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Obama Already Planning Next Vacation

Alright, that headline’s a bit snarky. Presidential vacations do have to be planned months in advance – although five months would seem like a lot. But it’s not as if the president can wait around for last minute tickets on

Not that he would anyway, with us paying for it and all.

But still, he’s already got two vacations in the bag, his wife does too, and she’s currently on a boondoggle to China. So it’s a little awkward, I think, that we’re getting ready for our August relaxation period.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times, quoting three reliable sources – what if they had only one reliable source and two unreliable ones? –  reports that the Obamas are coming back to the island, like they do every year.

Three reliable sources, who asked not to be named because they are not authorized to release information, told The Times that Mr. Obama will return to the Island in August. Two sources said the vacation is scheduled on or about August 9, a week earlier than the first family visited in previous years.

Okay, just wondering, how reliable are these sources when they are speaking when they were told not to speak? That means they are not reliable to someone . . .

What we journalists mean when we say three reliable sources is really three gossipy yentas . . .

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26 Responses to Obama Already Planning Next Vacation

  1. Wouldn’t it have would have easier to use eminent domain and create Obama Kennedy Vineyard or Camp Teddy instead? That way he could remove all those irritating people who are in the Obama’s way. It seems that they have been to Martha’s Vineyard more than Camp David. So many Presidents loved David……I wonder why the Obama’s hate it. Maybe it was the lack of an 18 hole golf course. They could have built one for all the money going down the vacation money hole.

    They have no ideas or concept of the words stewardship or trust.

  2. The Mooch has already informed us that the Vineyard and Hawaii are long-time ‘family traditions’. Since the Fall of 2008, to be exact. Before that, they depended on the kindness of strangers, i.e. Valjar, who owns or rents a little house on the Vineyard.

    Panic must be setting in now. Only 2 yrs, 9 months, and 26 days left until the taxpayer AMEX card expires. So many places to visit, so little time.

    • Shouldn’t they be looking for their retirement home by now? I think Laura was househunting in Dallas by now?

      I’ve heard whispers that she will definitely stay in DC til Sasha graduates h.s. as Malia will already be at college. Not sure about Obama, I think he’ll end up in Hawaii one way or another.

      • That would give them cover for their sham of a marriage. Two separate households like Billary from January 2017 and out.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already house-hunting via the web. There are realtors who cater to the super rich with virtual tours of high end properties.
      I remember MOOCH telling BaWa Walters right after the last election that her #1 priority is herself. She’s lookin’ ! Nothing less than a palace will do for queenie.

  3. Does anyone still doubt that anyone in America can become president?
    Qualification is of no importance and, although it is not settled for many, natural citizenship may not be necessary.

  4. Someone once observed that MrObama is the first President who doesn’t have a home he returns to during legislative breaks. No matter where they go as long as he’s the Preezy, it’s just a change of scenery and living room drapes since everyone he works with goes with him.

    He certainly can afford to purchase or rent a home for his family, him being enormously wealthy and all. The O’s don’t own a real home, don’t own a vehicle, don’t have a bed they can call their own, and so they flit like moths, hither and thon, wasting millions of taxpayers dollars for their own enjoyment.

    • At one time the Democrats supposedly were building a home for the Obamas in Hawaii. The Pritzgers were bearing the brunt of the costs. Wha hoppen?

      • I think that was started on Hillbuzz by Kevin Dujan ? Wouldn’t surprise me though, he made Pritzger an Ambassador didn’t he?

        No, that’s not corrupt, no, not at all /sarc

      • That story was made up by Kevin Dujan, formerly of Hillbuzz. He enjoyed starting rumors like that. His stories get picked up by other websites and then he quotes the other websites to bolster his stories. But if you look into it, every rumor about the Hawaiian mansion purchase originated from Kevin. It’s quite an art. Kevin’s long gone from Hillbuzz, though. I don’t know who the Hillbuzz blogger is now, but he’s not very interesting.

  5. Awkward.
    Taking lavish vacations while millions of people are losing jobs and their health care to boot.
    The president displays his athletic expertise in throwing a baseball like a girl.
    The president posts his picture riding a little bicycle while wearing a helmet, presuming to protect his massive intellect.
    Sticking their finger in the face of the American People while millions are suffering impending financial failure due to this administration’s policies and regulations.

    I can’t wait until the democrats that voted for this abomination to feel awkward at election time, when they can no longer defend the right to be a member of congress in the face of a much more informed populace.

    • They are not finished in destroying the Country Eva.
      It will be interesting to see what they do depending on the results of the next election.

  6. Playing catch up Keith?? I posted this last week here in MOTUS’s China Trip posting :-)

    Friends there and on the Cape are very tired of having their plans disrupted for their annual vacation. It would be one thing if they owned property there, like the Kennedy compound in Hyannis or Bush Sr in Kennebunkport. Where are they getting all this money to rent these places??

    Like I said before, will MOTUS get an extra vacation week as another Bday gift from BO since it will be a week earlier than last yr?

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