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Saudis: The Jew Stays Out

Saudi Arabia is denying a visa to a Jewish member of the White House press corps to cover President Obama’s visit.

Michael Wilner, a reporter for the Jerusalem Post, said in a statement he had  “little doubt that my access was denied either because of my media affiliation or because of my religion.”

Wilner is an associate member of the White House Correspondents’ Association, according to WHCA President Steve Thomma and the WHCA board. He was the only reporter requesting to cover the trip who didn’t get his papers.

In an email to White House reporters, Thomma and the board said:

It is outrageous that the Saudi government has refused to allow a White House reporter entry to the country to cover this week’s visit of President Barack Obama . . .

The denial is an affront not only to this journalist, but to the entire White House press corps and to the principle of freedom of the press that we hold so dear.

Pool reporters traveling with Obama in Europe got a statement from National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes. From the pool report:

“We were very disappointed by the Saudi decision,” he said. The White House made it clear to the Saudis the importance that the Jerusalem Post reporter have access to cover the trip. “It certainly should not be the case that the affiliation of a journalist should in any way count against their ability to do their job, just because they work for the Jerusalem Post.”

The decision did not prompt any the White House to reconsider Mr. Obama’s stop in Saudi Arabia Friday and Saturday.

Saudi Arabia is a very important partner to the U.S. But, he said: “We believe its better to have the type of rel where we can cooperate but also be clear and honest with one another where we have differences.”

National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken reportedly expressed their “extreme displeasure” to the Saudis. But we’ve already seen in recent weeks and months the level of respect accorded internationally to White House foot stomping.

So a lot of people are all worked up, but what really will happen in response to this rank anti-semitism from our Saudi partners? Probably nothing.

What should happen is that, if any Saudi news organization, which by definition is a actually a propaganda outfit for Saudi Arabia, is a member of the WHCA, they should be booted out. Their bosses don’t respect freedom of the press. And they hate Jews.

And Obama should cancel his trip and either divert his plane to Israel or tell the Saudis he’s going home to personally turn some shale rock into petroleum.

Sound like a hissy fit? Not really.

It might just send a message worldwide that Obama is not a spineless accommodationist, and that he takes certain principles seriously. The world would take notice, the Israelis might think they have a strong ally, and after some indignant protests, the Saudis would come crawling back and award Mr. Wilner a free two-week stay at the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh.

Wilner is an American. Do you think Putin would tolerate the Saudis barring one of his reporters?

Do you think they’d even try?

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  1. If the American journalists got together and decided to stay home in solidarity with the Jerusalem Post guy … that might make Obama skip the meeting, too. No fawning press? No “fainters”? Unthinkable!

    • You are SO RIGHT!!! I can’t imagine WHAT it would take for the “Main” (LEFT) stream press to realize this IDIOT is the guy who will GIVE freedom of the Press ONLY to those who go along with his agenda En Toto. If he was black AND a woman he could be throwing babies up and catching them on pitchforks and the press would APPLAUD his efforts on population control!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that’s kinda graphic but I AM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, Urinated!

    • “Journalists” are the least likely to do anything in solidarity to protect their vaunted constitutional guarantees; they typically do whatever they can to advance their own individual careers without regard for any others.
      “Journalism” is not a profession; among degrees conferred by colleges and universities, it has neither expectation nor requirement for continuing education, refinement and honing, unlike medicine, law, the various engineering pursuits, even education and social work. It does not even use our beautiful language with any grace. It is not even a deserving trade.
      That comes from 40 years experience in broadcast news.

  2. Not sure about the stay at the Ritz for the reporter, but I am accutely sure that Obummer is spineless. He has been dissing the State of Israel for years and never gets called on it by their lobby here, but so much like all the other free passes, sadly I’ll bet he gets another one in this travesty. With it will go more freedom, credibility, and transparency. Shameful.

  3. I just mentioned on the other thread about what Jewish people have dealt with for years……………… That was on the thread about Mrs. O’s
    Keith your comment at the end said it all.
    Thanks again, for more news I don’t see on the media or have to wait…………to hear about it.

  4. It might just send a message worldwide that Obama is not a spineless accommodationist, and that he takes certain principles seriously.

    Which are the precise reasons he won’t do a damn thing.

  5. What is the WHCA going to do, write a sternly worded letter to the Saudis, or are they going to assert their importance and professionalism by refusing to go to SaudiArabia at all?
    If there was ever a time for the WHCA to regain some credibility, this is it.
    If there was ever a time for this President to affirm his stand on equality, fairness, and American values, this is it.

    Turn that jet around MrO, show the world that you mean what you say, and show the world that discrimination of anyone is un-American and un-acceptable. It’s time to walk the walk.

  6. I agree the WH press corp should not cover any event and let the pundits their chance to pound the Saudis. I would say Obama could say he can’t control the press but everyone knows he can.

    Sadly, there is no news here. The Saudis continue to be the same whether they are in a tent or the Ritz. They can flaunt their prejudices. Yet, we placate these barbarians by purchasing their oil. We are nothing but mercenaries to them even though we ( plus Brits) put them in business.

    The problem is we strong arm them they would had Putin yet another political victory.

  7. So a lot of people are all worked up . . .

    No, Keith. A couple of people are pretending to be all worked up. But as you already see, no public condemnation will be forthcoming from this White House. All we get are token assurances to the non-Jewish Press Corps entourage that they complained to the Saudis about it. Yet nothing spoken to a global audience about wrongness of Saudi actions.

  8. A lot of people, Americans included, who visit Israel ask not to have their pastports stamped because they are then barred from visiting certain middle eastern countries. I heard one of those was Saudi Arabia. I actually read that Israel stopped stamping altogether.

    I’m never planning on visiting those countries and not just because we have 2 Israeli stamps in our passports, however, It’s an outrage when you think about. It has gone on through many administrations with barely a whimper. So my guess is this situation will receive crickets.

  9. But Obama IS a spineless accommodationist (K — is that really a word?:)
    and he has no principles. He is an empty suit.

    There should have been a principled action/reaction response to barring this reporter. But we get stompy foot like always.

    Barack Obama — defender of all things Islam. Christians and Jews — not so much. There might be a slight tonal nod to the Pope, however.

  10. BO would never miss the chance to go to saudi arabia and probably bow to the Muslim prince….and on the taxpayer’s dime!!!


  11. I searched on line for details of this. On Fox (under polotics) I found an article.
    Michael Wilner (Washington Bureau Chief for the english language Isreal) who is a WH correspondent, had sought to travel to Saudi Arabia. He found out he was denied an entry Visa to Saudi Arabia.
    The National Council Spokeswoman, Bernadette Meehan, said:
    We are deeply disappointed that this credible journalist was denied a Visa, we will continue to register our serious concerns about this unfortunate decision.
    Her comment (continue to register)
    Now what exactly does Continue to Register mean?
    To me that seems like doing nothing at all. It seems to me, that it won’t
    make anyone blink an eye. It won’t hurt the Saudis feelings at all.

    • “Continue to Register” ? For what? To be put in the circular file.
      It reads like the scene in A Few Going Men.
      ” We object your honor ”
      “We strenuously object”
      Another complaint? Oh, our bad, come right in.