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  1. Good morning all. I have been though many news sites. Not much information on Ukraine. Fox has discussed the Plane since 6:00 E.T.
    Putin is laughing his tail off. Stating, I knew is was going to be easy, but, Not This Easy. HAR, HAR, HAR. sarm. The Har is my way of translating how a Russian man sounds when he is laughing.

    • I saw that you made it back into votingamerican leelee11.
      Try not to be a stranger, he keeps the blogs active.
      Many become dormant and people lose interest.

  2. I figure if Obama’s out playing golf I won’t worry about Russia or the missing airplane.

    Thank goodness his wife is stirring up the China ‘hood. This is a good piece on her “kicking and screaming” comments. I too want to know where EXACTLY was she going when that happened ? LOL.

    • Thanks for the link. Yes the Kicking and Screaming words were not appropriate.
      Those words are in their same vocabulary book with Folks.

    • How ironic that she of all people is lecturing the Chinese on education. What an inarticulate, incomprehensible speech that was. If she is the end product of supposedly the finest schools in America, it shows how fallen the mighty have become.

      So her parents never went to college. My parents never went to college, and billions of people on this planet have or had parents who never went to college. The poor, deprived creature! And always perpetuating that lie about growing up in a little apartment above a grocery store in the South Side of Chicago. She grew up in a nice solid brick Chicago brick bungalow with two middle class earners for parents.

      • Julie, I believe her parents rented a converted one bedroom ‘apt’ upstairs in her Auntie’s house. I have read that she and her brother slept in the converted living room/dining room area, as she and Barack did for several years after they were first married. Her mother never worked but I imagine her father made a decent living working for the Daley machine.

        In any case, she is an embarrassment and a laughingstock. Lecturing Chnese University students on ‘fear’ ..’fear of traveling to a new country, fear of new languages’…puleeze! Asians are dominating the campuses here in Kalifornia! They are the best and brightest, academically speaking.
        Their parents are buying up property in the US as though there was a fire sale.
        Fear? Hardly. More like determination to dominate the US in all manner of speaking.
        Thanks to her husband, we are now hostages to China.

        As far as ‘dragging her kicking and screaming’? You betcha. She hates living in the WH where she is surrounded by the portraits of 43 ‘white’ presidents and first ladies.

        • I heard the state-run media censored her ridiculous comments on education. Chinese students who are not citizens are recruited to come to big schools here… In the ivies, the top students rosters are heavily Asian. Maybe she should have said–build up your own collitches so our kids can get a place in ours.

          • Slowly but surely the news will trickle out.
            Eliminating the press from the trip only serves to increase the interest in the trip and the activities.
            Thank goodness we have the stubborn ferrets out there that never give up.

        • I thought her mother was a secretary, but maybe that was after her husband died. And I have seen photos of a Chicago brick bungalow, the kind the older mayor Daley lived in in Bridgeport, which are supposed to be of the Robinson home. Who to believe?

          • Julie, you are right about the brick bungalow house in all of the photos. Except it is owned by a Robinson Auntie who converted the upstairs into a one bed. flat/apt. for the Robinson family. They paid rent to the Auntie.

        • Maybe Oprah can introduce her to her good friend Tina Turner, now a resident of Switzerland I think, but perhaps some other country. Then she can relocate and the Europeans can have her. Sorry Swedish Lady and others, no offense, but Euro Trash might be on her horizon.

  3. I found an update on Ukraine this morning on Reuters.
    Nato Military Commander warns Sunday, of Russian threat to Separatist Moldava region.
    I pulled up the map to refresh myself where Moldova was.
    It is in between Ukraine and Romania.
    Russia has a large force on the Ukraine Border, and worried Russia poses a threat.

  4. As I dozed off last night there was a program on the Military Channel (or whatever it is called now) about the Nazi expansion prior to WW2. I wonder if any historians have made an analysis of recent Russian actions to the German ones of the 1030s.

      • My grandfather served in WWII. He read books all the time.
        He always asked all of his grandchildren what are you reading?
        He would urge us all to read…..
        As a child I did not think serving in WWII, had much to do with his thoughts on reading. As I grew up, I did put 2 and 2 together.
        Other people threw the years always said History repeats itself.
        I have heard suggestions that we should start processing Oil, to help. Of course I have not heard O’s thoughts on that, far or against.
        O studied history in college. I don’t know what books he was reading in history. I don’t know how well he did in that class, maybe he was the one sleeping in the back of the class.

  5. Yeah University of Dayton for beating Syracuse. I have a cousin who went to Dayton and he’s on cloud nine over the victory, other than the fact that he didn’t prepare a bracket to enter Buffett’s billion dollar prize.

  6. Moving along in history the battle for Western Europe might come down to the Islamist Muzzies and the “Eastern Bloc” backed by Russian and China in a sporadic union.

    If we keep going the way we are, the US will not be a factor.

    • Read the Revelation of John the Divine.
      Grace, the timetable was never defined as to the end of the world.
      The circumstances leading up to it however have.
      Russia and China could be major players in the end times.
      The US may not be involved, or we may not even exist anymore.
      Fear not,….the Lord is in charge.

      • Thanks. I agree it is in the Lord’s hands.

        That said, as a historian and at the moment, a breathing human being and American, I consider these things. No one is perfect, but this Administration has chosen a path of benign neglect to our security and place in the real world in service of an ideology that has yet to be successful or good and might indeed be damaging in the long run.

        However, you and I believe, it is already written. And I fear not. But I am sad to see the discard and destruction.

          • HA! More true than you know for me. I am doing a study that requires I go back to ancient history, on to the Byzantine and Persian Empires and then the rise and spread of Islam with the Steppe Peoples, to the Ottoman Empire and then the coming of the West — 19/20th century.into the Ottoman — to arrive at History of the Middle East. Lots of looking back at the unfolding!

            Maybe I’ll stumble

    • It certainly appears that way, Grace, re the US being a factor anymore. But we may come back even though it may take longer than we wish.

    • Great link Mandy.
      This is to be expected as the Obama regime fails to provide the economy that he so vociferously promoted.
      So now they are resorting to the union thugs, and onerous regulatory edicts.
      No surprise, it is the Chicago way.
      Play or pay.
      I hope that the idiots that voted for this monster begin to feel the consequences soon.

      • The middle class and lower-middle class will get Medicaide or subsidies for their health insurance. The wealthy will not even notice.

  7. Obama departs for the Netherlands tonight.
    “Meets” with the Pope on Thursday. (It’s called an ‘audience’ – what dopes!)

    Very detailed summary of BHO’s trip on The Obama Diary, but no mention of the MOOCH accompanying him to the Vatican (as previously scheduled).
    Another horrible breach of protocol? What is wrong with this woman!
    What was so important about the blow-out trip to China that she couldn’t forego it for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the entire family to have an audience with the new Pope?
    She is defiant! What hidden message is she sending?

    ***If by chance the Mooch decides to fly her entourage from China to Rome on the taxpayers dime, there will be rioting in the streets.

    BTW, there are tons of photos of the two generations of Obamas (minus Granny) scaling the Great Wall of China.

  8. ThanKs, FCMABBHO!

    he Islamic militants have also made themselves the law in the city and aim to show they are acting to prevent crime. On Thursday, militants cut off the right hand of a man accused of robbing a mobile phone shop and paraded him through Fallujah in the back of a pickup truck, forcing him to raise his stump to show people, according to witnesses in the city.


  9. Hello everyone. I’m pretty much the new guy here and I don’t post very often, but I’d like to take the opportunity of today’s open thread to say thanks for everyone’s thoughts on the domestic and international situations. The links provided save me time separating the ” rice from the chaff ” on news events that my local MSM barely covers.
    WHD is my five read of the day, so thank you Mr.Koffler for providing it and all of you who post.

  10. Great Wall gift shop merchants ordered to hide Obama-Mao T-shirts before the Mooch arrives. The shirts picture Obama wearing a Mao hat. Several reporters investigated ‘rumors’ of the t-shirts and found one merchant willing to sell one for $60 until she was told (in Chinese) to put it away. One reporter took a photo of the shirt.

    Michelle is going to rue the day she took this trip – the jig is up.

    • I’ve read that Mr&MrsChina are in Europe(?) now, leaving MrsO to her own devices. !!
      As for FirstGranny, she’s probably pouting in her room after the “barking orders” thing.

      ot: it’s hard to understand how this heavily secured, tightly guarded vacation? could be considered either fun or educational. What was MO thinking here, was this just somewhere to go or what. And, what was the deciding factor to ban the US press from the plane?
      It’s not like they can’t fly there on their own, or use Chinese press releases, for all they’re worth, to put together something.
      This whole China visit is weird.

      • Yep. The Chinese PM and First Lady are traveling to Europe and the Hague just as the Mooch’s husband is doing…for the nuclear non-proliferation summit, or whatever.
        The three generations of Obama ladies now have free rein in China. Something is rotten in Denmark.

      • I tried to find out the cost of that project (guessing, not cheap) so MO dragged the girls over to China at “our” expense?

        Almost every photo I’ve seen of this “soft diplomacy” trip has the girls scowling. Not happy, they are ? /snork

        • She could also be planning to send Malia to the PRC on a student exchange program for the summer or for a semester. Could be they’re checking out the facilities on our dime.
          I doubt Malia would be any more morose in China than she is in D.C. Who knows, maybe she might enjoy more freedom in Red China.

  11. Wow! We must really be in trouble. Obama is going to Saudi Arabia.

    Of course this will be after he “meets” with Pope Francis. And in general is feted through Europe by Monarchs.

    Thanks for the link Girly 1.

    G7. HA!

      • Disappointed with Obama and the West because of Syria and Iran, the Saudis have been looking at Russia as you might well know. And they have not, unlike Obama, been so unkind to Israel. So I will be interested to see how this goes over.

        • Foreign Ministry employee’s declared a general strike on Sunday following two weeks of renewed sanctions. The strike is expected to close down the country’s foreign missions and totally paralyze the Israeli diplomatic system.
          For the first time in history of the State of Israel, 103 Israeli missions abroad will be completly closed for an indefinite period of time, as will the Foreign Ministry’s headquaters in Jerusalem.
 (Under World News)

  12. An article on Drudge states what Romney said this morning on Meet The Press.
    O is naive when it comes to Russia. Along with some other interesting comments.
    Same article than states Sen. Dick Durban who just came back from Ukraine states that it is Romney who is naive.

    • Durbin has a lot of nerve calling anyone naive Lee.
      A couple of weeks ago Durbin and Luis Gutteriez in an interview on local tv stated and both agreed that giving amnesty and eventually citizenship to the current batch of illegals in the US, and I quote, ” would jump start the economy “.
      Whose naive now ? Or just plain dumb.

  13. I love the political ad right under your picture, Keith! It is none other
    than the senator of Massachusetts. Sarc. She drives me nuts.
    She is so impossible that I forgot her name.

  14. Of all the nerve: MOOch, bossing around the Chinese, this from “the most transparent administration in history”
    this is from The Telegraph:

    “Freedom of information, expression and belief should be considered “universal rights”, Michelle Obama, the US first lady, told students in China on Saturday.

    Speaking at Peking University on the second full day of a weeklong, bridge-building family tour of the country, Mrs Obama said: “It is so important for information and ideas to flow freely over the internet and through the media.”

    “When it comes to expressing yourself freely, and worshipping as you choose, and having open access to information – we believe those are universal rights that are the birthright of every person on this planet,” Mrs Obama told an audience of around 200 students.”

    This administration can’t wait to close down journalists, Internet sites critical of them, or even QUESTIONING them! One of my favorite sites critical of the administration was just knocked off Facebook by administrators. This administration sics the IRS on political entities questioning them. And here’s MOOch, piously telling the Chinese how to be free…
    I tell you, everytime this administration preaches something like this, guard your privates, and count the silver: they’ve stolen something again.


  15. …and while I’m at it: be aware of every single time anyone from this administration speaks of “universal” rights. This is a deliberate very strongly focused stab at replacing the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, with a flabby UN bill of rights-or-things-that-won’t-offend-anyone.
    The right of US citizens to free speech is embedded, declared in the Constitution and the concomitant Bill of Rights. The o administration would dearly love to replace both of them with some crisco UN quicksand.
    These children of darkness never sleep.

    • Yes, freedom of this and that speechifying embarrasses me when our own country has Obama poking our freedoms. I hope China, and I know Russia are smarter than the Obamas.

  16. OT: so far OT that this has nothing to do with the WhiteHouse, the Obamas or anything important

    This old writer, who learned how to type on a cast-iron Remington way back in the dark ages, has successfully navigated the Barnes&Nobel website to purchase some new reading material!
    An e-mail from the company announces that my shipment is “on it’s way”.

    For you young’uns, old dodgers like me are self taught on all these digital dodads. My first computer was a Tandy 2000 with a DOS processer that used 5in floppys that had to be fiddled with before they would accept info data.
    Some of us have been around since the days of the operator-made calls on party lines. We told “Daisy” who we wanted to talk to, and she placed the call, then everyone who was bored or just nosey would listen in to the conversation.
    I love every innovation, every advance in society’s progress and can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

    Just some good news I wanted to share with friends. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks.

    • I appreciate your comments. I can’t remember an operator answering, but their were still towns I believe that still did it when I was a child. At leat they did on Andy Griffith. Smile.
      The gadgets are none stop. I still looking forward to getting one of those robot vacuum cleaners.
      I am waiting for the gadget to be placed on my phone that shows me that I am being listened to, traced, etc…
      Better yet the gadget that lets me listen to their phone calls.
      Seems American to me: They do work for us.

    • srdem65, I thought I was the only oldtimer here.
      I have the same problem ordering online, it’s a labyrinth of users names, passwords, shopping carts and/or baskets.
      Somehow I manage. My blast from the past, my M.D. has him office in his home AND made a house call when I had a allergic reaction to penicillin. Stay safe and take care.

    • I have been around for awhile also, well before the expected crash of of the internet and all computer systems at 0001/2000.
      Stand in front of a computer and load 19 floppy disks to change the date to a four digit number as opposed to a two digit number.
      And the 18th floppy failed to load.
      OK,….got to start over now,….ARGH !!!!!
      That was a NOVELL OS, on an IBM platform.
      I hated it.
      Well,…the world did not end on the morning after the turn of the century after all.
      All of the hype was for not.

      Do you know who invented the mouse ?
      Do you know who was the first to provide a GUI, (graphical user interface) ?

      BTW, windows still is a DOS based OS.

        • OK girly1, but you did not answer the questions.
          Who invented the mouse ?
          Who was the first to introduce the GUI ?
          The answer to the above questions is not who you would think.

          I am not a computer guru, although I have years of experience dealing with the bastards.

          • AFV, I don’t know the mouse inventor’s name but didn’t he die last year or so? I vaguely recall having a conservation about it with our computer geek son.

          • AZ Granny,… was Xerox Corporation.
            They invented an optical mouse device, and a GUI that Bill Gates observed and then created the windows OS.
            I don’t know what your are using to access the internet, but if it is a windows system, click ‘run’ off the start menu and then type command and watch what happens.
            You will see the DOS based software that launches windows.

    • Good for you, srdem! To coin a phrase, ‘we’ve come a long way, Baby’! How did we all survive without cell phones and computers?
      I don’t tweet or text, but I do love online shopping. What a luxury!
      Barnes and Noble and Borders closed down all their brick and mortar stores in my neighborhood. That’s when I started ordering online. I love cooking and collecting out of print or hard to find cookbooks. Some of the ethnic ingredients/spices are impossible to find at the local super market, but everything is available on the web. It’s miraculous!

      Wait til Christmas rolls around at the end of the year, srdem. You will love online shopping, lol.

    • BTW srdem, I learned to type on a keyboard that had no display, it was a teletype terminal connected to a secure military network.
      To this day, I still use the keyboard to visualize the entries, only looking at the display for editing purposes.

        • I have no cell phone–I hardly go anywhere. I pay extra (vintage) for a chunky desk phone with a receiver I can put between ear and shoulder for interviewing. I hate headphones. I don’t FB, Insta, Tweet or any of that. And I don’t feel like I am missing anything. I do have seven blogs, two daily. I despise Google, which keeps all my ad money. I am still Windows XP and scolded for it. I joined AOL when it originated and am still on it. We also had a computer back when IBM had two–red and blue. We had red. So I am a happy little dinosaur–can wait until I get home to be bothered with calls, and I just go along. Yet, one of my blogs is on industrial design and creativity–so I know about it, I don’t want it, though.

    • this has nothing to do with the WhiteHouse, the Obamas or anything important

      Au contraire (nod to Lurch the Francophile — although I read somewhere the French went conservative this vote) — Anyhoo, au contraire, you, me, we, the people, the country — we are important and time to look back and forward and all of our life experiences, hopes, dreams and sorrow are important.

      This WH of grifters and incompetents , this poseur President, this bundle of bureaucrat bumblers and bullies — they are not important. They are transients.

      And I remember floppys and Tandy and a whole bunch of other things that unfortunately, I can no longer, properly name because I cannot remember some of them at this precise moment in time. :) But I do know it is corps and not corpse, and that we have 50 not 57 states and that the constitution is not 400 years old, but God willing it will survive to that.

  17. Interesting article on the Obama’s spending. They estimate costs for their trip to Africa last summer at $60 – $100 millions. They spent $2 million on rental cars and paid for 4000 “room nights” for only one night at one hotel. I’m wondering how much this China trip will cost and how much BO’s trip this week will cost as he flies to the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, The Vatican and Saudi Arabia.

    • When you add up all the trips (20 Nations in 2009), it must be in the tens of Billions so far.
      Obama uses AF1 on an almost daily basis to escape working. It’s criminal, imo.
      With the MOOCH, we have no clue as to where she goes every day. Her schedule is off limits to inquiring minds.

    • Not so much interesting as depressing. One of these days, we’ll have the final costs of the “Eight-year traveling dog and pony show” not counting the cost of lousy domestic and foreign policy. No one will be surprised to find out that it tops the GDP of 100 countries.

      • That’s true Sadie, but we need to continue to beat the drum.
        I put the link over on another site that is re-blogged on almost a daily basis.
        Obama is relentless in cramming his policies down our throats.
        We need to be relentless in exposing the nefarious abomination that has been foisted upon our Nation.

        • I agree, we do need to be relentless. The Obama’s have traveled extensively and the costs are staggering. Shofar used to post monthly and yearly travel expense estimates and reported costs over $73 million just for AF1 in 2012. That figure didn’t include support aircraft, security, meals, lodging, etc. Then there was the report that it cost taxpayers over $1.4 billion to keep the Obama family in 2012, while it cost the Brits nearly half that to support the Royal family.

          • All the news agency have all kinds of boards, Maps, Graphs, etc. try to figure out where the plane went.
            I think they should use all those graphs, maps, boards, to spell out over and over where they all go on vacation.
            With the amount of money listed on all as well.