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Michelle Makes More Political Points to the Chinese

First Lady Michelle Obama rounded out her trip to China Tuesday and Wednesday with additional political statements, adding greater value to her excursion.

At a high school in Chengdu Tuesday, she said Americans have “the right to say what we think and worship as we choose,” an obvious suggestion that the same is not true in China.

And she used her and her husband’s ascendancy to the White House as an example of the United States evolving away from discrimination, a clear contrast to Chinese repression of its minorities.

Michelle’s trip to a Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu Wednesday was intended – and is being interpreted within China – and a show of support for China’s oppressed Tibetan population.

But as her tour of Panda Base Chengdu today with her daughters and mother illustrated, this trip has on balance been a hugely expensive taxpayer-funded adventure travel vacation for Mrs. Obama.

From today’s pool report:

Pool arrived Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Walked through groves of bamboo, cool misty morning, pink blossom trees, birds chirping. Shut to the public for Obama visit. Cameras and reporters lined up about ten feet back from low wood fence, pit for five pandas and their bamboo shoots below the fence.

Nevertheless, the trip can no longer be classified as an utter, frivolous waste. And by making political points subtly – though within China, noticeably – Mrs. Obama helped make it more difficult for Chinese authorities to block her message than if it were delivered into their faces.

23 Responses to Michelle Makes More Political Points to the Chinese

  1. What exactly is the point or purpose of insulting her hosts and trying to create political unrest in a communist country?
    To the Chinese, her words matter as she’s believed to be part of the US government.
    They see US agents, the US plane, her reference to her husband-the POTUS, and she’s no longer a private citizen on a personal vacation.

    MrObama’s attempt at international diplomacy has devolved into a game of The Dozens with his Russian opponent. Yapping about the Russian being weak, and so last century isn’t wise or going to make MrO seem strong, or deter the Russian from doing whatever he darn well wants to do.
    Both of the O’s need to return home to spend the rest of their time planning their next American vacation or party.

      • After I wrote that I wondered if it could be interpreted as racist, but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the POTUS trying to insult another foreign leader.

        MrO’s comment about nuking NYC was unforgiveably cruel and a cause for concern for every American. Does he know something we don’t know, is he aware of some plot or scheme, or is he just trying to scare the pants off of everyone in NYC?
        Words matter when they’re spoken by the man who’s supposed to be keeping us safe and MrO needs to be reminded of that.

        • I pay attention to the news, but I had never heard of that game. I had to look it up.
          I appreciate you bringing up the comment he made.
          I noticed it yesterday, I agree with you.
          If nothing else he could have at least avoided uses the slang word. He rambled that comment so…………easy. Like he was discussing something simple, (trivial, etc.)

    • Could this have been an afterthought based on all the criticism of this being another astronomically expensive vacation at taxpayer expense?

      • It’s so obvious. She has one foot out the door, and probably waited until she scarfed down her last meal.
        She better watch her tongue – China may stop lending her $$$ for her extravagant travels.

      • I thought the same thing Julie, she just changed a few words in her speeches to justify $$$$$. She only cares about education because she can talk about herself…..poor girl from Chicago, etc.

        I think she stepped over the line talking about racism …. black like me, etc and how evil America “used” to be (her own party created that kind of hatred).

        • I find it reprehensible that they feel it necessary to remind everyone on a continual basis that they are BLACK.
          Yeah Mooch,……. we got it !

          • Just heard Putin is riviving the soviet-style national fitness program. (On Fox)
            O’s are worried about deciding what a child will not get for lunch.
            AFVet, would love to hear your opinion on that.

            DeniseVB I agree with you. I bet you that the girls do not appreciate either. They are pretty, intelligent, etc., and should have their mom speaking well of them.
            If I stood on a public stage in front of my children and rambled off negative things about them, (that other people have/had think), they would be furious.

  2. I’m not impressed, neither she nor her husband believe in those “rights” she speaks of. They despise their critics and try to shut them down. What’s being argued at SCOTUS now is every bit stepping on her “worship” words.

    She’s full of hooey, it’s still a vacation, she just ramped up her speeches to make it seem like she cares about things she really doesn’t care about in her own country.

  3. So we are supposed to be all ah-gee about her snide remarks to the Chinese. Did the Chinese leaders come here and say, “I noticed on the way into town some neighborhoods are run down and I saw mostly black people”? Also, the way I got it, she was bleating about how we used to have laws to discrimate against “people like her.” I don’t think any of this justifies the trip at all!

  4. Those comments were intended for OUTSIDE of China, so she can further pretend she wasn’t on a taxpayer-funded field trip for her, her mom, and her kids.

    “She remarked on her first “wonderful” day in the capital city: “We had an opportunity to meet with students. I tried my hand at ping pong — not so good. And our visit to the Forbidden City is one that we will never forget. Being able to see my mother, who doesn’t get to travel internationally often, walk throughout that ancient city, and to see her excitement and wonder, is a moment that I will treasure forever,” USA Today reported.

    Awesome. I’m glad We The People are able to provide this wonderful memory for her.

    • How many of the Obama international “vacations” has Grandma Mooch been on? Mooch’s comments about “excitement” and “wonder” is nothing more than an attempt to rehabilitate Grandma Mooch’s reputation as a screaming, demanding “guest”.

      As for treasuring the memory — oh please. Just one more tick off her Presidential Grifter Bucket List.

  5. It is an utter, frivolous waste. And the juxtaposition of your 2 headlines says it all.

    Police Beat, Detain Activists and Michele Makes More Political Points

    I’m sure the activists were thrilled with her political points.