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WHD Reader Not Celebrating Obamacare Birthday

To mark the fourth anniversary of Obamacare, which was Sunday, I thought I’d share with you a story sent to me a few days ago by one of our readers. He won’t be celebrating, because if he makes himself sick with booze and has to go to the hospital, it will cost him more than before.

I’ve withheld his name and that of the insurer.

I have a family plan through XXXX,  a small business plan. Keep in mind, I’m in the business.

My plan was a family plan, $1401 per month, no meds, no dental, no eyecare….but a decent doc group and no deductible.

My new plan, under ACA, same carrier is $1848 per month, I do get meds, but now we have a $600 deductible per person…. X4 = $2400 deductible.

In the past, I had options. We could buy what we wanted, self insure for the rest. We have lost that option. And our premium is up 32% plus the deductible, out of pocket increase is $7764 or +46%.

Here is another way to look at it.

You buy a brand new $30,000 car, cash, no lease, no loan.
You are a bit of a risk taker and decide you will not insure for collision, saving you a bundle, but you personally risk the loss.

If Obamacare takes over auto insurance, you will be FORCED to buy full coverage on your car, regardless of your means, desire, or capability.

Personal liberty is disintegrating before our eyes.

Keep the faith, it may be all we have left.

I fully understand that this is a lie sponsored by the Koch brothers, because Harry Reid said so a few weeks back. “There’s plenty of horror stories being told,” Reid said. “All of them are untrue.”

Nevertheless, I decided to run this, you know, just in case Harry DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL HE’S TALKING ABOUT.

10 Responses to WHD Reader Not Celebrating Obamacare Birthday

  1. Thanks for sharing this Keith. Even though we were allowed to keep our doctors and insurance, it came with a bigger premium, co-pay and deductible. And that’s the retired military plan !

    My Congressman wants us to contact him directly with problems and/or changes caused by the ACA since no one trusts the media anymore. Fox certainly has covered it, then you have Reid screaming liar, liar to anyone who comes forward on their network.

    Despite what Nancy Pelosi tells us, it’s certainly not affordable either.

  2. Risk, an interesting word.
    A small word that poses the threat of destruction, or riches beyond belief.
    Every time we go to the voting booth, we are rolling the dice.
    Are they who they say they are ?
    Can we trust them ?
    It becomes a challenge to be able to cast a vote and be confident in the decision that you made for the candidate of your choice.
    Politicians are famously labeled as liars.
    Deceitful entities that cannot be trusted.
    So what are we to do ?
    Give up ?

    No we fight back, and fix the problem that exists in WDC.
    They ignore your phone calls and e-mails.
    Yet they say “call your representative/senator and tell them what you think”.
    OK, we did, and it amounted to nothing more than a pin prick on a RINO.

    We need to fix it at the polls this November, and teach them a lesson.

    • Did any of you read the article in The Hill on Nate Silver. He has been so accurate on his predictions; hope he is right on this one and the Senate will be changed. Won’t it do all of your hearts “good” to see ole Harry give up his gavel; might be worth throwing a party for!

      • Do you remember the video clip that went viral when Nazi Pelosi had to turn over the gavel to Boehner? The video was doctored to show Boehner whacking Pelosi over the head with it. Priceless…. Maybe someone will reward us with similar video of Harry (finally) getting his lumps.

  3. Those who buy insurance for themselves on the market have always paid more for health insurance than those whose employers could broker a deal so that neither they, nor their employees were paying the full freight.
    The HarryReids and others don’t have a notion of what it costs individuals who are buying insurance themselves. Just as MattDrudge was called a liar when he said he was paying his Obamacare tax this quarter, so are those who are devastated by the restrictions and speak out publically.

    We all feel bad for all these people caught in this nightmarish law. There were so many of us old-timers who fought against Obamacare, and who joined the tea party groups even thought we, ourselves, wouldn’t be forced buy into it.

  4. ” There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress ”
    Mark Twain.
    I used to think that was pretty harsh of MrTwain, not so much anymore.

  5. Now I have received a letter from our Doctor telling me I have to
    pay #200 plus for a physical. I am on medicare and always pay the
    doctor at the first of the year and I believe it is a bit over $200. Of course
    th government takes money out of my medicare monthly… it looks
    like I am going to be paying a lot more in the fulture.