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White House Extends Obamacare Enrollment Deadline

President Obama is extending the March 31 Obamacare enrollment deadline, even though administration officials had repeatedly said they would not, according to the the Washington Post. The change will be announced Wednesday.

What’s more, the extension at this point appears fairly open ended and is, as a practical matter, available to anyone. People will have until mid-April just to indicate they want an extension, and there’s no decision yet on how long the extensions will last.

All anyone who wants an extension has to do is check a box affirming that they tried to enroll before March 31. But they’re on the honor system – the government won’t check out their claim.

In yet another Orwellian White House language twist, the extension is not even an extension: those who get more time enter what’s called a “special enrollment period.”

The White House is desperate to sign up more people, since enrollment is running at least a couple of million people behind the seven million officials hoped to have signed up by March 31. Particularly absent are the younger and healthier people whose money is needed to fund coverage for everyone else.

34 thoughts on “White House Extends Obamacare Enrollment Deadline”

  1. Welcome to America’s first flea market presidency! No guarantees, no returns, no kisses when you realize you have been screwed. I hope people who observe the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in a few months accept how far America has fallen, especially since LBJ and during the past five years.

    1. Woodrow Wilson was the first progressive, and it has taken this long for them to get this far.
      Pt is a damn shame that we let them do it.

    1. I win!

      Back on March 19th I commented:

      Scottso March 19, 2014 at 9:07 am
      Why are we all worried about the numbers for Obamacare.
      This administration will not allow the deadline to be March 31. They will move it.

      This Adminstration is like the kid who changes the rules to a game being played whenever they think they are gonna lose. “No, if you pass go you don’t collect $200. Unless you are wearing Nike sneakers, like me”

      So what do I get for being so amazing? LOL
      These people are repugnant.

      1. Congrats on your correct prediction, very impressive.

        Some of us are putting together an awards ceremony to honor some of the know-it-all smarty-pants who comment here at WHD. If you wish to be included into the Top Ten list for consideration of this pretigious award, a small donation of $5,000.00 (cash) is required.
        My cousin, Vinny, will be calling you to arrange the (cash) donation.

        Again, congrats and may the best smarty-pants win.

        1. i too have a cousin Vinny. I wonder if that makes us related.

          Predictions are easy with this administration. They rig the game for their own advantage and dare you to blink. Unfortunately Syria, Putin, Iran, China, Karzai and the rest of the world actually blinks.

  2. I figured this was coming. Dolores Huerta appeared at Fresno State University a week or so ago to speak to students how important it was for them to sign up. She has made some ads in Spanish as well.

  3. He’s made a complete mockery of his ‘legacy’, and now we have to wait and see what Congress and/or the courts will do.

  4. Pathetic. Obamacare is not a law. It is a political can of worms, ever changing to suit the needs of the progressive Social Demokrat Party elections.

    President Jarrett should be ousted.

  5. I’ve been counting the seconds where I would not have to listen to this garbage being shoved down our throats…and paying for its most disgusting advertising.
    Today as the payroll/HR rep at work I participated in the most painful phone survey regarding what health insurance plans we offer our employees and rate all these other carriers I never even heard of. Sick of it!

    1. Maybe O will anounnce he likes to make fools of the U.S. citizens, by changing laws, and make delays, and expects everyone to pay their taxes on time.

  6. Not suprised by this at all. Guess Michelle didn’t get 2 million Chinese to signup. Guess all of the young ppl can use their time more wisely with this indefinite extension. Oh wait, young ppl are either still on their parents insurance, or unemployed so that they can’t afford the “affordable care act”. Such a sick joke.

    1. Young people couldn’t get entry level jobs when the minimum wage is $7.25. I’m sure at $10.10 they will get those entry level unskilled jobs. It just makes common sense. In 1969 when I was 14 years old, I dipped ice cream. Today they would have to pay me $10.10 an hour and put the employer in jail for having hired an under age slave laborer. Is this country turned upside down or what?

  7. It gets more convoluted every minute!

    Buying Insurance on the way to the Hospital

    ……”But even after this latest ObamaCare improvisation expires, many patients will still be able to buy coverage under existing rules that allow for later sign-ups. “Those include people who have a new baby, are getting a divorce, lose a job with health insurance or had a technical problem signing up for coverage through,” adds the Post. And of course “people will still be trusted to tell the truth about why they need more time – a method known as ‘self-attestation.'”

    ‘This week’s hurried rewrite of ObamaCare rules will help the administration try to meet its lowered expectation of 6 million customers. But it also shines a light on one of the reasons the new policies will be so costly: Patients are able to buy coverage after learning they will need medical care. An insurance pool of only self-selected sick patients is not really insurance at all, but simply a mechanism for paying the costs of care. And those costs are certain to rise.”

  8. On a conference call with reporters Tuesday afternoon, officials at the Department of Health and Human Services insisted that March 31 is the firm deadline to sign up for Obamacare. “We have no plans to extend the open enrollment period,” HHS official Julie Bataille said. “In fact, we don’t actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014.”

    Does this, the most radical regime in US history, EVER tell us the truth?

  9. Nevada’s Division of Insurance must not have wanted consumers to know that at least eight Obamacare navigators it licensed had criminal pasts. National Review and the Las Vegas Review-Journal had to sue the Division to obtain those public records, and navigators’ criminal histories are not the only disturbing fact we discovered.

    Half of the navigators who’d had run-ins with the law had failed to disclose it on their applications, despite the requirement to do so — but they received Division approval anyway, the records show.

    And before the open-enrollment push began, insurance commissioner Scott Kipper briefly approved conditional certification for some navigators before their background checks were complete, prematurely clearing them to access consumers’ confidential information, including Social Security numbers, home addresses, and financial records.

    1. Another shocker – not. Then again, this is Harry Reid’s turf, who btw, just got a tap on the shoulder from the FEC. Seems he passed out $16,000 worth of gifts (campaign money) to friends and donors via his granddaughter, who used her married name.

      1. He now says he will repay the cash to his OWN campaign coffers.

        Only congress can rob someone and repay without any other consequences.
        This is why they continue to do such things, no consequences.

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  11. I have tried online and calling the 800 number and I cant seem to get health insurance. I have been trying since December off and on . Spent 4 hours today waiting for representative to have a recording saying technical difficulties call back. This is nuts

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