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Michelle to Avoid Chinese Human Rights Activists

First Lady Michelle Obama will not meet with human rights activists during her upcoming trip to China, according to White House officials, focusing instead on gauzy, feel-good kids issues that should be PR gold for the oppressive Chinese leadership.

While avoiding dissidents and anyone suffering under the regime, Mrs. Obama will cozy up to the wife of China’s ruler, Peng Liyuan, a former singer who has a reputation for being beautiful and fabulous and who sang for the martial law troops who had massacred protestors in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Michelle, who will be traveling with her daughters and her mother, will leave Wednesday and return March 26. According to White House officials, she’ll visit fascinating tourist traps and talk about “education and youth empowerment,” “people-to-people relations” and “cultural exchanges,” all of which are code words for nothing much at all.

Meanwhile, here’s one Chinese human rights activist Michelle definitely won’t be meeting with. Because she’s dead.

cao shunliLast September, 52-year-old Cao Shunli disappeared from Beijing’s airport in September as she tried to fly to a session of the UN Human Rights Council. According to the Wall Street Journal, Chinese authorities said they had arrested her for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles.” Well she certainly was – by attempting to focus the council on China’s human rights abuses.

What she got for her efforts was death by medical neglect while in Chinese custody. According to the Journal:

By October Cao’s family was sounding alarms over her ill health, including symptoms of tuberculosis, liver disease and uterine fibroids. Authorities denied requests for medical parole or even hospitalization until Feb. 19, when they finally took her to a hospital. Cao soon fell into a coma and four weeks later she was dead.

So now Michelle won’t have to pick quarrels or provoke troubles with Chinese authorities by trying to meet with her.

This is one aspect of Chinese culture that won’t be exchanged. Instead, the message to U.S. students in all probability will be that China is oh so much like the United States.

Our differences are just misunderstandings! If only we could “communicate” better. It might even bring Cao Shunli back to life.

26 Responses to Michelle to Avoid Chinese Human Rights Activists

  1. Chinese authorities said they had arrested her for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles.”

    …ain’t that EVERY woman?

    Ok. that’s just a silly joke.
    Which is just like Michelle’s trip. Silly and a joke. The sad thing is that Michelle thinks she is serious. Thinks that what she does and says is VERY VERY important.
    Sorry, Mrs. Obama…but you are a subpar 1st Lady.
    Mr. Obama may be Jimmy Carter, but you are NO Rosalin Carter.

    • The Chinese are taking the Ban Bossy campaign veeerrrry seriously. Maybe Michelle will pick up some tips on how to make it work better here.

  2. It’s Spring Break for the girls in the WH – nothing more, nothing less except the cost! In fact it inspires a new word and spelling to describe MO – COSTIC !

  3. I know this may be a surprise to some, but I cannot stand MrsO,, and her vacationing on our dime. Oh, wait. This isn’t a vacation. Silly me.

  4. There are a lot of grandmothers who would love to travel. Most grandmothers would not think of asking their own family to pay for their trip. The family may talk them into it.
    The difference is most grandmothers would not think of expecting her fellow citizens to pay for a trip.
    By the way the grandmother’s who are bold enought to ask to go on the family trip. More power to them. Difference is, it is the family, not the tax payers.

  5. How exciting it must be to plan vacation after vacation. Where to go next, what to pack, and will the weather be nice.
    No worries about the cost, or time off from work. No worries about airport delays, baring all for ailport security, no concern for customs or passports. Just perfect.
    Have a nice time MrsO.

  6. Grifter on an another tax payer funded vacation jaunt. No mention of the hangers on because pretty sure it won’t just me Grandma, Mooch and the princesses.

    Maybe they will sport China tees — We vacationed in China. You did not.

    Expect panda pix for the peons.

  7. Most of our presidents and their wives have usually done the travel bit in the last year of an eight year presidency when they are lame ducks. Obama became a lame duck right after he was reelected, and the two are going for four years of a free ride. Not that they didn’t travel a lot even in his first term.

    • Hawaii, Aspen and China in 3 months ? I doubt billionaires vacay that much. Most travel a lot on business and take their families, but I’m not paying for it and they’re definitely working.

      Most of her celebrity friends travel to do concerts and promote movies, but they’re definitely working. Even when they appear with her, at the WH or wherever, it’s a publicity stunt for them.

  8. I suppose Mooch won’t talk about China’s war on women either. I find it highly offensive that she’s going off on another trip. January was Hawaii, February was Aspen. March is China. Where the hell will she go in April, May and all summer long? She knows she better go while the going’s good because there’s no way in hell they can live this lifestyle on their own income after BO is out of office.

    • AZGranny, I agree they would not be able to afford that type of travel on their (own) income. However alot of people with poor salaries are paid off by people, for doing things that were requested.

  9. And the taxpayers will be paying for her mom’s trip. Second, it seems she tries to find an excuse to travel here and there while her husband is in office. Then she meets Peng Liyuan, the wife of a dictator. Honestly, she doesn’t care one bit about these folks. It’s all about milking the taxpayers with these expensive trips.
    I hope, Keith, you give a $$$ figure as to how much this trip cost.

  10. Now I never had kids but if I had there is no way not even with the super
    protection of the Secret Service would I put my Mother and two girls on
    an totally wasteful vacation. China? Russia and Putin. A missing 777
    jet with mostly Chinese passengers. Really she does put herself first!

  11. There better be lots of photos ! If she wants to travel on my dime, I want to see lots of happy, diplomatic, gracious, culturally acceptable photos of who’s representing me in China.

    Otherwise, she can vacation on her own dime after they leave office ;)

    • I fear you may be disappointed, Denise. “Happy, diplomatic, gracious, culturally acceptable photos”? You expect too much from the perpetually scowling, ungracious and uncouth Me-Chelle and the moping Surly Sisters.

    • The Communist Chinese do LUV their “culturally acceptable photos” re: propaganda (and the Obama’s luv their propaganda…)

  12. Do we really want this frivolous, garishly dressed woman making foreign policy? Let her go and take selfies and dance and prance with school children and blat about the fat content of Chinese food.