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Michelle Staying in $8,000 Beijing Suite

First Lady Michelle Obama is staying with her daughters and mother in an $8,000-per-night suite in Beijing, according to Chinese media.

The presidential suite at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang, where the First Family minus Barack are holed up, goes for 52,000 yuan, which translates to $8,350.

And oh yes, you’re paying. All of it. Michelle is classifying this as an official trip.

Here’s a look at the 3,445-square-foot suite – so you can see if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Westin Beijing presidential

Nice right? I think she and Mrs. Robinson will be comfortable.

In fact, I’d be surprised if she goes out at all. According to the Westin’s website:

Every element of the Jinmao Presidential suite is designed to please and pamper. Gorgeous furnishings in neutral tones are stylishly tailored—including corner sofas with silk pillows, stunning original artwork, and three levels of lighting—for meetings, reading, and evening entertaining. The suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the East 3rd Ring Road, including Beijing’s modern central business district and diplomatic communities.

Whether you are here for business or sheer pleasure, you will find this suite is an oasis of comfort, complete with 24-hour private butler service. Enjoy the latest entertainment technologies with a Bose® 321 GSII CD/DVD system, Bose® Surround System and 52-inch flat screen interactive TV, complimentary High Speed Wireless Internet Access, and an IP telephone.

Enjoy an impromptu gathering with a full honor bar with refreshments, or order exquisite in-room dining at your table for six. Work efficiently in a fully wired and equipped office and enjoy some time out in the full-size massage chair or a run on the Life Fitness® treadmill.

Slumber peacefully in our world-renowned king-size Westin Heavenly® Bed, an oasis of lush sheets, down cushioning, a generous collection of plush pillows, and a patented pillow-top mattress. With ten layers of comfort, this custom bed is designed for a deep, undisturbed sleep that energizes your body and brain. The stage is set for a great night—and an even better tomorrow. Refresh with a rainforest shower or enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi tub in your beautifully appointed master bathroom, complete with steam room and sauna.

Ten layers of comfort? I’m not sure my bed has even one layer of comfort.

The total cost of this excursion, which is heavy on tourist stuff, is likely north of $1 million, given that Judicial Watch was able to peg her 2010 trip to Spain at $467,000. This voyage has far more flying time – a major piece of the cost – and much more demanding security requirements, as well as lots of staff.

Here’s some good footage of her trip so far, which included a “surprise” half hour meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Doesn’t appear they talked about anything much. Certainly not Xi’s prisoners.

91 thoughts on “Michelle Staying in $8,000 Beijing Suite”

    1. So, is there precedent for taxpayers to pay for sending the FLOTUS and her mother and children all over the world, to stay in expensive housing, while the POTUS stays in the US with his boyfriend?

    1. Yes, just saw that link on MOTUS, the UK Daily Mail being my favorite tabloid, thanks for sharing here!

      I think they got the numbers for other trips wrong, and I think the “pain” was not mom, you know how all the yanks look alike to the Chinese ;) Could have been any one of the entourage barking at the help.

      I’m starting to think it was a HUGE mistake to put the US media on blackout for this trip.

      1. The acorn does not fall far from the tree. Three generations and they all have the same scowl and sullen dispositions. Those are ‘mom genes’.

    2. Hard to believe, she seems like the calm quiet type.

      She is Mooch’s mother. She has been living on the taxpayer dime for years now. I doubt is calm, quiet. I suspect she is bossy and not in a good way.

      This is a family without grace.

    1. I suspect Voodoo Granny has a doll representing the white American taxpayer, that she sticks pins in all day long. Sticking it to whitey, just like Barry and Me-Chelle.

    1. Why should they?

      Given how morally bankrupt that whole clan is, if they know that they can fleece the public at will without any consequences whatsoever, why not try to “get over”?

    1. They look at Election Day 2008 as the day they won the lottery, and ever since then, they have been doing nothing but enjoying their winnings. Actually doing the job of President was never even considered.

  1. She disgusts me. The Obamas should be made to repay the country for these vacations. That is what they are. No one in their right mind is believing this is a prep cultural trip for Obamas trip later .

    This is total BS. And the 8K suite may be tasteful and elegant but the “guests” are not.

    1. This trip cost taxpayers 10x Obama’s annual salary….at least.
      According to the UK Mail, the African safari cost $100M…but it was longer.
      How many Billions have they spent over the last 5 years? They don’t travel like their predecessors – it’s a tasteless display of conspicuous consumption bordering on freakishness.

  2. I think they’re gonna regret not taking American press w/them. foreign press is not going to be so kind to them. they’ve worn their welcome out worldwide.

  3. Hey, she’s milking the system for all it’s worth. She could care less what others think. And those in Congress shrug their shoulders on these exorbitant expenses, could care less.

  4. Look at the RUDE, ARROGANT, SELF ABSORBED brats trailing along with their mother. Embarrassing! Grandma and mother have done a pis poor job of rearing offspring. BTW: I am angered that I am paying for this senseless trip! Call me a hater, or whatever you like, but these people have over stepped their bounds.

  5. Keith or anyone: is it possible to find out where Hillary and Chelsea stayed when they traveled to China. I am sure Laura Bush traveled to China with her girls, where did they stay? It would be interesting to compare and contrast.

  6. Aw, calm down–they probably never wash the bedspreads and leave who knows what “souvenirs” on those comfy things. Also–maybe bedbugs. Now, I am just tripping.

      1. Well, the White House is apparently already infested with mice….and human rats as well. Why not bedbugs? Roaches? The vermin will fit right in.

  7. Given that this is the the most transparent administration ever,….I think that these pictures and the story should go out on the web.
    Once it catches on it will go viral.

  8. It’s strange how the Obamas will speak up for the civil rights of gays in this country, but Lady Obama will not make a statement on human rights in China. They’re very selective about who has rights. I guess human rights are not for everyone afterall.

    1. We’re to believe it’s educational ? Like watch MO have fun with the Chinese 1% ers while we eat cake ? (Where are those darn OWS hipsters when ya need them??)

      Though I have “learned” one thing, we stopped teaching cursive writing in public schools while the Chinese kids are being taught calligraphy !

  9. How many nights are these grifters staying? I hope the GOP can figure out how to make ads showing Mooch’s serious disregard for the struggles people are having in our country right now. So many out of owrk, so many going hungry yet she’s right in our faces with her “let them eat peas” craptitude. (crap+attitude)

    1. She is supposed to stay a week, and then she is going to go hug the Pope.
      The trip over there and back will cost us well over 1 million $.

  10. I figure she is tenement- like. Those people always have their hand out, getting their govt handouts. Moo has the same entitlement attitude, but uses it on a way bigger scale.

  11. Just a passing thought on this trip, which is so like the others that have proceeded it…

    It genuinely ticks us off, for all the obvious reasons, but I think it also serves to divert our daily distaste away from all the corruption in DC. One need look no further than grants to universities, studying the sex lives of gay men in Mexico, shrimp treadmills. The list is so long, so despicable that we soon forget that Michelle, Inc. almost pales in comparison to the ongoing theft and incompetence that permeates every agency with three/four letters.

    1. Ticks me off because Russia is on the move, the geopolitical balance is out of whack, and Obama is doing brackets and Mooch is touring China on our backs.

    2. Sadie, It is so pervasive — perhaps unprecedented — and leads to a loss of liberty and a change in the values and direction of our society and government.

      But it is because it is also in your face. Not just Mooch and the girls, but Eric Holder and Barack Obama as well….what they will and will not enforce or do.

      Lois Lerner was in a closed door meeting with DOJ. Congress not advised or privy.

      1. Speaking of diversions …Friday Night Dump News, which should come as no surprise. Doesn’t matter if it’s a deadline (March 31) or a ‘red line’ – neither hold sway.

        The sources said the new federal guidelines for consumers in the 36 states served by the federal health insurance marketplace and its website,, would allow people to enroll after March 31 if they had tried earlier and were prevented by system problems including technical glitches.

        On Friday, the administration published in the Federal Register new regulations that would allow state-run marketplaces new flexibility in setting insurance coverage effective dates for people who sign up during special enrollment periods.

          1. Here is a partial comment I borrowed from someone else.

            After discussing Mooch (the salt creature), in China and the media blackout here is the heart of it:
            What concerns me is who else is on that plane that we don’t know about, and what part of our sovereignty and security are they surrendering to the Chinese?
            And in light of the recent internet decision and in light of this Administrations disregard for our sovereignty and security it has merit to me.

    1. The Chinese are just shining them on. They are the Middle Kingdom bec they consider themselves the middle of everything on earth. Believe me, this is all for show. Sarcasm in diplomacy.

    1. Have you noticed that Hawaii, MV, Spring Break and Aspen have only become traditions with this family since 2008 after BO was elected ?

      And all we’ve gotten out of it has been bad Domestic and Foreign policies shoved in our face.

      1. Yes, these freeloaders scrambled quickly to create their so called “traditions”. When Obama went to visit his dying grandmother I thought it was reported that he hadn’t been there to see her in years.

    1. I just booked a DC hotel for just under $300, and no, it’s definitely not MO-worthy. A suite in this same hotel is about $1200 and still don’t think it would appeal to her Gracious.

      1. Who gives a darn what appeals to Mooch? We’re paying the bills. Put her up in a student hostel. If she wants more, she can pay.

  12. Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversations after the freeloading Obama
    clan leave? They are an utter embarrassment to the USA not to mention
    they seem not to care about world events or the waste of taxpayer money on their little events. So far Michelle hasn’t unleashed the sleeveless ‘big gun toned arms’ boy that will really make a true 3 ring circus atmosphere. As for her sightseeing I am willing to bet she wouldn’t
    know a Terra Cotta Warrior from a terra cotta plant pot. And tell me do you think those girls were dying to see China? It’s all the biggest 8 year
    scam ever perpetrated on the USA it’s shameful.

    1. NOT a bad translation at all. The Chinese are very clever with our language. If he respected her, he would have used the words dignified, important, respected. Never heavy-weight. Well chosen words.

  13. What is not being reported is that the hotel had to install two separate conveyor belt systems one direct from the kitchen to carry food and one direct from the lobby bar to ensure a steady supply of liquor direct to the lavish suite that our First Entitlement Queen is nesting in so that she will not have to exert one ounce of unnecessary effort in order to satisfy her insatiable appetites. She is better suited to be the bloated queen in a termite nest than first lady of this country. Let’s Move!

    Wait and see as Dictator Obama’s term of abuse in office winds down (hopefully) this greedy harridan will throw off all pretenses of decorum and shame and will embark on a non-stop whirlwind of tax payer funded vacations before she is weaned off the taxpayer teat. What a godawful person.

  14. We know the Obama presidency has incurred an unprecedented amount of debt that will never be paid off. So why not keep the king and queen in comfort? Nothing is too good for the aristocracy and the American taxpayer seems happy to keep them.

  15. The american taxpayer has had to pull cash our of their pockets to fund Michelle’s trips each and every year since 2008. Enough is enough….Barack H. Obama is paid $450,000 a year, yet they spend millions of dollars each year on vacations.

    Keith, please compile a list of all the Obama vacations since 2008 and the costs to the american taxpayer….It has to be near a billion dollars by now.

      1. And it’s less than $60 million per year to keep the British Royal family and the Royals outnumber the Obamas and have multiple residences, etc.

        Can you imagine what the cost will be to keep Mooch in 2016? They won’t even be able to print money fast enough to satisfy her demands.

  16. What the (bleep) is this nutcase talking about? \
    Did you hear that, America? The ingrate daughter of the “barking” first granny is propagandizing in China about being a virtual prisoner in the WH. We ‘rarely’ allow her to travel outside of the country, especially with her freedom-starved mother and children.
    They have racked up BILLIONS in global travel – 20 nations in the first year. ALL OF THEM, including godmothers, nieces, nephews, BFF’s…

    This is such a slap in the face to America, she should not be allowed to return to her ‘prison’ at the WhiteHouse. China can keep her and the other two generations.

    Obama told Peng that it was “truly an honour and a privilege” to visit China with her family.

    “It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother,” Obama said.

    1. I think Mooch’s definition of “rare” is not accurate. I think from here on out the first freeloaders are going to fleece the taxpayers as we’ve never been fleeced before.

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  19. It’s billed as an official trip to further the relations with the US and China…not exactly a vacation….and where is she supposed to stay as the the first lady?? In a hostile?

    1. She could stay at the American Embassy for starters and since POTUS is going to China in less than two months, they could have gone together.

  20. The Obama couple never quit embarrassing and discrediting America to the world, as usual. The Chinese can see by her trip and demeanors why her hubby’s approval sank so low, back in America.

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  22. I think it is time that our Congressional “:Leaders” pass a law that establishes limits on vacation and travel expenses for the President and his family. The expenses that the Obama’s have incurred for all their frivolous travel is outrageous. They are using the American taxpayers for fools. If a President and his family do not have enough concern for the citizens they are meant to serve, then it is time that limits are established. Their actions are worse than spoiled children.
    It is especially disgusting in such difficult economic times and continuing high rates of unemployment that they should even consider continuing to spend such huge sums of taxpayer money for travel, entertainment, vacations. They flaunt their rich lifestyle in the face of such suffering throughout our country. What an example to the world !

  23. Is it just me? or does it give anyone else the urge to ….. I guess I cant say it!!! I gotta stay calm and let this ugly snapping turtle spend my tax money like she is royalty till we can arrest her and Zero .. God< I hope to see these pieces of dung removed with chains on and dumped into a cell in a hole very very soon.. I'd even like to see them there, kinda like an attraction to visit, an amusement park , if you will.. Yeah.. I just dont care for these moochers, at all!!

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  26. When I go on vacation I pay for my self …………………I hope obamas pay for their vacations themselves ………….. why we pay pensions to left over ex presidents senators and congressmen ??????

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