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Rumsfeld: “Trained Ape” Could do Better on Afghanistan

Well, it would take some training, but yes, it’s possible.

Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Monday night that a “trained ape” could have gotten a status of forces agreement with the Afghanis that would allow some U.S. troops to stay in country.

What Rumsfeld is challenging here is the usual narrative that President Obama’s problems with Afghanistan stem from Karzai going off his meds. Rumsfeld suggests Karzai could have been handled, but was instead mishandled.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Is there sort of a way out of this? We are having this problem now where there is going to be an election soon. I guess that’s the best option for the United States, that the United States gets someone who is friendlier?

RUMSFELD: He was friendly. Our relationship with Karzai and with Afghanistan was absolutely first rate in the Bush administration. It has gone downhill like a toboggan ever since the Obama administration came in. Now, take, for example, the fact that we have status of forces agreements, probably with 100, 125 countries in the world. This administration, the White House and the State Department have failed to get a status of forces agreement. A trained ape could get a status of forces agreement. It does not take a genius. We have so mismanaged that relationship. I think that he has tried to separate his harshness against the White House and the administration from the American people and the people that he appreciates that served in that country.

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  1. After all the blood and treasure spent in stabilizing Afghanistan, Obama is going to give it all away for political favor. I have more respect for trained apes, this guy is an idiot!

    1. It’s looking more and more like as long as the blood is not his or his followers and the treasure goes to him Obama is good with it. Remember, Forward!

  2. Thank you for that clip. I was not able to watch the entire show.
    Rumsfeld said O has failed to get a Status of Forces Agreement.
    With each Country how often is that done?
    In other words does in vary with each Country? Is there a planned date to review, renewing the agreement with each Country?

  3. Q: Is there sort of a way out of this? We are having this problem now where there is going to be an election soon. I guess that’s the best option for the United States, that the United States gets someone who is friendlier?

    A: The election is not a problem, it is a solution. There will be an election here in about three years and when Barack Obama is gone the United States will get someone who is friendlier. That is the way out of this.

  4. Well, I guess that trained apes would have been better than many members of the present administration. Take for example, Eric Holder. In todays Zero Hedge is an article about his doings. ” So what does Holder do in his spare time when not coddling oligarchs ( too big to jail ) or running firearms into Mexico ? He hops on a government plane for personal trips on the taxpayers money.” Third world politician ???

    1. There is speculation that Holder will throw his hat in the ring. Even if he does not, I’m sure there will be one black challenger to Hillary Clinton, and that spells trouble for the Democrats in 2016. I don’t think the blacks will unite behind her and will just stay home. But even if they do, it would force her to continue the Democrats’ march to the far, far left.

  5. It’s understandable that MrRumsfeld’s distain for MrObama’s foreign policy acumen, or lack thereof is heartfelt, but the reference to the “trained ape” is hardly going to help anyone.
    If Karzai doesn’t want an American presence in his country, especially with special legal privleges, who can blame him? We’ve done nothing useful there, haven’t rooted out or destroyed the Taliban, but have only noodled around Afganistan destroying this, and building that without any real purpose.
    We’ve spilled American blood there, wasted untold billions and have nothing in return but the scorn from the Afgani people.

    We need to get out, stay out, and let the Afganis do what they will.

    1. Yes, why not pull out & give these savages another base of operations to KILL more of us ?… Shouldn’t we at least build a base somewhere in the remote desert? (not too far away) where we can see them coming & eradicate any crazys and their training camps etc?

      1. I get what you’re saying here, and it would be ideal if only our military was allowed to do their job as they were taught.
        Today, our troops are advised not to shoot until they get permission or something, and spend most of their precious time making friendly overtures to people who hate everything American, not Muslim, and are secretly planning to kill as many of our people as possible.

        Status of Forces agreement isn’t just about maintaining a military base in another country, but involves legalities and policy of behaviour of individuals.

        1. The radicals are in 110 countries–Afghanistan is not esp needed as a stomping grounds. It has its own homegrown rads–the Taliban. Radical meaning different values from us.

          1. Please allow me to make a couple of comments
            1) Rumsfeld is wrong. Karzai may have been ‘friendly’ but he is a thug, a thief and I’m sure a murderer. He had no loyalty to anyone but himself. There is no hope for Afghanistan as long as he and his pals are in charge.

            2) Karzai just flipped Obama the bird by becoming just the 3rd nation (after Venezuela and Syria) to recognize Crimea’s annexation by Russia.
            I’d like to send a drone in and take care of him. He is a big reason why the Taliban will be back and this war is not won.

  6. That poor choice of words is going to bite him in the ass.
    Just last week Charlie Rangel said that tea party members are descendants of slave owners. What do you think Charlie, Sharpton and Sheila are going to say about this?

  7. While I couldn’t agree more about Obama screwing up Afghanistan the fact that it came from Rumsfeld is about as hypocritical as it gets.
    We won the war in Iraq in no time but it was his incompetence that lost the peace and cost us thousands more deaths in the process.
    Rumsfeld is the last one who should be lecturing anyone on how to run a war.

  8. Ask yourself where would we be if
    Mr. Rumsfeld was president during the
    Cuban missle crisis?
    With all that pressure from all those generals
    to fire those missiles and the frustration those generals had because Kennedy did not. Where would we be now if Rumsfeld was president at that particular time?

    “Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism — how passionately I hate them!” Albert Einstien

    Why does Rumsfeld so passionately defend trained monkeys?
    And why was the SS Halliburton the 1st ship & the closest ship
    to the scene of the pirates kidnapping Americans when Chainey
    just left office. Oh and why would someone like Albert einstien
    (anything but a trained monkey or ape)
    passionately hate these kind of hypocrites and sociopaths that
    have infiltrated our government. These guys would be the first to run in a combat situation yet they send young Americans to fight for what is ultimately their own self interests instead of America’s. This type of mindset is far more dangerous than Obamas type of mindset
    and possible eventual short comings because of partial indecisiveness
    due to partisanship gridlock.

    1. This type of mindset is far more dangerous than Obamas type of mindset
      and possible eventual short comings because of partial indecisiveness
      due to partisanship gridlock.

      “partial indecisiveness due to partisanship gridlock” is not the problem.

  9. Trained ape — a poor choice of words. But that is all it is as far as I am concerned.

    Calling Rumsfeld or anyone else on real or trumped up charges of rarcism etc. is all moot as long as Harry Reid is allowed to say what he says now about Republicans, the Tea Party, the Koch Bros. etc. — unchallenged and unsubstantiated — from the halls of Congress. And it was no small thing that he declared a war lost when we still had men and women fighting.

    So, rein in Reid and all the nastiness from the CBC and the liberal — then talk to me about an unfortunate phrase that could be hyped up into some cloud of political BS.

  10. Some people are not as trainable as an ape. Somehow we can’t expect too much. What’s his face doesn’t know how to manipulate anyone but older doting white relatives(usually women who buy his garbage). This is a colossal mess! Shameful.

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