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Pelosi: “It’s Called the Affordable Care Act”

Uhh boy, she’s at it again, demanding that everyone call Obamacare the Affordable Care Act. She’s done it before, but this was so weird, I just had to post it.

Boy, liberals do love to police speech:

It’s called the Affordable Care Act. It’s called the Affordable Care Act. I know you didn’t intend any compliment or derogatory – it’s called the Affordable Care Act . . . affordable, affordable – there’s a reason – affordable, affordable, affordable, affordable, affordable.

You’ll notice she goes on with some more mumbo jumbo about people needing to find out what’s in Obamaca – the Affordable Care Act.

She doesn’t seem to understand the political blowback that will occur as a result of calling this scheme the Affordable Care Act.


Not as a federal expenditure or as a cost to consumers. People’s premiums are going up all over the place and Democrats plan to call this the Affordable Care Act.

How about we just call it The Republican Senate Takeover Act?

24 thoughts on “Pelosi: “It’s Called the Affordable Care Act””

  1. Obamacare (or The Unaffordable Lack of Care Act, if Pelosi insists) is a big, fat, softball out over the plate, just waiting for Republican candidates to smack it over the fence. If they will. My deep fear is that idiots like Boehner and especially McConnell will blow it and not effective smack the Dems around on this issue, but more importantly they will not have any real ideas of how to move forward. Now is the time to put forth a comprehensive repeal-and-replace proposal and run on that. The system is now thoroughly screwed up, so what do we get if we put Reps in charge? Just more whining and complaining? Tax breaks for insurance companies? Sell me the benefits, not the features. This is Sales, 101, and I’m quite sure none of the senior Rep “leadership” have ever taken that class.

    1. We need a high risk pool for those who could not get insured before and then let the ins companies cobble up non-ridiculous coverage and compete for people to buy it. Sort of a do-over on old and new.

  2. If she doesn’t like Obamacare then I’ll go with the Unaffordable NoCare Act. Pelosi — lost credibility on this issue a long time ago. She deserves to be forever tarnished with her “have to read the bill to find out what’s in it” statement. No one is listening to her.

  3. I think it was someone here who called it “The Obama Doesn’t Care Act” and thought that was more honest than what Fancy Nancy calls it.

    So, if it’s so great, why aren’t people signing up and why has our President been turned into a “As Seen On TV” insurance pitchman ?

    Makes me wonder how much he’s pocketing from the sign ups, afterall, it’s how salesmen make their livings.

    1. Mark Levin always says that whenever the Gov’t names something it allows means the opposite:
      Affordable Care Act is the Unaffordable Uncaring Act
      Education Dept is the uneducation dept
      And so on.

  4. I think Pelosi should continue to call it the Affordable Care Act. That way more people will realize just how devastating their lies are. Here’s what happened to one guy who now has buyer’s remorse for promoting Obamacare as he realized that yes, pre-existing conditions are covered but the medication necessary to treat those conditions is not.

  5. Might as well call it – DEMolition care with heavy emphasis on the DEM. I just want to know how Hillary, in her run for POTUS (Pantsuit-of the US) is going to defend it.

  6. She is such a phony. She thinks if she keeps on saying affordable, affordable, affordable all of the lemmings will hear it and believe it. OK- I am going to try…I will pick all of the games in the NCAA tournament correctly…I will pick all of the games in the NCAA tournament correctly…I will pick all of the games in the NCAA tournament correctly…OK- where is my $1,000,000,000? Then again if I actually get the $1,000,000,000, I maybe able to afford the Affordable Care Act.

  7. I’m convinced that the woman is senile.
    How can they slam this down our throats when they didn’t sign up for it ?
    I remember a scene in the Clint Eastwood movie, “Josey Wales”, where the snake oil salesman was selling some tonic that would cure anything.
    The Indian said, ‘then why don’t you drink it.’
    Same thing here.

    It is time for her constituents in San Francisco to try someone else to represent them.
    She has lost all credibility.

  8. Waste it just a week or so ago that Pelosi said Democrats should run their campaigns on “ObamaCare” ?
    I believe there’s a little desperation in her voice.

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  10. Of course, Pelosi gets the name of the Act wrong. It’s not the “Affordable Care Act”, it’s called the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). But then, she never read the Act before she peddled it and voted for it, so how would she know?

  11. Obama has unilaterally changed the law so many times since the signing, it no longer resembles the ACA as it was passed. It literally IS now Obamacare.

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