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Obama on the Golf Course

The 2014 Obamal golf season in Washington is underway, with President Obama taking advantage of a break in the global warming-induced cold weather to head out to the links for the first time in the Washington area this year.

He’s playing today at Joint Base Andrews – Forecast: partly cloudy, 67 degrees – with some of his usual partners, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, Marvin’s brother Walter, and White House advance man Luke Rosa.

It is not, of course, Obama’s first time on the greens this year. He’s already played six rounds in California and Hawaii, making this his seventh outing of the year. It’s also the 164th round of his presidency.

48 thoughts on “Obama on the Golf Course”

  1. Man’s nothing if not predictable.

    With any luck, Putin will do something egregious just to show him up. The visual of the Commander In Chief sprinting into the Situation Room in his golf togs would sink his presidency for good.

      1. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. People who lack even the most rudimentary of leadership skills do not react to events occurring around them. They simply go about their daily leisure while everything falls apart, and then they tell the nation days, weeks, or (in the case of Benghazi) months later that they are still exploring their options.

    1. I read somewhere that a comment was made that they expect Putin to make further moves into Ukraine perhaps by this weekend.

      Obama is showing his usual readiness.

  2. I am so happy that Obama has finally found some time to recreate.
    With the bitches over in China dominating the hotel staff, he is free to hang out with the boys on the golf course.
    WHAT A JOB !!!!
    After all, he deserves his time off,….doesn’t he ?
    SARC !!!!!!!!!!

  3. 164 golf outings! He’s really into OCD mode with this golfing thing.
    He should look into other outdoor activities like jogging, or taking the dogs on a long walk through……….somewhere.
    Head up to Camp David and breathe some mountain air, shoot squirrels, or skeet. Anything but golf.

    1. If I were First Lady I’d spend every weekend at Camp David. Already secure and staffed year round. Lots of hiking trails for the dogs to run free, x-country skiing since I’m too old for downhill racing, a pool, movies, horses, tennis court, putting greens, shootin’, archery …. my kids would have loved it :)

      1. Yes Denise, but sadly you are not the First Lady.
        But, you do love the Country, and respect the Flag.
        Therefore you are not qualified to be the First Lady under this regime.
        I’m sorry,…

          1. No you haven’t AFvet. I love the Camp David opportunity gifted to our Presidents and their families since 1942, BUT have never run across such a family like the Obamas, they are just sooo unappreciative of the gifts from their country. Makes me sad :(

          2. Camp David is too militaristic for the Obamas. They wouldn’t want to give the impression they condone military tradition. Flying off to China as separate vacations and spending $8,000 per night on a suite is much less expensive than Camp David. Right!

  4. Of course, we can invoke the Silver Lining Option and be thankful that he is not bloviating in front of the cameras.
    The only harm he is doing today is scaring the crap out of the gofers.

  5. Keith, I think you missed a round of golf in Key Largo earlier this month ?

    I think MO was with him too on a quickie luxury getaway, so she’s had 4 vacations in 3 months.

    Really bad optics for both of them while trying to get us to get rid of cable and cell phones so we can afford his bad policies.

  6. truckinjarheadretired

    This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and this moyock finds time to go play pasture pool. What a joke. I saw a video clip of herr Nobama (wearing shorts in warm weather) swing the driver. What a joke. Those kneecaps looked like two knots on a yoyo string. I wonder what his handycap is? I’d venture a guess in the neighborhood of say about a hundred at least.

    Sempere Fi

  7. The things he does seldom(duties of office), he does poorly; the thing he does often(golf), only marginally better. He appears to have reached his potential in all areas of life.

  8. Conversation between two foreign enemies of the US

    When should we strike (act against America or an American interest)

    Any weekend when the weather is going to be nice where Obama is — preferably Saturday. He usually plays golf.

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    1. I like the twitchy links since those here not on twitter can see the conversations :)

      I’m just glad I’m not the only one who thought her China speech was ironic. Like she does with her Support the Troops rah-rah’s while her husband is cutting their pay and bennies.

  10. Our Allies and the rest of the world are supposed to take anything this _________(fill in the blank) says seriously.
    Russia is on the march in the East and Barry plays golf.
    An empty suit hanging on a empty chair.

    1. Cisco I am glad you mentioned that. As far as I am concerned he took that job. He should be behind the desk at the WH.
      I have mentioned that already. It is just there are many people with professions that keep them on the job between breaks. Doctors, can’t leave to go play golf if they are called in with an Emergency. Many other professions as well.
      Don’t they have practice contraptions that people put in their office to putt a ball?

    2. Obama won’t say anything militaristic because it might make that bully (Putin) mad. Putin has Obama right where he wants him. looking, acting and leading in a weak fashion. He better not go any further than Ukraine which translates into a green light to take over both Crimea AND Ukraine. It makes you wonder, if the Russians attack eastern Europe NATO allies, will we honor our pledge to defend them? The question gives a green light to Putin. Obama’s failure to lead is resulting in a catastrophic failure of his Presidency.

  11. If you are going to be stuck with him for 3 more years, wouldn’t you want him to play even MORE Golf? Isn’t the less he’s doing the better?

  12. While Obama golfs and Mooch vacations in the country that very well might back Russia in its “sphere of influence” for a convenient time, people like Walter Mead are penning thoughtful articles to let Americans know what might lie ahead and what is going on in the world off the golf course, beyond the $8000/night luxury, and beyond the mystery of an airplane full of poor likely dead souls that might not be solved for years. Golf, bright shiny objects and mysteries — Putin is counting on it.

    It really is a good article, give it a go if you are so inclined.

    1. I turned off the news all day long today, and though out the week. I was trying to get information about Ukraine. All news about as you stated the Plane. I am very concerned about the plane as well for all the logical reasons. However people have short memories, or do not understand or know their history.
      So as usual a lot of us, such as yourself search for news online.
      Thanks for the link.
      Also keep and mind the news of up their internet.

        1. Yesterday I read one Commander on one base was taken by the Russian troops. I wonder if we will ever here of him about that Commander again.
          By the way, We are giving up the Internet. Can you imagine if our Govt gave away the libraries. In other words the rules, and what books were allowed int the library. We would not stand for other Countries being a part of deciding what we do inside of our Libraries.

      1. That could prove to be Obama’s ultimate legacy: didn’t know how to run anything bigger than his mouth, but was a certifiable expert at giving away other people’s stuff.

  13. I read an interesting story this morning on Zero Hedge , ” China takes sides, sues Ukraine for 3 billion dollar loan repayment”. According to the story the fact that China abstained from the UN vote and now this claim is a clear signal of its pressure on the west, any western bail out money will go to Russia (gas) or China ( agricultural loans ).
    Also this morning, big news are the new revelations of NSA spying on the Chinese government and networkfirms. ( Der Spiegel via Drudge ). Could this have any relation to the present visit of the Obamawomen ? Maybe Barry and his handlers hoped for some good PR ? Oh dear, I don´t believe that the Chinese are so easily dazzled….not by this awful, loudmouthed aggressive woman anyway. Maybe if it had been a sweet ,smiling lady like Ann Romney…..
    By the way, spying on the Chinese government and networkfirms is the kind of spying the NSA really should engage in, because the Chinese . most certainly engage in that sort of spying themselves . We have had problems with them spying and stealing industrial datas. But it looks like a smaller detail in that other massive spying business , maybe that´s why it wasn´t sorted out from the leaks. Well, it certainly hurts the Obama administration.

    1. I will spare you my long ago graduate school prediction on China and Russia, but now it is not unlikely that there will be increasing areas of cooperation that will not augur well for the West and that will advance their mutual goals. The old spheres of influence comes to mind.

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