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For the average person – Many folks who don’t have health insurance initially, they’re going to have to make some choices, and they might end up having to switch doctors, in part because they’re saving money.

Love how casually he puts this.

Obama was answering a question in a WebMD interview about why the plans have such limited networks of doctors. They do, of course, because they are trying to stay in business with all the Obamacare requirements that say, you know, people can hang out on their parents plans until they’re 50, or whatever.

18 Responses to Obama: YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR DOCTOR

  1. He’s good at this, no doubt about it. A calming, reasonable voice letting the folks know they will have to change doctors to save money as if consumers had a choice whether to buy health insurance at all, or that a family shopped around for the cheapest doctor.

    The question gets louder everyday; why is the POTUS out there selling health insurance as if he were some late-night TV infomercial guy.

    OT: a little
    One of my offspring was forced to apply for Obamacare and thinks* she successfully enrolled, but like so many others, she has yet to hear from the insurance carrier and hasn’t paid a premium .
    (*thinks -because the website told her so)

    • I do not hear questions raised to him. What about the people who lost their jobs. There are people I know who lost their job, just prior to O Mess kicking in.
      They had a job, they had insurance, they had a paycheck.
      These were responsibe people doing for themself and got ____________, (Cannot think of a nice word at the moment)

  2. Best explanation yet, and from his own words, that Obamacare results in rationing. The specialist are getting out of the business because they can not make a profit. Fewer doctors equals rationing which also means travelling further than your local medical facility to find an in-network doctor.

    • Steve that is another good point you are making. However the people who voted for this mess, will not be driving far to go to their doctor. That is another point that has been put aside.
      All citizens are being affected by this, expcept them.
      They work for us. They did not get a purple hat of royalty when they went into office.
      One other note: Bush got ragged to no end for making a mistaken comment of maybe prounouncing something wrong.
      Here O stands many times running his mouth with a flat out lie.
      Right than and there the O Mess should have been torn up.
      There have been good and bad people in office. I think someone is going to open up a new Con Artist school, and just roll tape after tape of O lying to his students.

  3. Call Sade! This cat is a smooth operator.

    Here’s another ditty
    You might lose your doctor, you may pay more. It’s to your benefit, but now it’s the law. We know what’s best for you, we know what’s better, but on a sweater when it’s climate changing weather.

  4. WebMD should issue a caveat: The comments of the POTUS today do not bear any similarity to his campaign sales pitches of the past 5 years. It is our professional opinion/diagnosis that he is suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance and is in dire need of psychiatric treatment.
    ObamaCare is dangerous to your health…and your wallet. Caveat emptor.

  5. There must be at least 3 million videos of Obama telling us we can keep our doctor. Amazing how this man lied so easily and now sits there and calmly explains people may have to switch doctors.

    OT: inside sources say Jay Carney is leaving his position as Press Secretary, according to the Daily Caller.

    • He’ll go collect food stamps, no doubt, as the man would seem incapable of holding down an–ahem–honest job at this point.

      Then again, he does look fresh-faced enough to make an effective used-car salesman. Not that anyone who’s been following this administration would trust him to sell them a new car, but hey, there’s always the low-fo set…

  6. I am proud to announce here on this esteemed website that I will soon be starting my own small business. It is called the Head Explosion Clean-Up Brigade. Because there is a lot of demand for such a thing these days….

    • Habitual liars have difficulty recalling their previous lies because they tell so-so-so many. If everything is a lie then the truth is also a lie. That is the extent of their reasoning skills.

  7. I’ve always wondered why so many people believe that other people ought to be subsiding insurance for their own 25-year-old offspring. If you want to provide insurance for your 25-year-old, buy it yourself!