As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

6 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Ukraine

  1. He came on the tv here. I left the room to get something. Came back and it was over. Whatever it was, it was fast. Don’t know why he even bothers — a passing statement on the way to FL to pimp amnesty and then raise money. And we pay for it all.

    • Related: going through the blogs and news media this morning, I found one article and one tiny picture of ‘the Obama ladies’ in China on the Washington Times. MO apparently has an entourage of about 70 people. I’d like to see the manifest list to see who they are.

      Otherwise, a press blackout.

    • @gracepmc, I watched it all and here’s my take:
      Blah, blah, Russia, blah, sanctions, Ukraine, blah, blah.
      Thank you.

      All done in his famous bored sing-song delivery. Zzzzz..z..z.z

      • Thanks Srdem65, I had stepped out, didn’t get back in time to listen. The main issue is he sat on his %^%^ to long for the last several weeks. Putin knew it.
        No word was mentioned about the lives of the people now having their home raided by Putin.