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The End of Obama’s Presidency?

Not likely.

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Sunday on Meet the Press that Democrats are in serious danger of losing the Senate, and that this could effectively mean the end of Obama’s presidency.

“If you lost the Senate, turn out the lights, because the party’s over,” said Gibbs.

Sure, winning the Senate will benefit the GOP. But Republicans ought to stop salivating. All that will happen is that Obama will have a tougher time getting his nominees through, something he had for most of his presidency before Harry Reid abolished the filibuster for presidential appointments.

Obama already can’t get his agenda passed because Republicans control the House. If he loses the Senate, he will continue his merry way issuing executive orders of increasing virulence and diminishing constitutionality while conducting foreign policy from the golf course.

Control of the Senate right now is most important as a Washington political smackdown, in which Inside-the-Beltway types get all worked up about who wins and who loses. Honestly, when Washingtonians aren’t busy with politics they’re watching sports, and the have serious trouble differentiating the two.

Taking the Senate won’t do Republicans much good unless they can hold it in 2016 and win the presidency.

So don’t get caught up in Washington parlor games. We’ve got three more years of this, even if Harry Reid gets his comeuppance.

28 thoughts on “The End of Obama’s Presidency?”

  1. Does this mean Obama won’t be able to fill out his NCAA Tournament Bracket on ESPN next year? While Putin rebuilds the Soviet Union, Obama’s biggest priority this week is enjoying the celebrity of his bracket picks.

  2. Whatever MrGibbs meant with that statement, the fact that almost 70% of Americans don’t approve of anything that MrObama is doing would indicate that his Presidency is just in name only now. We don’t trust him, don’t even like him anymore.

    MrO has botched, ruined, bumbled, glitched, and wasted every program he’s promoted from the stimulus to national health insurance to foriegn policy.
    As a proven liar, an incompetent, and a divisive force, the sooner he’s relegated to writing his memoirs rather than executive orders the
    better we’ll like it.

    1. The old cliche is that a President focuses on domestic policy his first term and by his second term, the public has turned against that policy so that he focuses on foreign policy. Unfortunately, Obama is screwing up the latter just as he has already the former.

    2. He was William Jennings Bryan a century too late in 2008, and now he’s turning out to be Woodrow Wilson a century too late in 2014.

      How history repeats itself.

  3. If the House and Senate were Republican we could impeach. Yeah, as if. And even if the Republicans did — we would have Biden EOs which would probably be even loonier that The One’s. Finger in the dyke.

    That said, a neutered and silent Harry Reid is worth it.

  4. For some reason I’m still on a buncha Dem email lists ( Can I blame John Edwards for selling his donor list for my piddly donation in 2007 ?) and too weak to unsubscribe to them, because fun and desperation !

    They’re using the EVIL Koch brothers for destroying America, EVIL Republicans for destroying the American Dream and want children to starve, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL ! If the Republicans win, we’re DOOOOOMED.

    Not one reason to vote FOR a Democrat. Not that the GOP doesn’t pull the same money begging schtick, I really don’t trust any of them. What I do know, I won’t vote for Obama supporting toadies or Republicans without spines (which are required to stand up, right?).

    If the GOP wins the House AND Senate this fall, Obama will blame the GOP for EVERYTHING that goes wrong from then on. Could backfire for the PresElection in 2016. Remember, Obama has the lapdog media on his side.

    1. The problem is I know otherwise smart, educated women who buy into the Repub war on women theme. Even when you say many Republicans ARE women, it cuts no ice. On MoJoe this AM, Frowny Face found some Texas pol to mock over this–and Miss FF is still using the 77 cents on a dollar figure which has been roundly debunked. It occurred to me that she prob makes way less than Joe–so I guess for her and for movie stars etc, if you have an agent, all bets are off.

      1. It’s why we have so many former Dems posting here, we just don’t believe the lies. From either side. Happy Independents we are :)

        I guess align with the whacko birds more than any party.

    2. The Republicans are blamed for everything anyway. Same old. Same old. No matter what happens the media is committed to serving Barack Obama and the progressives. As the saying goes, “they are dead to me”. Deserted their posts.

  5. I’m quite sure that the leaders of the free world are wondering how stupid the voters of the United States were when they elected such a political lightweight. Nobama, in my humble opinion, is WAY out of his league when it comes to the big leagues. Liberalism is a mental illness.
    His liberalism borders on the edge of communism.

    Semper Fi

  6. The more Republican Senators we have, the better in regard to Obama making Supreme Court nominations. The Democrats have been vocal in wanting to make Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire so that Obama has one more chance at a very radical justice. I’m glad the old bird is hanging on.

  7. Just having Republicans in control of both houses will change nothing. What our country needs is new blood, people who believe in our constitution, and will do what it takes to uphold it.

  8. OT After the peaceful overwhelmingly pro Russian referendum in Crimea it appears that some Ukrainian military bases are under attack. But most likely it is by invitation because this is no Anschluss.

  9. The Illinois primary is today. Dems are urging the dem voters to cross over for a repub ballot and vote for Dillard since he is supporting the unions…another RINO. Quinn is quite unpopular and they are thinking that if a repub wins, Dillard would be the best choice. Hoping people are smarter than that since it is the union pensions that have IL in such bad shape. Getting rid of Durbin probably is impossible…but sure would be nice!

    1. Keep us up to date on the outcome. ILL is a very sick state, but here in Pa. it’s not much better. Our State AG (Dem.) just walked back an indictment against several state reps who were on the take. Turns out they were all black – so no prosecution.

    1. I can see it now.

      Congress to military base commanders:

      “Nice golf course you’ve got on that base. Be a shame if we had to yank its funding if you let Obama play on it.”

  10. If WE want to “end the Obama Presidency” WE need some so-called ‘Republican’ & Conservative LEADERS in the cesspool of the US House & Senate who want to use the “I” word… (or have some balls to ‘defund’ this IRS…)

  11. Noted Elsewhere. Sadly.

    oy. RT @mike_giglio: Young soldier at Ukrainian army camp near Russian border: “is it true America won’t help us?”

      1. I wonder what the newly NATO Poland and the Czech Republic and others are thinking. Poland President punched back at Biden. Russia moves on Western Ukraine and we have problem. Until then Obama will probably draw red line after red line. He’s had a lot of practice.

        As for the EU. They are no better. But they are not my country. And they do not share my values.

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