As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 21, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

23 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 21, 2014

  1. The President is resting after a full day of travelling on taxpayer money to raise funds for the Progressive Party. Mooch, the girls and GrandmaMooch are spending taxpayer money on a vacation trip to China, denying those who are footing the bill for this jaunt any access. The dogs are napping.


    • Someone elsewhere suggested they line up all those declined care, delayed care, or gotten sicker or died a a result of OCare implementation or lack there of — and present them to the WH. Humanitarian my ass.

      Obama’s grandmother gratefully passed before this. Had she not, perhaps Zeke and Barry might have helped her transition with less dignity and care.

        • I do know that they are routinely denying mammograms to women over 70 because supposedly the older you get, the less likely you are to survive breast cancer treatment. Fortunately, my primary care physician will get mine ok’d until I am 75 because my mother died of cancer (though not breast cancer).

  2. Michele takes her queue from her big spending husband, the worst president ever, master liar Obama. At a time when the national debt is our greatest threat, he spent more than anyone in the history of mankind.u