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Saturday Open Thread || March 15, 2014




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  1. Saw an interesting tweet this morning:
    Drudge leads with US turns over internet while the New York Times buries it inside in the Technology section.
    I know it’s just repetition by now but I just don’t get how an organization can become so anti-American, so spiteful of American world dominance, that it can’t even realize that removing the last U.S. check against a U.N. type fiasco over the internet is not a good thing.
    Sure, they cheer now because one more “exceptional” American accomplishment has been given up, but they won’t be so thrilled when their hatred for all things American comes home to roost and the internet as we now know it turns into a chaotic, unworkable mass of international special interests screwing it up for everyone.

    • I read the Drudge article, and Fox discussed it with Huckabee this morning.
      US relinquishes control due to Intl. concerns.
      US businesses now fear internet censorship.
      Millions spent to develp this concept.
      Why give it up? What are going to be the new rules?
      Putin is cutting off Websites left and right.

          • I pulled it up the other day. I thought I had enough to worry about.
            I notice their was a book written. Have you read a book of any kind, or just the information on the internet?

          • Actually that snippy reply reminded me of a time back when I was a freshman in college–we had an exchange student from Saudi Arabia in our “group.” He was wealthy, silk shirts, some fancy car, etc. And very elitist. His dad owned the neon sign franchise in the Kingdom, which was big because they put huge signs on their palaces and residences, he said. Anyway, one day my friend Sharon was asking him about Saudi Arabia and did the wives of the princes all know each other…did they live in the same place…did they have servants galore… Finally he snapped, “If you want to know about Saudi Arabia, look it up in the encyclopedia!” We all just laughed. I didn’t then either.

          • Star, I think you read too much into “google it”.
            I am the kind of person if there is something I don’t know or understand, I want to read about it and from more than one source. I guess one has to be more curious than not.

          • Star asked a question. Why was it “wrong” for someone – anyone – to link her to a couple sites with appropriate information. Was it less time consuming to reply with smart-aleck remarks?
            This has become a site for hateful, sniping comments and responses. And AFVet, Star is no more contentious than most anyone else here.

          • By the way, Sadie, I am plenty curious. I do daily blogs on employment and health. I do another blog on science and creativity. And of course, all this political stuff. And I have returned to the movie business. I am interested in everything from the present state of animation to zoology. I do original research–not secondary from printed pieces. I interview sources. So, this may be overly defensive, but that remark did not apply to me.

          • Actually, since I am a regular on this site and respect many of the people who come here, I was curious about why this Agenda whatever was convincing or interesting to people, why they gave it credence, etc. Instead I get backtalk. But it’s OK–I can be contentious and will never be different. Isn’t this a debating society here? I like to scratch into things. I read the Agenda 21 things and it seems pretty flimsy to me.

          • So…I am the bad guy now for pointing out how far from intelligent responses this site has fallen? And for continuously standing up for you, Star?
            What gives?

          • How is anything I said against you, Aileen? You stood up for me. I don’t get it. Oh, well, I used to like this site better when it was more informative and funnier. The ad hom attacks are ruining it. In my personal opinion.

          • What do take away–what is your Reader’s Digest version? Why do you find it compelling? Why does the author have credibility in your opinion. That is the sort of thing I am curious about.

  2. This overtime kerfluffle brought on by the very-clueless-about-business President Stompy Foot is sure getting hammered by CEO’s. Good.

    Doesn’t this affect his Big Donors? I feel there’s exemptions involved….

      • …don’t wanna add to kerfluffle (sp) here, but it also reminds me of
        “So it shall be written; so it shall be done” from “The Ten Commandments”
        But also reminds me of the Pater Familias here, who says, g—–t, JUST DO IT”.

  3. “I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for The Lord sustained me.”
    Psalm 3:5

    Those lacking in wisdom may appear to be in control, but The Lord god Almighty still sits on His Throne – the seat of mercy and grace.

    • The way Congress has gotten into full-on borrow-and-spend mode, we’re not the ones who are paying.

      If Rogers were around today, that quote would probably be, “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government our children and grandchildren will be paying for.”

  4. Bossy mom-jeans obomba is biatching about his mom-jeans critiques.

    maybe bossy, prissy obomba can use his pen to make all mom-jeans comments about him a federal crime. I’m sure bossy Holder will go along with him.

  5. Any time the US relinquishes control to an international agency nothing good comes of it for America. Obama takes away our personal freedoms, weakens our defenses, refuses to secure our borders and gives the rights and treasure of Americans to illegals and day by day chips away at our freedom and our sovereignty.

    He’s too damned lazy to move out and be King of the World, he wants to do it from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      • Geoff et al. Apologies. I read your comments earlier. And when I came back to post I did not re read. Oh well, that kinda’ day. Put me down as one of “youse”.

      • Best Quote

        They have, for 20 years or so, wanted to TAX our Internet to distribute First World wealth to Third World despots.
        They want to charge for each e-mail you receive and send.
        When this thing comes under international control, the 57 nation Muslim voting bloc will dominate decision making as to what is allowed and what is not. Add to that 57 the various communist and authoritarian dictatorships.
        Goodbye, free speech. The First Amendment only extends to the water’s edge, folks.
        They will tax the ‘net, and they will regulate the ‘net. Our children will inherit SH1T from us. We failed them.
        I am sooo angry.
        I’ll burn off my anger by tormenting some orcs.

        • What is not being discussed is the fact that we will have our freedom of speech taken away on the Net from us.
          However: The people who WORK for us, from the top on down to the smallest government postition in office will not.
          They will have some so called: Security Internet.
          As I was just typing the last sentence above, I thought that would be an very boring internet experience for themself.
          In other words they won’t be able to Email a friend from home, or look up a new Jacket style in privacy either.
          Get the point. They are not only let us down, but themselves and their children.
          On Drudge, it states US officials announced to relinquish Federal Government control. Who are the officials?
          Can’t someone do something to relinquish their decision?
          I mentioned weeks ago, that we are going to have to go back to some type of private pony express, to share notes and thoughts between one another. No I am not trying to be silly.

  6. Reportedly Ukrainian forces fighting to repel invading Russian forces.

    Because they only what was “legally” theirs — Crimea. /sarc

    And oh dear, Lurch — what will you do when Monday comes and you have to make good on your tough talk? 6 hours of talks with Lavrov and Lurch walks away with nothing.

  7. Julie and others re. the FL race where Jolly (R) won over Alex Sink(D). the point is being made on the Journal Report (Fox) that Jolly had a good answer for every issuethe Dems tried to get him on — beyond Obamacare.

    The point was made earlier this week that Rove et al had pooh poohed this election. It seems to me that Republican candidates might do well to study it — especially the responses he gave to the “gotcha” Dems.l

    The little bit of Jolly that I saw — I liked.

    • I really didn’t pay much attention to the Florida special election beforehand. Jolly was an aide to a RINO and a lobbyist, so I thought he was an establishment guy. He probably is an establishment guy, but wasn’t prepared for getting tossed under the bus by the DC political consultant class. Rove didn’t want Jolly to win that election and he used every arrow in his quiver to make sure he didn’t. Fortunately, even the planted Politico hit piece right before the election didn’t cause Jolly’s defeat.

      In his op ed, Rove tried to imply that Jolly campaigned on “fixing” Obamacare, not repealing it. Of course, that is not true; Jolly ran on repeal. The establishment doesn’t want the midterms to be about repealing Obamacare, but about fixing it. That is why Rove is trying to downplay Jolly’s win. If they do that, it will be like ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’…something the GOP is very adept at.

      Rush had a long discussion about Rove and the Jolly win on Friday, and he made some really good points if you’re interested.

    • Agree, Grace. All conservative candidates should follow Jolly’s example so that the establishment Republicans cannot Cuccinelli them.

  8. Who talks like this? Only a prissy sissy little dandy. This is one sick puppy. Why is he still in office?

    (CNN) – President Barack Obama hit back at critics calling him out for his “mom jeans.

    “I’ve been unfairly maligned about my jeans,” Obama said Friday in an interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest.

    “The truth is, generally I look very sharp in jeans. There was one episode like four years ago in which I was wearing some loose jeans, mainly because I was out on the pitcher’s mound and I didn’t want to feel confined while I was pitching, and I think I’ve paid my penance for that. I got whacked pretty good. Since that time, my jeans fit very well.”

    • One more thing: That staged photo of Obama talking to Putin from the office while standing next to his desk was strictly to show that he was not wearing mom jeans. He was posing!

    • No kidding. If the DOJ won’t stop him, and Congress doesn’t have the cojones to to impeach him, can we at least call in the Fashion Police, for all of his high crimes and misdemeanors against male fashion sense?

      Crikey, there has GOT to be SOMETHING…

      • How would you like to be a part of this Congress?
        Only a few are speaking and trying to do the best for us.
        I am still waiting for the song writers to come out with lyrics.
        In the 60’s and 70’s, their were a lot of songs.
        Are they being paid off as well?
        I am far from being a writer, but that is an idea out of many, for a song> The worse Congress in History, la la la

        • You’ve asked about this before, I think.

          The problem is, that in the 60’s and 70’s, “counterculture” was cool.

          Nowadays, you can make the case that conservatism is the counterculture.

          That sounds counter-intuitive in a country where most identify themselves as conservative, but look at the prevailing cultural institutions–stage, screen, song, academia–and you’ll see what I mean.

          The culture of the Left will not permit a conservative counterculture to rise up and challenge it. And so, to speak specifically of music, it will have to become blatantly obvious to every A&R rep that conservative acts do sell, that they sell well, and that they can get ’em SRO in the venues, before you’re going to see a conservative counterrevolution in the music racket.

          I’d love to see it, too, but wherever does one begin to start something like that?

    • Not who talks like this? What world leader even responds to this stuff?

      Oh yeah, Obama — king of talk shows, sport events, and 24/7 recycled cliches.

      He is one thin skinned guy.

  9. Well, gosh darn, the UN and Samatha Power are all bent out of shape that Russia vetoed the Resolution.

    This is a statement by the French UN Ambassador —

    “To accept the annexation of Crimea would … turn the United Nations Charter into a farce. It would mean that the sword settles disputes,” Araud said.

    Say it isn’t so. The UN..a farce … the sword settles disputes ….

    • Thanks for the clip.
      Up untill last week, When I pulled up BBC, I was able to read an update. However their were lots of comments from people from over in Ukraine and elsewhere. They as well had comments from journalist.
      They comments have not been there since last week.
      Does anyone now why?

  10. Five people were stabbed to death Friday morning at a market in the capital of Hunan Province in central China. Local media report that several Uighur “naan peddlers” suddenly went on a knifing rampage after a disagreement among food stall owners escalated into violence.