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Quote of the Day || March 25, 2014

“Oh no. My mother in law is trying to negotiate a nuclear arms reduction treaty with the Chinese. It’s always something with her”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || March 25, 2014”

    1. When they do return, I think they should be filmed off the plane holding a big receipt (big #’s & letters) showing how much U.S. citizens owe for their trip. Than they should have the nerve to say thank you!
      Than, just maybe it will catch the eye of other citizens.

  1. Yesterday Obama was giving a short speech, with Rembrandts masterpiece “the Nightwatch” as a prop in the background, saying that ” the US and the EU are united on the sanctions “. Well, count me, and many more, out of this folly.
    Russia is a big trillion dollar economy that supplies a third of Europes energy, exports 7 million barrels of oil a day . European banks have a 185 billion dollar exposure in Russia. ( facts from Peter Fosters article today in Daily Telegraph ). I claim that the Saudis and Syria have a lot to do with the “crisis” Obama and his European conspirators now are whipping up in the Ukraine. The bill will be on Europe, we will get unrest in the east, rocketing energyprices, economic crisis. A civil war in the Ukraine will give us even more refugees. On top of that EU has promised astronomical sums of money to this basketcase, now with an ultra nationalistic “government”, as if we hadn´t enough with basketcases within the EU to support already. This is so totally crazy, and I believe and hope that many politicians will be punished in the upcoming elections.
    By the way,thank you for your excellent piece on SaudiArabia, Keith, the country that Barry soon will be heading for, to schmooze and scheme with these horrible dictators. Nice friends.

    1. Maybe the EU should demand the US to increase fracking, okay the XL pipeline from Canada and export more gas/fuel to Europe, so that you don’t have to tie your wagon to Putin, Inc.

      1. Sadie, Have you heard of our President Barack Obama — support energy efforts to enable world stability — and offend the environmentalists, global warming, climate change?

        Obama is totally committed to the blame game. EU can demand all it want s, but soon they will become the international Tea Party if they ask our king to jeopardize his political base in any way —

        And in case you haven’t noticed we have turned the full might our foreign policy prowess to fighting anti LGBT laws and discrimination in Uganda, and soon to a country near you. That would be anti homosexual to you guys stuck in the 20th century.

    2. I just heard O, had reminded our allies of our cut in defense spending. Our enemies really appreciated that reminder.
      I still don’t understand. He may not have common sense, but the people who advise him should. Do we have a full list of these advisors?
      Do they get drunk at a card game, while coming up with these ideas for O to discuss?
      If that is the case there is still no excuse for O. He knows how to read, He should read his notes first. No I am not looking for any excuses for all of his Mess.
      Now Pres. Clinton is disagreeing with Internet issue. Yes he should be. Now Clinton I want you to diagree with everything else as well O has done wrong. Of course I do not repect how long it took him to give a thought. At least he didn’t wait till a month before the elections.

      1. Lee, Clinton sold his soul to the devil years ago. He pulled Obama out of so many scrapes, supported OCare, helped him get re-elected, etc.
        Obama had to look good in order for Hillary to look good for 2016. The chickens have come home to roost, but yes, I am happy he is outraged over Obama’s spiteful act of throwing control of the internet to the global wolves. It was a despicable act.

    3. One of our news outlets, only one, had a big headline that Putin is out of the G-8, but all of the others added the caveat “for now”. Sounds like a slap on the wrist.

  2. Mrs. Robinson should know better than to compete with her daughter’s secret weapon – those fabulously toned ‘arms’. She could arm wrestle the entire Chinese army and turn them into mush(i) pork.

    1. Yes, she sucks down mountains of lard laden pork egg rolls at night while reviewing the daily video footage of herself and screaming at her mother to “turn off that rap music and get my girls to bed.. its way past their bed time” !!

  3. Actually that was a misquote based on a bad source. It was actually the Chinese telling Obama: “If you don’t get her outta here soon we’re not going to need a nuclear arms reduction treaty because we just set em all off in her hotel room”.

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