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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 27, 2014

5:30 am || Has an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis; The Vatican
7:25 am || Participates in a restricted bilateral meeting with President Giorgio Napolitano of Italy; Quirinal Palace, Rome, Italy
9:25 am || Participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy; Villa Madama, Rome, Italy
10:35 am || Holds a joint press conference with Prime Minister Matteo
11:40 am || Tours the Colosseum; Rome

All times U.S. Eastern, which is five hours behind Central European Time
Live stream of press conference at 10:35 am

30 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 27, 2014

  1. There’s a 5 hour difference between here and Rome, so he’s not starting his day til 10:30. How nice for him to keep his regular schedule.

    • 6 hours, with Daylight Screwing Time. PFI is not likely to kiss the abortionist’s in chief’s ring. Hope PFI gives this poseur a kick in his self-important posterior, but reason will be lost on this egomaniac.

  2. One out and another one in. Pay attention to the non-headlines. I had no idea Kerry was in Rome or why, but he’s off to Jordan now to meet the ass/Abbas.
    From Reuters
    “Kerry interrupts Rome visit to salvage Mideast peace talks”

    Obama continues his ‘tour’ in Rome. I wonder if he’ll hold his own umbrella Thursday – rain predicted and then onto Riyadh on Friday for an overnight. There is only 800 miles between Jordan and Riyadh and don’t ya think the two of them should fly back to DC on the same plane and save us a couple of bucks. I didn’t comment on the thread regarding the Jerusalem Post journalist placed on the Saudi sh*t list. The Passover holiday is less than three weeks away and I’d like to add a plague:

  3. Vatican City is situated on 110 acres with a population of 840. What is Barry going to do with his entourage of 900 freeloaders and 45 vehicles? Hope Pope Francis lectures him on his profligate spending and ostentatiousness. Barry needs a lesson in humility.

  4. So Kerry schedules a trip to Jordan and then decides, hey, while I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll stop in Rome and meet the Pope? Why would Kerry get to meet the Pope too, other than he says he wants to? No wonder this country is broke.

  5. I just pulled up article on
    Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday strongly urged O to take a firmer stance against Russia in light of the Ukraine crisis.
    The letter authored by 8 Congressman.
    Russia has deployed military & militia units totaling more than 30,000 people along its border with Eastern Ukraine.
    Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Phillip Breedlove will be on Capital Hill Thurs. to speak to lawmakers from both Houses of Congress in closed meetings about the gravity of the situation.
    This was off Topic. However I just saw on Fox, that when O and the Pope were exchanging gifts, the seeds that O brought the Pope toppled on the table.

  6. Can anyone explain what exactly was the purpose of this European and Saudi Arabia junket by Dictator Obama which is costing tens of millions of our hard earned dollars? Can anyone name one single accomplishment achieved by Dictator Obama on this magical mystery tour? I mean besides it being an excuse for some of the intrepid Secret Service agents to get stinkin’ drunk and for Dictator Obama to once again reduce our once mighty nation into the laughing stock of the World?

    Just name one accomplishment, that’s all I ask.

  7. Gift exchange. So we are meeting the Pope and what gift do we bestow
    on the Pope? Seeds. Yes seeds from the WH garden I am sick to death
    of Michelle and her ‘kitchen garden’ and we give seeds to the Pope because it’s all about Michelle and her bloody faux garden. Yes the
    humiliation continues.

    • I could see seeds to farmers in Africa on a trip…something like that. What is the pope supposed to do with them? Anyhow seeds from her fake garden are a joke–this woman is no Luther Burbank.

    • I read that the Vatican has its own garden although I think the gift of seeds in a handmade treasure chest is rather tacky. But I’m sure the Pope appreciated the seeds more than he would have wanted an Ipod loaded with Obama speeches.

  8. I agree the Pope should not receive so-called Catholics who are Democrats, but there may be a chance God and he can change their hearts when it comes to killing innocent babies.

  9. I agree the Pope should not receive so-called Catholics who are Democrats and anti-life, but there may be a chance God and he can change their hearts when it comes to killing innocent babies.

  10. I agree the Pope should not receive so-called Catholics and others who are Democrats and/or anti-life, but there may be a chance God and he can change their hearts when it comes to killing innocent babies.