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CNN: Heads Exploding in the VP’s Office

Uh, an unfortunate metaphor, given Biden’s history of aneurysms . . .

Nevertheless, CNN reporter Peter Hamby said there were “heads exploding” in the vice president’s office over a report by the Wall Street Journal that John Podesta, who goes to work at the same Obama White House that Biden does, wants to start “a set of regular conversations among (Hillary Clinton’s) top aides aimed at thinking through a possible run.”

Hamby said:

This is heads exploding in the vice president’s office. It’s not just Podesta. Remember Jim Messina, top presidential adviser recently left to advise a Super PAC that will ostensibly be supporting a presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. That rankled Biden and his allies.

Look, Biden, we don’t know if he wants to run but he is certainly keeping his name in the conversation and I think he just wants a little bit of respect. And this has to really — this really has to stick in his craw, I think.

Does this mean that Obama has chosen Hillary over Biden? I don’t think so. It’s just that Obama’s such a weak executive that the staff is doing whatever it wants. Podesta was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff and, as one of the smartest Democratic political operatives around, he knows that a Biden candidacy is a joke.

33 Responses to CNN: Heads Exploding in the VP’s Office

  1. Everyone mentioned gets exactly whatever stabs in the back they get.

    And for the record, Messina is just plain creepy. I still cannot get that picture of him out of my mind — the one with the creepy molester smile with his white hands crossed in front of him with some long ago forgotten, yet just one more in a string of, Obama propaganda slogans in support of some entitlement or the other, written across them.

    • I agree….have no use whatever for Biden, and he often has a wild and crazy look, but Podesta and Messina are both downright creepy and weird looking.

  2. Poor Joe….he

    Podesta is very well aware of the fact that Biden’s candidacy is a joke. However, I wouldn’t waste too much time with ‘conversations’ about a ‘possible run’ for Hillary. Good grief! She will be 149 years old in ‘dog years’ in 2016! They need to hire a dog whisperer to spell it out for her.

    Podesta may know that Biden’s candidacy is a joke, but he shouldn’t waste too much time on ‘conversations’ about a ‘possible run’ for Hillary. Good grief, in ‘dog years’, she will be 149 years old in 2016!

  3. Just another casualty thrown under the Obama bus .
    For five years the fools who supported and trusted the Obama/Clinton regime watched and laughed as one by one people were used up and discarded.
    The Repubs who trusted MrO at his word about his magic affordable health insurance, the Dems who thought he knew what he was doing with the stimulus money, and the national media who thought they were always going to be on the inside, all thrown under that great big black bus of Don’t Need Ya Anymore.
    So here we have JoeBiden who thinks he’s on the inside, in a safe haven, only to discover all of his support, his praise, his doing whatever they asked of him is all for naught.
    Under the bus with you Joe, don’t need ya anymore.

    • OMG! Cue up the Addams Family theme song. What in the world is FLINO wearing? The Amnesty International logo? No borders? I’ve seen that logo somewhere.
      The Mail describes the girls’ outfits as ‘skate skirts’. Well, they’re certainly ‘skating’ away from classes for a week. Unless, of course, their classmates and teachers are along for the free ride.
      The older girl still doesn’t know how to put a smile on her face after five years. Something’s not right in that family!

        • I agree, but I keep hoping that I am not just being bitchy. PETA ought to have something to say about that dress unless, of course, we’re talking naugahide (spelling, I know!) It looks like she’s wearing her hooker boots that she wore to Sunday services in DC. I won’t say anything about the girls’ outfits because maybe that’s the style for teens these days.

          • Julie, I know what you mean. I don’t look to find fault. But as soon as I saw that picture — shades of that red and black spider thing she wore. It’s just so, so big and not tasteful and certainly not subtle.

            But the truth of the matter is we are dealing with a woman who is love with herself, her boob belt, that always reminds me of that bullet thing, and those boots. She loves those boots!

            I no longer expect anything good from either of the Obamas.

            I saw a little clip of her descending the plane and meeting a chinese lady — I don’t know if it was the President’s wife — but her face displayed nothing. Blank, just stared ahead and beyond the Mooch.

            And Baucus was there — all pumped up Ambassador to China. At least that’s who I thought it was.

            So much waste.

    • Wow!.. MOTUS is wearing sleeves, and Malia has the look of “did I really have to come on this trip?” Best Trip EVER!.. hehehe

      • Malia always has that look on her face, but I can’t blame her. When I was 15, I never wanted to be seen anywhere with my parents.

        • I would like the whole caravan to stop by the poorest neighborhood, or Vets Home, to explain to them how their trip went. On the Tax Payers Money!!!!!!!!!!
          Just tell her to leave the boots on the plane.

  4. John Podesta is one of the most vicious and evil human beings skulking around the planet. Devoid of any real feelings, emotions, and above all morals he is the absolute emodiment of a democrat communist operative. Souless best describes him. How does it feel Biden? You deserve everything you got coming to you. Souless can also be applied to you by the way.

    • Podesta gives off the same vibe as the Emanuel brothers–Rahm and Ezekiel. They are a political type found far too often in Washington.

  5. It does not matter……..Joe Biden is the Dan Quayle of the Democratic Party. He is done. The Narcissist in Chief has left no possible successor in 2016. Let us assume for the sake of debate that Hillary does not run in 2016 for whatever reason. Who is left from the Democratic Party? Biden, Cuomo,Brown,Schumer,Reid,Pelosi,Warner, McAuliffe?? Maybe, Al Gore will come out of the lockbox? Maybe Christie,Scarborough or Bloomberg will become Democrats.

  6. Off Topic. Just heard of Fox, owner of Starbucks just donated $30 Million dollars to Vets, and is hiring large amount of Vets.
    Great news for a change!

  7. Well, if Podesta was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, perhaps there’s a bit of truth in this although I also read somewhere that Obama is encouraging Patrick Deval to run in 2016.

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