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Dems Pull Anti-Issa Stunt on the House Floor

Here’s the latest attempt by Democrats to make Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa, and not Tea Party targeter Lois Lerner, the issue in the IRS scandal.

You’ll remember, Lerner on March 5 invoked the Fifth Amendment during her second appearance before the panel, prompting Issa to shut down the hearing. Ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said he had a “a procedural question.” When it became clear that what Cummings actually had was a political statement, Issa cut his mike.

I wonder if the whole thing wasn’t staged to provoke a backlash against Issa. The backlash has included charges that Issa is racist because he was failing to let a black man – Cummings – speak.

Dems, certainly not caring about any particular principles or who might get tarred as a racist, staged an anti-Issa rally on the floor Thursday, complete with iPads, probably knowing full well they’d be asked to shut them off, which they were.

28 Responses to Dems Pull Anti-Issa Stunt on the House Floor

  1. Off topic: ON Drudge it states: Russia is pulling billions from Western Banks.

    I apologize for my brat comment. My fellow readers please make a give us a better typed comment, regarding the Dems.

  2. The Democrats have become the party of break the law and circle the wagons. We no longer have representatives. We elect Gang Members who do nothing but follow their leaders off the cliff. The Bill Clinton pep rally after articles of impeachment were voted on by the House of Representatives. Even worse, the pep rally was led by VP Al Gore. Clinton was guilty of Perjury. That did not matter to the Senate because there loyalty was to the President and not the law.

    This is like watching a high school clown school……..what a joke!

    We now have lawlessness in our government and big business. You may have to pay a fine but you don’t have to resign or go to jail. Charlie Rangel is a great example. All these banks defrauded people by taking their homes during the foreclosure crisis. Did one person from the banking industry go to jail? Madow defrauded people out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Did JP Morgan Chase get shut down? The laundered millions for Maddow and his company was not a company. He should not have had a checking account,yet, they got away with.

    If the Republicans win in 2016, I want Trey Gowdy to be the Attorney General! Then the rule of law will mean something!

  3. This drama isn’t about RepCummings, nor is about protecting LoisLerner. They’re not throwing a smokescreen to cover MrObama, either.
    This is about keeping the IRS investigation away from the prominent Dem Senators who were stupid enough to put their demands in writing asking that the IRS investigate all of the tea party and pro-life organizations that were seeking tax-free status. So far, MrIssa hasn’t brought up their names in this investigation, but al that could change if the Repubs win the majority vote in November.
    There is a long fuse on this bombshell that could blow up some long and supposedly honorable careers.
    As of now, MrsLerner’s foot is on that fuse, but the second the committee offers her immunity it’s all over.

  4. These people think that scruples are Russian money, that morals are things that should be painted with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, that principles are underpaid school administrators, that compunction is when they get a flat tire on their taxpayer-funded limousines, and that rectitude is how they do it in San Francisco.

    And they’ve never even HEARD of shame.

  5. The democrats do not know how to handle the TRUTH, they use and Abuse the United States Constitution ONLY when they see it as an advantage for themselves. I watched Issa and heard him say meeting adjourned and less then one second later cummings wanted to speak. I listened to it several times. Cummings just wants to make scene.