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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 17, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:55 am || Meets with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
3:15 pm || Visits with wounded warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, March 17, 2014”

  1. If I were one of the heroes at WRNMMC, I would tell the staff not to allow this carrier in proximity.
    BT, Many years ago, when V-P Agnew tried to visit HST when he was hospitalized at KCMRC, Truman reportedly told staff “why would I want to see that son-of-a-bitch?”
    I had been assigned to cover Agnew when he arrived at old KCM. He was one of the nastiest people I ever covered. I liked him, too !

    1. …If I was a Walter Reed I would ask my Docs to schedule something/anything medical procedure to avoid seeing that useless, ignornat so-called “CINC” Obama pollute Walter Reed for some photo-op with our wounded warriors.

  2. Dear Keith, Just sent you a long and direct email and it was NOT forwarded! My concern is that you are taking up SOBama’s schedule with week ends off! I have been a visitor to your site for years and have rarely commented I visit your site 1st or 2nd every day and all day long.! Your open thread week end has been a great disappointment for me and I wonder how many others feel the same. I’ve noticed the same with the Drudge report also. In no way do I resent your Jewish religion, ( I support Israel) but how many Jewish people voted for SOBama ( I forge the %, sorry)… Don’t you think that our Republic is worth more than a 5 day work week? Forget about all of us business owners that worked 7 days a week and the 50% who are supporting the other 50% who do nothing and pay NO taxes. I love your site and your daily commenter’s, Swedish Lady, Girly 1, Af Vet SRDm65 etc but wish all of us would take a stand against the Commie Progressives that are ruining the USA on a daily basis both partys tobe sure.


    1. Really???……How tacky!! You send a direct letter and post it here as well? I am curious,were you angry at him for bring sick a

      This website is one of the few honest bastions of journalism left in this country. It is nice that you support Israeli(whatever that means). As a citizen of the United States, Keith is allowed to practice and observes his religious beliefs. He also is allowed to take time off to spend with his family. That is probably a major reason for having his own website. As a small businessman, he also has the right to provide the amount of content he chooses. These choices may interfere with your needs, too bad.

      The fact is our President does one of four things during the weekend. Skip the National Security Meeting, Play Golf, Go on vacation to Play Golf or raise money for his own PAC. I forgot, he can multitask…..he skips the National Security and then plays golf,goes on vacation or raises money for his PAC. Why he could not visit injured soldiers at Walter Reed on a weekend ? You can ask Jay Carney who will defer you the office of Laziness.

      I am not Jewish but I do understand the Yiddish word “Mushugana” and I believe it aptly applies to your comments.


    2. If I had to guess, I would suspect that time “off” for Keith is not 100% downtime. Wheels always turning, ideas always churning, articles being drafted and honed. Watching our backs. Just my guess. We are adults here. We know how to use the internet and can easily find other things to read. That is, while the internet is still free and not censored because we are giving it away!

    3. Naplesugar1,

      It’s a positive that you think this site is a public site, and everyone has a say in how it’s run. That’s says a lot about how Keith has created, maintained and moderating it. It’s to his credit.

      It’s also a positive that you can’t get enough of the information he posts. That says a lot about how intelligent you are, and how well of a writer, Keith is.

      But something else about this site is important.
      No one is anyone else’s boss here. It’s freedom of speech.

      But, the truth is…the site is Keith’s business.
      If Keith wants to take every Wednesday off from this site, that’s his own business. If he wants to do some posts in Spanish, that’s his business.

      The only thing I have a problem with is bringing up of Keith’s ethnicity. What does that have to do with anything or about Israel? It makes you said like a Liberal.

    4. Naplesugar: I’m new around here and still learning my way around. But I can tell you that Keith’s blog is one of the very best of its type on the internet. As far as I can tell it’s pretty much a one person effort, with the help of the good folks who are at the core of the participants. It’s a lively site, and Keith has created a great haven for those of us who are sick and tired of the madness of Washington. Your comments are incredibly offensive on several levels, and I suspect you meant them to be so.

    5. Well, I feel I should respond, if only because of those of you who were so nice to stick up for me.

      There is a lot that goes into running a website beyond the writing. I’m also the daily business manager, IT guy, customer relations person, long term planning executive, head of the research department, advertising and website promotion chief, a freelance writer, and so forth.

      This is NOT to say I have too much to do. We all have too much to do. And I have the benefit of loving every minute of it. It’s just to say that there’s a lot that goes on that you don’t see.

      Private issues can also sometimes intrude on work, and that’s something we all deal with, or have dealt with, too.

      Anyway, better to hear a complaint demanding more of White House Dossier than less of it!


      1. I think most of us are very thankful for all the work you do, and realize that you have a life (and a family) that you must pay attention to from time to time. Just know that the majority of us are most appreciative of what you do to keep us up to date with the dreadful news coming out of the WH & congress, for starters.

        1. This is Keith’s site and he runs it as he pleases. He DID build this. Aren’t you getting your money’s worth, whoever you are? Oh–forgot–you aren’t paying.

      2. We ain’t done yet Keith.
        Your site, your rules.
        If Naplesuger1 wants to comment and conduct a conversation, fine.
        Lurking on a blog is fine with me, but don’t come back and chastise the one that presents the opportunity for people to express their opinions.
        Your open threads are just fine with me.

    6. Would you like a small slice or a large slab of cheese to go with that whine?

      Please. Keith has more to do in a day than he has time in a day to do it. Get over yourself. If you can’t function without being spoon fed that’s your problem.

      As for taking a stand, you have no idea the activities any of the posters here are undertaking. Here’s a thought, take some of your petty criticism and go dump it on those Commie Progressives you mentioned instead of those of us here.

  3. What a horrid man, this Obama. Welcoming the corrupt PLO/Hamas leader, who named one of his sons Yassir in honor of Arafat, to the WH and then hightailing it over to Walter Reed for a photo op with our wounded war heroes. He is obtuse, but not that obtuse. This is a slap in the face to every American and he knows it. \
    I hope there are protesters!

  4. I would think he would have some type of meeting schedule to speak to some officials in Crimea and Ukraine, (Video/Phone) meetings. Everyone else is very concerned with the issue.

  5. Not on the schedule, but 100% guaranteed to happen today – brackets and a visit with someone from ESPN. Take it to the bank. First things first.

    1. I was thinking they left plenty of time for a St. Patrick’s Day blowout party. Does anyone know what he’s up to after 5pm? Is the Irish Prime Minister still in town?

    1. When I mention the meeting earlier on this thread. I should have made the point that a photo op on this meeting is what I would expect from a Pres.
      The only reason why a Pres. would not show the important meeting with his picture is to not give Putin the satisfaction of seeing how concerned our Pres is.
      Most of the photos of O is when he is playing, or dancing, running around the office, etc.

    2. Geoff,
      most of the briefings are only 5-15 minutes. This one might be more as they ‘strategize’ about Crimea.
      So 16 minutes. :)

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