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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5:40 am || Lays a wreath; Flanders Field Cemetery; Belgium
5:50 am || Tours Flanders Field Cemetery
6:00 am || Delivers remarks; Flanders Field Cemetery
7:35 am || Participates in the EU-U.S. Summit; Council of the European Union; Brussels, Belgium
9:10 am || Holds a press conference; Council of the European Union
11:35 am || Meets with NATO Secretary General Rasmussen; The Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
4:15 pm || Delivers remarks; Palais Des Beaux Arts; Brussels, Belgium
1:45 pm || Departs Brussels, Belgium
3:40 pm || Arrives Rome

All times U.S. Eastern, which is five hours behind Central European Time
Live stream of press conference at 9:10 am

29 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 26, 2014

  1. Angela Merkel was not amused by the nuclear war games Obama and Cameron played. Just as Obama is the worst President America has had, Cameron is probably the worst Prime Minister of England ever. There is no seriousness in these two whatsoever.

    And Obama’s attempt to disparage Russia was childish and ludicrous. Russia is only a ‘regional power” and insecure. Sure, that’s why they have nuclear submarines patrolling all the oceans. Obama is playing a petty game, but it is a dangerous one.

      • AFVet, what are the odds that two world powers, the USA and the UK, would have leaders at the same time suffering from the same ailment: arrested development?

        • Given the progressive mentality that exists today, I would say that the odds were even.
          Hospitals are using aborted babies in the UK for heat.
          That is an abomination on so many fronts that it is incomprehensible to even discuss it.

    • “Regional power” Then why has the Russian Defense Minister announce that Russia is seeking to establish 8 new foreign military bases? 1 each in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. I know the Obama is the smartest man ev’ah, but would someone please show him a world map.

        • Obama talks in such circles it’s hard to understand what he really means. Supplying 40% of gas & oil to Europe. I sorta knew it was a lot, but not that much. WOW.

    • Obama could begin to change his poor image and regain some respect if he proposed to supply Poland with the anti-missile defense system they were denied after Obama’s reelection. Remember the “caught with open microphone” moment? “Tell Putin that I can be more flexible after the election”. This is exactly why Putin thinks Obama is a soft mush politician. Keith! Will you pick up this banner? Obama should be ridiculed because he sacrificed his respect for political favor, endangering America.

  2. Angela Merkel grew up in Communist East Germany.
    She sees what Putin is doing, and the weakness of Obama.
    Margaret Thatcher would be on her side in this situation IMO.

    • One of my saddest thoughts last election night when I realized that Obama, not Romney would be President at the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion.
      So much was sacrificed on that sacred ground and to have someone like Obama disgrace it is just down right depressing.

      • Right Geoff. I wonder if Obama will be available at Fort McHenry, Baltimore on 9/12/2014 to commemorate the defeat of the British 200 years ago. It was significant enough to base our National Anthem on this battle. Mark your calendar, he will probably be playing golf that day of vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard.

        • Oh I’m sure he’ll be at that one. He hates the Brits more than he hates us. Remember the Churchill bust return and then the WH trying to cover it up.
          Obama was raised by marxists and is currently controlled by marxists. Yes the language is harsh but after 5 years anyone not willing to see it, just doesn’t want the truth.

  3. Obama going to Flanders Field is very off putting to me for several reasons. He has absolutely no appreciation of history or knowledge of
    any of the iconic locations and their meaning. My Grandfather made it
    through WW1 and survived the flu epidemic. He carried a little book and
    it lists where he was and the dates from the start at Brest to the end at
    Brest. Trench warfare aside he brought home lots of ‘souveniours’ including shells and helmets. But until he died that experience made him
    cry. So I don’t think the meaning of This place will be anymore than a selfie to our Imperial Fool.

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