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The Obama Morning News || March 14, 2-14

Justice blocks Reid, Lee corruption probe . . . Washington Times
Obama to review deportations . . . Politico
Holder ignores prosecutor misconduct? . . . Washington Times
Kerry meets with Lavrov
. . . Washington Post
Gowdy quotes Obama vs. Obama . . . CNS News
GOP ups attacks on Obamacare . . . Washington Times
Pelosi: Obamacare won’t hurt Dems . . . The Hill
WH reverses Obamacare cuts . . . The Hill
Palin vows to back GOP challengers . . . Newsmax
Biden: 2016 hurts my golf game . . . Newsmax
Organization chart of Hillary’s campaign . . . National Journal
The man who keeps Reid up at night . . . Politico Magazine

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 14, 2-14

  1. Mute time: Juan Williams on Fox just made opening comment that this issue of overtime pay, will help the middle class. As well will not cause company’s to fire people, but more than likely hire more people.
    TV now being switched to different channel.
    He is another person who does not understand economics, or ignores the the process.

  2. Obama to review Deportations – POLITICO

    Now that LaRaza Reps Guitierrez and Becerra are leading the parade, it’s only a matter of time. Obama has aligned himself with the two worst Reconquistas on the planet. By the time he is finished with his illegal EO’s, there will be no one left to grant amesty to.

    Obama is lookling for MORE ways to use his pen to grant amnesty – WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE LAW!!! What law? The law that he refuses to enforce? If this isn’t grounds for impeachment and conviction, I don’t know what is. His ‘pen’ should land him in the ‘pen’-itentiary’.

    POLITICO left out the key component of Obama’s latest attempt to subvert the Constitution. Breitbart picks it up:

    “The president emphasized his deep concern about the pain too many families feel from the separation that comes from our broken immigration system,” the White House said in its readout from the meeting.”
    “A Senate GOP aide told Breitbart News that these concerns are overblown because about two-thirds of what the amnesty advocacy community is considering deportations are actually removals of people caught as they were trying to cross the border. Johnson recently admitted as such in a congressional hearing.”

  3. Gowdy’s Enforce the Law Act and his excellent speech on the floor deserves applause. I called Gowdy’s office and left a voice mail with my thanks for doing the right thing.

    The good guys should be encouraged and supported and RINOs should be called out and if running for office, primaried, and defeated.

    Oh yeah, I also called Ryan’s office about his focus on immigration and not on the economy or jobs for Americans. Ryan — no applause at all. What a disappointment he is.