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Michelle: Wife of Chinese Dictator is “Truly Inspiring”

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has mostly refused to address China’s political oppression during her trip to the country, today upped the ante by actually praising Madame Peng, the wife of China’s president, for her “inspiring” commitment “to improving public health in her country and around the world.”

One assumes Mrs. Obama is not referring to the health of Madame Peng’s political opponents, who are rotting in her jails.

From a Q&A Mrs. Obama had today with CaixanOnline, a China-focused news site.

Question: You were unable to meet with Peng Liyuan, President Xi Jinping’s wife, last year in California, but I believe you two have kept in touch. Might you be able to speak to what you two have discussed?

Michelle: Madame Peng and I have a number of things in common. We have both worked hard to balance our roles as mothers and professionals, and we both have the great honor of representing our countries when we travel, showcasing the unique cultures and history of the United States and China all around the world. We have also both chosen to work on issues we care about, and Madame Peng’s commitment to improving public health in her country and around the world is truly inspiring.

That good ‘ole Madame Peng, just another working mother trying to balance work and gettin’ the kids to kung fu practice. This is certainly PR gold for the Chinese kleptocrats.

This woman and her husband stepped on lots of corpses to achieve their current position.

We have to meet with these people. But we don’t have to pretend they’re about the betterment of mankind. Rather, we should be making it clear that they’re not.

In a question that may well have been planted, Caixan conveniently set Michelle up to promote the White House line that Mrs. Obama’s decision to bring her daughters and her mother on the trip is some kind of cultural outreach thing. The question is right out of the White House talking points:

Question:  Your mother, Mrs. Marian Robinson, and daughters, Malia and Sasha, are traveling with you. This represents three different generations of Americans. What kind of message or image do you want to convey to China?

Michelle   Like many Chinese families, at our house, we have three generations under one roof. When my husband was elected president back in 2008, one of the first things I did was ask my mother to come live with us in the White House and help raise our daughters, and I am grateful every day for her presence in our lives.

That’s pretty funny. We too have three generations under one roof! Except the White House roof is about a hundred and seventy four times the size of roofs of Chinese families with little choice other than to live in all in one shack.

And Mrs. Robinson ain’t exactly the wizened figure in the corner of the bedroom/living room darning socks for the children.

Anyhoo, Mrs. Obama had a full day of tourism today, with less pretense than usual that this trip is about something else.

She’s visited the city of Xi’an and it’s Terracotta Army exhibit.

Family welcomed by tall spear carrying men dressed in warrior costumes from Tang Dynasty, 618 to 907 AD. A tour guide from the city administration, Yu Dahu, told pool reporter that he explained history of the wall dating from Ming dynasty, 14th century. It,s 40 feet tall took eight years to build. It forms a large courtyard, and a series of steps leads to the top of the wall where there is a wide walkway, and a bell tower.

Of course, she had to meet with students in Xi’an, just in case people don’t get the joke that this excursion is devoted to education:

On the walkway at the top of the wall, Flotus and family watched a demo of jump rope and shuttlecock kicking by students from the northwest polytechnic university high school. Flotus accepted invitation to jump rope, doffed kitten heels for flats and did a few turns with the rope. She gamely kicked a shuttlecock …. Very pretty with yellow pink and red feathers – with the side of her foot, the technique shown to her by a chinese instructor.

Flotus and girls given some gifts : Rubik cubes (signify wisdom said Mr Yu, and some paper dragons and phoenixes. She spoke informally to the chinese students – dressed in track suits – for their jump rope demo. According to Mr Yu she encouraged them to go to the US for study. Flotus and family spent some time inside the tower, but no info from her office or anywhere else on what went on inside. They then descended stairs to courtyard and watched a troupe of folk dancers, w Flotus and malia swaying to the music, mostly drums.

Pool in motorcade and we are heading to airport for flight to chengdu where Flotus spends Tuesday and Wednesday, and leaves from there back to the US.

Here’s one of the What-I-did-on-my-vacation videos Mrs. Obama is sending home.

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41 Responses to Michelle: Wife of Chinese Dictator is “Truly Inspiring”

  1. I’m not a worldly person, so I have no desire to visit China, even if it were offered for FREE (cough). Though I do enjoy America’s great museums that hold the world’s treasures, including rare stuff from the many dynasties of China. I even took a “trip” on the Silk Road thanks to a very creative and unusual special program at a Natural History museum.

    From the photos/stories of MO’s trip and experiences, I really haven’t learned anything new. In fact, she appears pretty bored, even when she’s aware the cameras are pointed at her.

  2. Uh, how nice of the, uh, FirstLady to share her, uh, experiences in communist China with the, uh, taxpayers who are footing the, uh, bill for this trip.
    She sounded, uh, disappointed that she couldn’t do more than, uh, scratch the surface of the, uh, Forbidden City, but was only allowed to walk through it.
    How gracious of MrsO to praise, uh, MrsChina for her efforts to, uh, improve the, uh, public health at home and, uh, abroad.
    So many of us here in the, uh, USA identify with the Obamas and the “three generations” under one roof as more and more of adult, um, children, and the, um, elderly can no longer afford to maintain their,um, own households.

    Let us all give high praise to MrsO for her promotion of free speech in communist China. Nitpicking claims that being critical of the government there is a criminal offense is just mean, and probably racist.

    • Over on Michelle Obama’s Mirror they are instancing BO’s use of “you know”. There has to be just one more so the Obamas can have a trifecta: uh, you know . . .

  3. The wife of our dictator praises the wife of another dictator.
    What’s that trite old saying? “It takes one to know one.”
    She probably has hope of acquiring the same power as Madame Peng.

  4. Maybe she can teach them Double Dutch. What the heck is shuttlecock kicking–they can’t afford racquets? Didn’t she bring some official WH gunnysacks? I guess dignity was out of the question. How about those handclapping games–those are fun.

  5. Not only did the first welfare queen sing for her supper, she did a few encores…jumping rope and kicking a shuttlecock.

    How tragic that she ‘only shcratched the surface’ of the ‘massive schtructure’ (the Forbidden City). Not to worry, she vowed to return ‘very soon’ to finish her tour. Grab your wallets!

    Three generations of deadbeats living under one roof. Quite a change from the one bed. converted apt. they ALL shared at her Auntie’s house on Chicago’s SouthSide.

    There was a comment on another blog: The only thing the Obamas do well…is getting on a plane.

      • True story: Roger Clinton’s Secret Service codename was “Headache.”

        As for Billy Carter…good thing he didn’t have any political career to speak of. Can you imagine if he’d ended up on the Democratic ticket with Ted Kennedy? Their campaign slogan would have been, “You Drink, I’ll Drive.”

  6. I’m surprised she didn’t take extra time to fly the short distance to HongKong! It’s one of the great cities of the world – a billionaire’s playground. The shopping is unparalleled, as well as the hotels and haute cuisine.
    Let’s hope she never discovers that HongKong is part of the PRC!

  7. So Michelle, which daughter do you give up? You do realize that in the communist cesspool you now praise, ONE child is it. AND of that ONE, the male is the preferred sex?
    The hypocrisy of this entire trip is beyond the pale.

    • I think she gets to keep one one of the girls, but the real dilemma comes if Obama spots a Trayvon on the street. Pitch the girl?

  8. Since when is Moochelle a professional? The only professional thing about her is that’s she’s a sponger! What a disgusting pair her and Big Ears are!

  9. at our house,

    In a pig’s eye Your Thighness. That is not “our house” to you. That is the White House, and better people than you have been before and will come after.

  10. Word has it that our First Termite Queen has become hopelessly addicted to Peking Duck, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and fried rice drenched in Soy Sauce during her stay in China. So much so that one of the grinning flunkies in her brigade sized entourage has been tasked with lugging a duffel bag crammed with these Chinese delicacies wherever the Moochelle goes in case she has a sudden uncontrollable craving for them. Let’s Move!

    Other reports pouring in are citing the fact that her sour faced “Barking” mother, who by the way receives free room and board at the White House all the while collecting her generous City of Chicago government pension (as the song goes “Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson”!), has become so impatient with the staff at the Westin, she has taken to carrying a cattle prod to shock any of the staff who fails to instantly meet her demands.
    Also not widely reported is the fact that Air Force Two has been kept fully fueled and the engines running 24/7 in case our First Entitlement Queen is forced to make a hasty exit from China when the massive bill for her lavish trip is presented to her by the Chinese who will demand to be paid in cash. No doubt the Chinese are all marking the day on their calendars when this human locust and her horde of court lackeys departs back for the the greener pastures of this country.

    • What I don’t get is didn’t the Chinese invite them? Did they invite themselves to help themselves. If they did invite them, how does that synch with the oops, time for Europe move? This whole thing is weird.

      • Our First Entitlement Queen don’t need no stinkin’ invite from the Chinese. The world has been put at the disposal of this Professional Freeloader of a First Harridan. She invited herself to China so she can start her World Tour during the last 3 years of Obama’s Dictatorship. The Mooch knows the taxpayer gravy train will pull into the station at some point and by God, she is going to get hers out of the American people while she can.

  11. Unbelievable the audacity of these ppl. We borrow $ by the billions from the Chinese & then praise the way their govt treats its on ppl. Sounds like shes jealous to me. Meanwhile millions of $ spent on the family to be bored to death while millions of ppl here sign up for unemployment here. Let them eat cake!

  12. Next time Madame UH, go back on your own dime and leave us alone.

    On another observation: where in the world did she get that ’60s outfit with the flying pants. It is so unattractive with all that flapping.

  13. We have both worked hard to balance our roles as mothers and professionals,

    When did Moochelle ever have a profession and when did she ever work hard? Affirmative Action and an entitlement mentality got her through life, but she left a lot of people behind on her ascent. History will prove that she and Brack Hussein are poseurs and thieves and liars.

    • We Americans who are aware of this trash in the WH dont need history to prove anything to us. Every time they open their lobster hole, they themselves prove who they are: sick,distorted,selfish,gluttonous “in your face” liars who stop at nothing to run roughshod over OUR exceptional country.

  14. “I hope to come back one day soon and see more of it.” Chilling words. She’s not planning another heist during bho’s reign, is she?

  15. Something just occurred to me….if granny still receives her pension, and if she is listed in the federal roll call or gains in any way during her son-in-law’s tenure, isn’t that double dipping?