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Video || Obama’s Telephone Diplomacy

Et Tu, Fallon?

12 thoughts on “Video || Obama’s Telephone Diplomacy”

  1. Good for Fallon ! Loved the line about forcing on the people something they don’t want and “Vlad” said Here, we call that Obamacare.

    The audience LOVED it. A good sign :D

    1. but then Fallon had to make a goof on McCain who obviously isn’t involved in this.
      So even a good zinger about Obamacare has to have a zinger vs a Republican.

      Had they really wanted to make jokes, they could have had Obama call from the golf course or while he was creating his Marchmadness Brackets.

      If they were going for a song, they could have sang “Cry me a River” (Crimea River)

      they could have had Obama mention how he was more flexible with the election over (and then say how he and Putin could go out and hang once Michelle and the family were in China)

      These writers are weak.

  2. Off Topic:
    Fox just announce that O is going to make a statement.
    It is suppose to be no more than a statement.
    That is a statement on Ukraine.
    I am sure the people in Ukraine will be looking forward, and their eyes glued to the screen to listen and watch O make his statement.
    This statement will be at 11:00 eastern, before he leaves for his roundtable meeting with college students and local workers in Florida,
    HE SHOULD BE BEHIND A ROUND TABLE WITH EVERYONE in DC discussing the lives of people in Ukraine,

    1. Oh Lee, he needn´t bother. Sorry to say it but not many put any trust in what Barry says anyway. He was ill advised, he and his coconspirators were defeated, the world can see it, I guess it will be a lot of face saving nonsense, read from the Teleprompter.

      1. As far as these students that are going to meet with him. I wonder if they are told if you want to meet with the Pres. you have to first sign up for O Mess.

  3. Thanks Keith, it was very funny, although that easygoing , a bit macho ( the beer ) style doesn´t fit my image of Barry as a rigid, feminine guy without humour. However, Putin isn´t humorous either ( I liked that barking laughter ) , and he doesn´t drink and smoke as far as I know. Russian leaders were often keen on vodka, Jeltsin was drunk most of the time during the last years, I have seen hilarious videos of some of his official appearances. . But Putin is one of those cold dangerous men without known vices, only a lust for power.
    It is vernal equinox ( I had to look it up in the dictionary ) today, it´s a big deal for us northerners.

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