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Hot Mike! Lindsey Graham Offers Help to Kerry

Following Secretary of State Kerry’s testimony before a Senate budget hearing Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) offered to help the administration with recalcitrant House Republicans skeptical of providing aid to Ukraine.

He didn’t realize the mikes were still live.

“Hey John, good job. Let me know what I can help you with Boehner,” said Graham.

Yes, good job John! You’re masterfully presiding over the disintegration of U.S. foreign policy.

What does this even mean, other than a nice sucking up? Why would Boehner listen to Graham? What’s Graham going to do, steal Boehner’s cat?

So eager to please. That’s why they’re called RINOs.

27 Responses to Hot Mike! Lindsey Graham Offers Help to Kerry

  1. John McCain and John Kerry are good friends. And I guess Lindsey is just all part of that big old club up on the Hill — all for one, one for all.

    That excludes the rubes, the people, those who might be concerned about a bloated rudderless ship of state crashing about on the rocks. They got in the lifeboats a long time ago.

  2. Why would the US consider sending even $1 to the Ukraine?
    If the Russians don’t eventually get the money, then the corrupt government flunkies will find a way to line their personal pockets.

    The EU lit this fire in the Ukraine, let them put it out.

    • What happens in the Ukraine can adversely affect Poland and the Czech Republic, to say nothing of Georgia, and a regrouping of Central Asia into Putin’s grand EuroAsian or PanAsian (I forget which) Union.

      • I don’t see any Russian designs on Poland or the Czech Republic in the near future, but it ought to give the Obama regime second thoughts about a missile shield for Poland. Reneging on that was sending a horrible signal.

        • If he busys himself with the PanAsian, TransAsian, EuroAsian Union (I will look that up) Russia can become quite an uncomfortable presence. I can see the EU maybe standing by the Czech Republic but Poland is probably negotiable. I am not talking immediately.

          All that aside, it offends me to see what is happening — Ukraine is a sovereign country — and we should stand up for that. Freedom loving people have died. The US used to stand for something — at the very least, we gave hope. If we start assessing every international crisis as whether we go in militarily or not and if not, follow that with meaningless gestures then we have lost some of what we are.

    • Agree, Srdem, why should American tasxpayers send any money ? Also, why should taxpayers in the EU send any money ? The Ukraina-affair is so badly handled by some western politicians . I would love to send them all into a mudwrestling ring and let them have a go at each other.

    • Call me cynical BUTT I wonder if East and West are really extremely divided over this. What I mean is that Ukraine is way in the red (in spite of its billionaire oligarchs), and Russia will bail Crimea out while the West bails out the western part of the country. The EU has pledge them $15 billion and the US $1 billion. OK, tinfoil hat off.

      • Julie, east and west should not be divided over it. I fear the warmongers. Kerry is one of those. I wrote in my reply to Grace earlier that it is said here that Putin only listens to Mrs Merkel and she always advocates careful diplomacy, so let her handle it. And, when the EU promises all that money to a non member like Ukraina, well, those who want their countries out of the EU will multiply.

  3. I wonder if the republican voters of South Carolina that put that lilly livered Lindsey Graham into office have had enough of his garbage?
    It’s as if we the people, whatever state we hail from, are totally ignored
    when it comes to the representation of their constituents.

    Semper Fi

  4. Even more dastardly than schmoozing with Lurch is Miss Lindsey’s offer to “help” with Boehner. What is he willing to twist Boehner’s arm over? It’s the IMF bailout that Reid attached to the House’s Ukraine bill. The Senate RINOs are in favor of selling our national sovereignty out to the IMF, but to his credit, John Boehner, seems to be against the rider.

  5. I don’t mean to be stupid, but–SHOULDN’T we be providing aid to Ukraine? aren’t they trying to stay out of the now-forming Soviet Union II?

    maybe I’m missing something?