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Video || Barack Obama, Pied Piper No More

Awww. Barack didn’t finish the revolution. He didn’t tear down the system. He became the system!

The nation’s liberal youth, who are now saddled with the trillions in debt Obama has amassed for them to pay off – Thank you kids! – and who didn’t get whatever type of societal restructuring they thought Obama was talking about when he said “fundamental change” was on the way, are disillusioned.

Here’s one who goes through the litany of disgruntlements from the left. Some of these complaints are even shared by conservatives, such as the Obama government’s penchant for snooping around in your private stuff.

If fact, this girl sounds almost like Obama has pushed her toward libertarianism.

H/T Daily Caller.

19 Responses to Video || Barack Obama, Pied Piper No More

    • Denise, is it for real or ?
      By the way, the girl in the video even includes my old favourite, that Clint Eastwood quote :” Obama is the greastes hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” The future is brighter when even the young liberal ones realizes that this is the truth.

  1. Revolutions take many forms.
    This one hopefully will have an impact big enough to take our Country back.
    Obama is obviously not listening to US, instead he is like a bull in a china shop with his tactics.

  2. It’s not just politics. Five years have taken a huge toll on the looks of this shallow vainglorious narcissist. He’s lost his mojo. He wouldn’t dare frolic in the Hawaiian surf today – he’s nothing but an aging, skeletal bag of bones.

    He is so desperate for flattery, he pulled another stunt at the GAP with the salesgirl who was obviously told to say ‘you look better in person’. He milked it for all it was worth…even planting a big kiss on her cheek.

    He never wanted to be POTUS; he wanted to be a teen-age idol. Why else would he spend the major portion of his time on HS/college campuses? Beats working!
    The party’s over now, Barry, get used to it. Maybe Harvey Weinstein will have pity on you and give you a few walk-on movie roles when you ‘retire’.

  3. I was in a hardware store and overhead an African-American man speaking on his cell phone about Obama, Clinton and the Democrats. I only hope he is running for office. He described how Obama is destroying America and the Constitution. Hillary Clinton was worse than Obama. Who can the Democrats run in 2016 that would have a chance? Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and Biden were all thieves. The worse Republican was still better than the best Democrat. He did make an excellent point about Republicans……..”They don’t have the balls to through because they run when they get criticized”

    The young lady in the video is correct that the Republicans and Democrats have in essence become the same. The fact is their common link is the lobbyist that are taking care of each of them. Her naïveté continues to show that the Government should spread Love,Peace and Freedom. The number one purpose is Defense.

    Sorry, burning a tank top just doesn’t have the same impact of bra’s in the 60’s! Good try though! LOL

    • “Sorry, burning a tank top just doesn’t have the same impact of bra’s in the 60′s!”

      HA! You took me back to Dukakass (preferred spelling) riding atop a tank with a helmet.

    • I was in a training bra. I paid attention to everything going on in the 60’s. I asked my mom if I could burn my bra to.
      Of course the answer was no. Thanks for bringing up the memory PBB. My parents let me just asking, was just as good as burning it.

      • Isn’t burning a training bra similar to burning the tank top??? LOL

        I can only imagine the look you must have received from your Mom. That must have been priceless!

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  5. Just imagine if the Propaganda Ministry, the former MSM, had the intestinal fortitude, old fashioned guts, to report any of what this young lady said.
    “… it is the institution of Government that is the problem…”
    Yes Miss, President Reagan said it years ago, ” bigger Gov’t isn’t the solution, its the problem “. I wonder if she knew that? . Well one down and a few million more Obots to go.