As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – March 25, 2014

The press conference has concluded.

8 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – March 25, 2014

    • I’ve been waiting for someone else to notice this too. I cannot stand to watch him, but last week, I caught a little of that Medal Of Honor ceremony. He looked pretty drugged up to me. At one point, while he was listening, he looked like he was going to fall flat on his face! There are other times I’ve noticed he just doesn’t look right. For the first time in my life, I feel we have no president at all! :(

  1. Does Obama have a clue how to answer a question in a short and direct manner? He goes on and on about things that are not relevant to the original question. At least Clinton engaged the question.

    Plus, for someone who was given a Nobel Peace Prize in advance for criticizing his own country being powerful he likes to constantly remind the world that we are the lone super power. That type of rhetoric does nothing except cause other nations to stand further away instead of next to us. He has no clue on how to lead.