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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 14, 2014

10:30 am || Meets with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny
Noon || With Kenny, attends a St. Patrick’s Day lunch; U.S Capitol
5:10 pm || Hostz a St. Patrick’s Day reception; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

18 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, March 14, 2014

  1. You’re kidding, right?

    All of the stuff going on in the world, and that’s what the president of the United States does on a Friday?

    Isn’t there a fund raiser that he can go to, or does nobody want him there, either?

  2. What’s with the “urban” spelling of “hosts”? Trying to be cool like O’Bama? LOL

    You get a bye for a typo every now and then. Keep up the good work!

  3. Clearly Obama’s phone has gone missing — or else Putin doesn’t want to talk to him… might as well party …and golf on Saturday.

  4. His schedule this week has been even more pathetic than usual, with very late starts every day and barely an hour or two of “work” each day. Mostly photo ops and b.s. I’d love to see him have to put in a 40 or more hour week just once. He’s never done it in his life and couldn’t do it. I wish he’d just go to Hawaii now and stay there for the next three years.

  5. I would rather him party for the rest of his term instead of sneaking things though, instead of going though Congress.
    It doesn’t matter I guess if he plays, or partys, there is a group of people working non stop with all this MESS he has presented or has plannned in the future.
    However I do prefer if he does has his fun time down the street from the WH instead of inside of it.

  6. Look at that schedule! Just look at that schedule! Just an excuse for this evil, racist, communist wastrel to start drinking and partaying early. Dictator Obama sure as hell ain’t going to be doing a lick of work on this Friday by using St. Paddy’s day as an excuse to indulge in another bout of taxpayer funded debauchery. Then again if he is too hammered to work then it’s one day less that he can focus on destroying this country anymore than he already has so there is a silver lining in this booze filled cloud.

    Wonder if Jaybird Carney is going to dress up as a leprechan for his sham press conference with his adoring pet hamsters from the media.

    • I suggested the next time someone is cut off by Jay Carney with his pathetic rambling answer, or the next time he cuts them off with a rude attitude: Everyone of them should walk out!!!!
      As they are walking out tell Carney we don’t need your bull#%&.
      The Media is one of the most important things in our Free Country.
      Putin is cracking down on Websites critical of the Kremlin, & Putin.

      • Pet hamsters don’t walk out they just run endlessly on a circular wheel in a long as they are fed and watered. Your premise that these propaganda media hamsters would actually walk out en masse in protest is based on the presupposition that they actually care about reporting the truth or have even a shred of journalistic integrity. Not going to happen no matter how badly Jaybird “the little leprechaun” Carney abuses them.

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  8. Very revealing article from the NYT:

    Absence of Envoy Looms over WH on St. Patrick’s Day

    Obama has failed to appoint a US Ambassador to Ireland – a gap of 14 months (the longest since 1927) since Amb. Daniel Rooney left his post. Irish officials are NOT happy!

    Obama also moved the WH reception from the traditional 6:30 start time to 5:00. His appearances have been ‘ brisk’. (Downright rude, if you ask me). “Have a good time and don’t break anything”.

    Read More:

  9. Is Obama playing 18 holes of golf each morning, is that why he doesn’t start his work days until 10:30 AM? I think he is just plain LAZY! He is sleeping in like he did during Benghazi. Can you imagine any other President sleeping while an attack was underway which would kill an ambassador and 3 other American citizens? It is time to stop being kind to President Obama, he is a disgrace to this nation!

  10. Mark Knoller (CBS) tweeted Biden’s breakfast menu:
    VP’s breakfast for PM Kenny includes: herbed egg cups, asparagus & cheddar, country potatoes, fruit, Irish soda bread, scones & muffins.

  11. Friday schedules for Obama have been light lately. Knowing they’ll be feasting all day and partying on our dime just adds insult to injury.