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The Obama Morning News || March 25, 2014

4 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || March 25, 2014”

  1. Obama’s new AIDS czar is HIV-positive

    After four years, our first (undeclared) gay POTUS has not appointed an ObamaCare ‘Czar’ to oversee the piracy of the US healthcare system; yet he now sees fit to highlight and cater to the healthcare needs of the gay community.
    A 5 year old child is denied life-saving drugs, but you can be sure gays will receive their life-saving treatment.
    The ‘special interest’ potus is, after all, his ‘brothers’ keeper’. .
    *** Does Obama’s annual physical include AIDS testing? Just curious.

      1. Star, All due respect, we can’t even get a college transcript on Obama unlikely we will be able to back up anything on him. From his religion, to his political activities — including connection to IRS abuse and Benghazi –. This is a situation he created. Untouchable. Invites speculation. Nothing can be proved or disproved.

        Personally I don’t care about Obama’s personal life as long as it does not harm this country any more than he already has.

  2. End the phone sweep? I do not believe that yet.
    With all the hidden facts in O Care, or should I say wiggled facts.
    Do you really think there won’t be a hidden fact that will allow them to continue to invade our privacy?
    By the way: I had another idea just this morning. In order to convince everyone that this WHOLE intrusion needed to STOP, What if we went around asking everyone on their phone, Since the Govt. is listening, I would like to listen to your phone call also.
    Another idea: Everytime we contact people in office ask them as well.
    Another idea. Everytime you Email, a friend, family, etc. Let them know you would like to read all of their Emails, since the U.S. is giving it away.

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