle of the American President’s wife jumping rope, staring at ancient artifacts, and generally just clomping around in front of staring crowds is finally over.
    Now that she has exposed herself, her children and her mother as the ugly American tourists, complained about America’s past, and shown her ignorance of the reaities of communist life, she just packs up and goes home not caring of the turmoil she started there and here.

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  9. [quote]The are now on their way back to the United States.[/quote]

    Sad to realize their departure means they are coming back, yet happy they aren’t ruining the Chinese…

    I vote they stay in China.

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