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The Obama Morning News || March 21, 2014

Ezekiel: Insurance from Employers to end . . . Daily Caller
Obamacare prompts iQuit option . . . Associated Press
Degeneres to Obama: We’re grateful
. . . Newsmax
Holder: No special prosecutor for IRS . . . Newsmax
Issa probes ATF gun stings . . . Fox News
WH sought to resist FOIA requests . . . Examiner
Pelosi: Obama most nonpartisan prez . . . Washington Times
Obama’s bully pulpit struggle . . . The Hill
Obama sanctions Putin’s allies . . . Reuters
Michelle visits Beijing school . . . Associated Press
Obama to huddle with tech CEOs on NSA . . . Politico
Obama invites bids for library . . . The Hill
Poll: Being a woman Hillary’s best asset . . . Politico
Christie pressed on Bridgegate . . . Politico
Jeb casts shadow over GOP field . . . Washington Times

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 21, 2014

  1. Library. They want to bid on a library!
    With the long List of hanging…..
    With the long List getting longer.
    They want to start bids on library. Ugh…..
    I am still waiting for Benghazi, Fast and Furious to be dealt with, a long with everything else on the list. He wants to waste my time selling his O Mess on TV shows.

  2. I read the Hill article.
    Two things to point out: They noted him as the Campaigner & Chief.
    Everything that is going on, and he is finding time to Campaigne.
    A note about forums being planned to discuss Woman getting ahead.
    I KNOW SEVERAL WOMAN THAT WERE AHEAD, AND WERE LAYED OFF DUE TO OMESS. So I do not need him to waste my tax dollars on forums for that. Have a forum for those woman layed off.
    I know men as well, I did not mention the men above because I was pointing out the forums he has planned.
    People lost their insurance, their jobs, etc. due to OMESS, I am tired of the Dems running their mouths about.

  3. Despite President Barack Obama’s claim that “if you like your plan, you can keep it” — a talking point developed in his first 100 days in office by a tiny but influential left-wing messaging group called the Herndon Alliance — SNIP

    Boy, I’ll say.Check out their partners.

    Plannned Parenthood. La Raza. SEIU. MoveOn. Center for American Progress. New America Foundation. AFL-CIO.

  4. DeGeneres to Obama: We’re Grateful

    Mr. Cool Guy is always so laid back on these Obamacare infomercials. The latest spin goes something like,,,, ‘Don’t worry, if you miss the March 31 deadline, you will be able to enroll starting in November”.
    Never once does he mention the TAX, aka PENALTY, for not enrolling by March 31. It will be 2.5% of gross income within 3 years! He doesn’t want the public to see the gun he is holding to their heads.
    Nor does he want anyone to know about the waivers for special interest groups.

    If this shyster was working for a private company, he would be in jail by now., along with the celebrities who are perpetrating this fraud. False advertising is a felony.

  5. I can hardly even watch in the mornings now–on MoJoe and FF, the plane the plane–absolutely no news–It’s like flying from NY to CA, working an hour, then having to go back to NY to refuel. The cloud cover is like a dirty glass–hard to see through it. There are waves. The sighting is four days old. Tripe! And the other news–Fallon, Degenerous. Good heavens, what happened to us?