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93 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 16, 2014

  1. More snow on the way for DC. There is something fundamentally wrong about digging out from 3-6″ of snow on a day where the normal high is 56 degrees.

    Between that and al Qaeda wanting to bomb this town, I’m about thisclose to moving to Florida…

    • Morning DA,
      As we have pointed out many times, take any Libby prog program name, and the exact opposite is the result. So much for global warming…. I declare a new ice age so things will warm up.

    • The northeastern states have surely had enough of this global warming stuff, and it’s understandable that you want to move, but Florida? They have big ugly snakes, huge bugs, humidity that will make your eyebrows melt, and some weird politicians.

      Plan this weekend for a short trip to AZ. You don’t need a fancy resort, any Motel 8 or such will do.
      It’s 8:45am here in Phoenix, and I’m writing this comment while sitting in my jammies on the patio. The sky is blue, not a cloud in sight, the air is clear and dry, birds are chirping, and we hide our weird politicians on the weekends.

        • Better hurry–in say 1.5 mos, it will be hoooootttttt. I always laugh when I remember before the Walmart a block from here got automatic doors, there was a sign on the door handle that said DO NOT TOUCH THIS. Well, how do you get into Walmart then?

      • Why Florida?

        One, because I have friends and relatives there. Arizona, it’d be just me. Two, I was stationed in the Sunshine State many, many years ago, and the heat was not a problem for me. Palm trees, I can go for. Cacti, not so much.

        And–how to put this–when one isn’t…exactly sure…of one’s eternal fate, it might behoove one to get used to unbearable heat. But that’s a discussion for another time.

    • I can’t call it up, but there are some very interesting statements coming from the Daily Mail re the missing Malaysian airplane. Our British press sources seem to beat out their American counterparts every time.

    • If she wants to have us pay for another trip. She needs to bring the crew on vacation to Crimea.
      Bring the hubby with the WHOLE crew as well.
      They can sit and chit chat with the people who are loosing their freedom right under our nose. They can enjoy a day watching the ships and enjoy pretty uniforms of the men with guns walking around. All of them can speak of the signed memorandum. They will enjoy that speech, for sure. sarc.
      Than they can let Ukraine know how far they will sit back and watch Russia move further into the Country. Then they can pull out their pen and draw a big red line.

  2. In the category of better late than never, this young lady might be opening her eyes. Then we get to the end and it’s not so clear what she means with peace, love, and freedom. Does she now think conservatism the best way to propigate peace, love, and freedom, or that we didn’t do socialism correctly this time either?

    • No she did not make clear what she thought was the best way.
      She does need to make that point.
      I did however enjoy the sight of her destroying the shirt.
      I mentioned that I am to afraid to wear a T-Shirt against one or all of the things O is doing wrong. That should be mentioned to that young lady. In free America, their are people afraid to wear a T-Shirt!

    • GJ, so glad you found that awful clip of MOOshelle revealing her true persona to the world. You just know that’s the way she really speaks in private. The body language of her daughters also reflects their upbringing in a household that must be filled with MO’s whining and complaining.

    • Wow. That brought back some odd memories.
      Michelle Obama was not ready for “prime time” as FLOTUS in 2009. Her scolding, Black mammy whine was just awful for her PR and shined a light on just how naive she was at the time.

      Most First Ladies have years of experience as the first-lady of this or that state, or have been involved in high-level politics for a long time. MrsO, did not have any experience on the state level, much less the national level.

      She hasn’t learned much since ’09 other than to stick to the script, and how to plan the next vacation.

        • No I did not Julie.
          I am a contributor to the blog.
          I write the text and sometimes provide pictures and/or videos, but in that case that came from him.
          He is also the one that provides the format.
          The collaboration has proven to be very effective.

          Why do you ask about the graphic ?
          Is there a problem ?

          • No, I liked it! It raises an interesting problem for the future though. I’m one who thinks whoever is going to be the Commander in Chief should have military experience. In a way, it would be working your way up the chain of command big time, but with an all volunteer military now, I wonder if that is going happen, or if, unlike you and I, the populace as a whole will not think it important in the future. Oh well, according to Bill Gates, everything is going to be mechanized. I read an interesting book which predicted this, a dehumanized military, for the future. It’s called The Face of War by John Keegan. It’s been around a long time and I recommend it to you if you haven’t ever read it.

          • Your statement created a question for me. How many members of Congress have served in the military.
            Turns out to be one hundred and ten. Eighty four House members (19%) and 18 Senators (18%). (far more than I thought)

            Only one member of Congress has a son or daughter in the military. (far less than I thought)

      • AFVet
        I am in tears of pride and sadness. I mentioned earlier this morning about song writing of today. NONE>
        In other words as a child I paid attention to what was going on. My relatives explained anything I asked. I was/am very proud of the men and woman who served, than and now. I felt terrible for the attention they received coming home. Same time I did not judge the people who did not go. I hope no one thinks that is a selfish way of feeling about that years ago.
        A lot of people disagreed with me, when I stated during the last war, that I thought they should show what was going on there.
        I will show this film to my teenage son when he gets home.
        Regarding the songs. When I hear them today, I can be reminded of different things going on years ago.

  3. I’m reading that the renter at 1600 did not attend the national security briefing this weekend on Ukraine/Russia.

    Because …. sleeping in … golf on tv …. choom.

  4. The Religion of Peace is coming to your town.

    America is our first target, followed by United Kingdom, France and other crusader countries.
    As for the field target for the car-bomb, you have places flooded with individuals, e.g. sports events in which tens of thousands attend, election campaigns, festivals and other gathering. The important thing is that you target people and not buildings:


    • But, but, MrsPelosi said they don’t have to work anymore at jobs they hate due to the wonders of Obamacare…..they can just quit and become poets or beggars or something.

      • LOL…and give up all the power for being at home with the tots? Have to think twice about that–maybe just whine a little…. Good grief, staffers, have you no idea how “lucky” you are to make over a hundred K and get to bend the world with a single tweet (even tho you are on the wrong side of history, an expression I still don’t understand). Most people can’t spend time with their kids bec they were “lucky” enough to find three crummy-paying jobs!

  5. Hey guys — Happy Open Borders Day!

    Or as some say Open Boarders.

    Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff on the net written by people who don’t understand national sovereignty or privilege of citizenship.

      • I feel terrible for the people who own land near the border.
        Have a lot of people end of selling that land they owned for years, or they holding on to it still?

          • It is shameful. All the people though the years……..who did the right way. It is a major insult to anyone’s family who have history of the time and effort they spent to come here.

    • Yesterday during the St Patrick’s Day Congressional lunch the Irish PM gave a ‘speech’ that included the many ‘undocumented Irish immigrants’ who are living in this country. Obama was standing next to him. He then looked at Obama and said he was confident that Obama would ‘sort it all out’.
      The 18 min. video is on the ObamaDiary for anyone who is interested. Obama looked thoroughly bored, almost to the point of rudeness.

  6. People dancing in the street in Russia. I feel the media is not making the point that the people inside of Cremia that are claiming pro Russia, and the people doing the same within Russia, do not have much of a choice.
    O should do somthing now regarding the gas issue. Someone made the point that it may take time to get the gas rolling, but it will have an effect on Putin, because he will understand what money issue is around the bend.
    In case anyone is interested their is a feed on BBC on journalist updates and other people making points.

      • Pathetic…
        I just read on BBC, that Russian news agencies say that 93% of people who took part in the referendum in Crimea voted in favor of joining Russia.
        Journalist of course were not allowed to watch the ballots being counted.
        I recomended a long time ago, that our voting should be held with a paper receipt given to each and every person. That way when their is any hint of a miscount, everyone can all show up with their receipt to prove otherwise.
        One scary thing about the O Mess is the fact that people will be dependant on the Govt., what happens in the future when people are disagreeing with the someone in the Govt. Is someone going to call them and tell them shut up if you want your health care for yourself or your children.

          • I was listening to the radio today–LBC out of London–and the guest was speaking from Ukraine to the host. He said there were two questions on the referendum. 1. Do you want Crimea to become part of Russia? and 2. Do you want to have the status of Crimea to return to the pre-1990 status. The problem is that before 1990, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. In other words, voters could vote yes, or yes. Some choice, eh?

        • Today from the Ukrainian Liveblog. I thought the book burning a nice touch and not needing to be a citizen of Ukraine, but rather a Russian, to vote. City residency good enough.

          That whole voting residency thing sounds familiar or just simply being here somehow voting.

          Some commentary I skimmed — challenges the severe dependency on Russian nat gas. Something like WE — 6%. But I did not read it thoroughly.

          Oh yeah, Lurch and Sir Golfsalot say US will not recognize referendum vote.

          But, um, “flexibility”.

          Anyway, here it is.

          • Just to add to your excellent references, I’ve been watching live (mostly) webcams from the Ukraine and Kiev itself for quite awhile now. I watched the whole Independence Square demonstrations, including the Molotov cocktails thrown at the height of the demonstrations (I counted about 50 a minute at one point). Today’s web cam seems to show long, long trains loaded with Russian military equipment moving around–I suppose in Crimea. My Russian is far too rusty anymore to decipher.


          • Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

            Perhaps the equipment is for moving further into Eastern Ukraine, while Kerry polishes his words and Obama works on his brackets.

          • My Russian is rusty also, and I couldn’t pause enough. Two things — not too subtle with the equipment. At this point I am surprised Putin is not asking Obama to drive the train. Perhaps he will just show up for the victory parade.

            It appears that still Ukraine thinks the West and the US have something to add or help. Russia’s veto and the lukewarm response to it speaks volumes.

            This is sad. What I do like about the liveblog is — In English — yea for me — but also there appears to be complete transcript of speeches, as well as a discussion of some facts.

            Don’t know how far Putin can get. Probably East Ukraine this time around. This could get messy — internally. The West will watch.

          • It could indeed get very messy. Putin won’t ask Obama to drive the train. He knows Obama will only crash it into the nearest wall ;+}. No doubt Putin would like to take more of the geography of Ukraine, but I think he’ll go more softly there for now. He knows he’s got the EU over the barrel–supplying 30+ percent of their fuel/natural gas. In the last year or so he’s settled some squabbles he’s had with China and his arms trade (S 300 missiles and likely S 400 missiles in the future) with China is alive and well. He’s arming to the teeth, as is China, at the very time Obama is hollowing out our own military. So the immediate future for Putin’s aims seems pretty clear–lots of Crimeas out there for him or East China Sea islands to be taken over by the Chinese. Meanwhile Obama’s National Security team run around like squirrels in the back yard.

  7. more from WH: Obama’s bracket will be released Wed. the presidential bracket will be used for ACA messaging this year, WH says.(tweet from BuzzFeed’s E Morris-Santoro, picked up on AOS blog)
    AMAZING — The WH to message ACA with Obama’s brackets– heck — why not news on Ukraine and the missing plane as well.

    Peanuts! Hot Peanuts! Come get your hot peanuts here!

  8. Pull up Drudge. Newsman in Russia ranting/
    State TV says Russia could turn U.S. to radioactive ash.

    North Korea fired 10 short range rockets.