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Obama Unveils his 2014 NCAA Bracket

Updated 2:34 pm ET

Well, President Obama’s 2014 NCAA bracket is out. He does this every year. He does seem to have some time on his hands.

For the Final Four, he has chosen top overall seed Florida, No. 1 seed Arizona, and No. 4 seeds Louisville and Michigan State. As for the title game, he took Michigan State over reigning champ Louisville.

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    • Perhaps he can offer exemptions for points not scored to his losers to “level the playing field” — or even write an executive order or two just to make things “fair”.

      How about a “reset” at half if his team is losing? A referee to disallow baskets with a ruling of “you didn’t build that”? 44 bonus points (and a trip to the White House) to any team with a halftime show dedicated to signing people up on Obamacare (in Alabama, it’s called “Bamacare” — how cute) ?

      With his hoops picks taken care of, will POTUS now be able to fill out the Presidential brackets — all those empty hours in his “laser-focused” days?

  1. After a visit to Wikipedia, I still don’t get the “bracket” thing. As I’m not a basketball fan, that’s not surprising.

    It’s like a football “pool”, right? There’s money to win from various retail sponsors, right? The President hopes to win some prize, ??
    Oh, never mind.

    • The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament consists of 68 teams, which play a single-elimination tournament to determine a national champion. Single-elimination means either you win, or you’re done. Because there are 68 teams, there are 4 opening round games that get the field down to 64. From there, the 64 teams play down to 32, the 32 play down to the Sweet Sixteen, who play down to the Elite Eight, who play down to the Final Four (the national semi-final), who then play for a shot in the winner-take-all national championship game.

      Every conference in the NCAA conducts a conference tournament at the end of its season just prior to the NCAA tournament. The winners of the various conference tournaments automatically qualify for the NCAA tournament; the rest of the field is chosen by a Selection Committee. There are a lot of factors which determine which schools get the at-large bids, but that’s another discussion.

      The “bracket” shows each team’s potential route through the tournament. There is a proper way to “seed” a bracket: the way it’s set up, the best teams are scheduled to play the (theoretical) worst teams. But, since the NCAA does not reseed, an underdog which pulls off an upset would be rewarded with the favorable schedule as a result.

      Hope that clears it up a little.

      • College sports are a pathetic joke.
        90% of basketball & football players at these sports colleges/universities are friggin illiterate… and yet the NCAA & schools brag they are “student-athletes”.

      • Thanks for this. I am still not interested, and am amazed that it so enthralls a nation. That said, at least I somewhat understand it now.

        • The College World Series uses a double-elimination format, which means you can lose once and keep going.

          Triple elimination tournament movement is possible, but it’s extremely complicated: I’m not aware of any leagues that use that.

          But in the Canadian Hockey League, the Memorial Cup tournament uses a Page playoff format, which is another interesting format. Page playoffs can actually work with some very strange numbers of contestants–you don’t necessarily need a binary number for those.

          And then there’s true Swiss, where no one gets eliminated, but where everyone is moved through the tournament in such a way that there is only one winner, and everyone else is ranked based on their final sequence of wins and losses. That format is hideously convoluted, but a lot of fun to play.

          But the arcana of tournament design is boring stuff for most.

  2. I am offended as a citizen that this much time isn’t spent on Beach weather, and the tide. I love the beach. I feel left out that this much “important time” is not spent on the best beach!!!!!! Sarc.

  3. I just thought of an idea, O is doing his thing with NCAA Bracket.
    His and Mrs. O is going to China. Since a lot of people were given free phones, are they getting Free Chinese Food as well from her return trip?

  4. I guess the Russians must have gotten out of the Crimea, and somebody must have found Malaysia 370, if the Slacker in Chief has got time for such frivolities.

    Oh, wait.

  5. to srdem et al.:

    there’s nothing wrong with filling out NCAA brackets. if you follow college basketball–as millions of us do–it’s fun, and it’s always interesting to see how close your picks come to the Final Four.

    my problem is with the hagiography of the Obama Brackets in particular. I have had a co-worker with tears in her eyes tell me in 2010: “He–he filled out his bracket–just like a regular person!” (I am not making this up.)

    this same co-worker was disgusted only a few years earlier, whenever George W. Bush would indulge HIS love of sport–baseball in his case. “why isn’t that idiot WORKING?” was her standard comment.

    but Obama? it’s just another example of how wonderful He is.

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  7. I say the big networks should send press and photographers to cover her on her trip.Make pests of themselves.Follow her everywhere she goes and document where they are spending our money, and who they are consorting with. I am so sick of His and Her majesty…it disgusts me.I pray we can make it until we can elect a president who will bring dignity and a highter level of respect and ….never thought i would say this word…but TRANSPARENCY back to the office of the President.