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The Obama Morning News || March 19, 2014

Issa steers oversight back to Obamacare . . . The Hill
Obama: ACA won’t harm Latinos’ illegal relatives
 . . . The Hill
Dems push back against surgeon general pick . . . Fox News
EPA responds to Dems, not GOP . . . Washington Times
Female federal workers down under Obama . . . CNS News

GOP demands Obama get tougher with Putin . . . The Hill
Biden falsely claims credit in Poland . . . Bloomberg
Issa presses WH on new political office . . . Politico
Obama picks new deputy chief of staff . . . Politico
Jeb’s travel stoke 2016 talk . . . Associated Press
Ben Carson for president? . . . Daily Caller
Obamas’ pastry chef quits . . . New York Post

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 19, 2014

  1. Why are we all worried about the numbers for Obamacare.
    This administration will not allow the deadline to be March 31. They will move it.

    This Adminstration is like the kid who changes the rules to a game being played whenever they think they are gonna lose. “No, if you pass go you don’t collect $200. Unless you are wearing Nike sneakers, like me”

  2. GOP demands O get tougher with Putin.
    He acted to late to begin with, that is well agreed upon.
    What does not get disussed enough on the media, is the Agreement!
    Ukraine was the third largest in Nuclear weapons, at one time. They gave that up!!! No they are sitting ducks.
    I have heard many suggestions that we should at least help with the oil/gas. That should be the first question they should ask O today.
    Since you screwed up to begin with, When are you going to start the Oil/Gas process?

    • Lee, I think you are referring to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum or “Treaty” as it was called… signed by Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, it was not worth the parchment it was written on since it was never ratified by the Senate.

      The US is not obligated to defend the Ukraine as it is not a NATO member and does not have a legal defense pact with the US of any kind. Putin is no dummy.
      The Ukraine is now up the creek without a paddle. And as you rightly pointed out, the US will not lift a finger to aid them with oil/gas.
      I read somewhere that as long as Russian troops are on the ground in the Ukraine, they will not be allowed to join NATO. Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Obama must be pulling their hair out.

      Obama has now paved the way for nuclear proliferation across the globe. It’s going to be a free-for-all.

      • Iroiny of ironies (from the WSJ)

        .”… next week Mr. Obama will travel to The Hague to preach the virtues of nonproliferation at his third global Nuclear Security Summit. Also expected: Vladimir Putin.”

        At the very same time, MOOshelle Obama and her entourage of thousands will be lapping up the Mandarin chicken and fried rice in China. Russia’s biggest ally – China!!! Could the optics be any worse?

      • Thanks for noting that it was never ratified.
        What surprised me is that the media has not found anyone from there, who tasted a life without Russia dictating to them.
        In other words picture back to Poland years… ago, and they had the technology we had today. Don’t you think someone from Poland would have been crying out to the world, Help!!!
        I am not trying to be silly at all. My heart and prayers to the people on the flight that we can’t find. However O could not have asked for a better time for such a travesty.

        • Haven’t heard a word from Obama re the missing Flt 370. Wouldn’t you think he would express some interest or even idle curiosity? At least offer his condolences to the families. What a skunk!

  3. About that pastry chef — and the taxpayer funded girl vaycay to China that no one is allowed to cover — perhaps Mooch is on the hunt for a new pastry chef. Or perhaps this is part of a whole new nutrition program. Scouring the world, Mooch will bring home a new chef from each country and region in the United States to provide the Royals with authentic cuisine. Of course there will be there will be theme dinner parties with entertainment.

    The old girl’s got 3 more years of hell and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So butt out (see what I did there?) America.

  4. Swedish Lady, I saw this and thought of your comments re. the Baltic states. Of course, this was scheduled, but it should give pause as we know that Putin does nothing without thought. From the Ukraine Liveblog

    Russia is once again conducting large-scale military drills, but not near Ukraine — instead, they are being held near other countries that Russia has had political and economic battles with in regards to their move towards the European Union. Reuters reports:

    Russia’s military started large-scale aviation exercises in the northwest on Wednesday, officials said, close to Baltic ex-Soviet republics that are members of NATO and wary of Russia after its annexation of Crimea.

    The exercises involving jet fighters and bombers were being conducted in regions that do not border Ukraine. A senior Russian military source said they had been planned in December and had no political significance.

    Interfax reported that the drills would involve more than 40 Sukhoi and MiG warplanes and were being held in regions including Leningrad, which borders NATO-member Estonia and Finland, and Karelia, which shares a long border with Finland.

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