As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || March 13, 2014

Holder pushes shorter drug sentences . . . Washington Post
Biz hits back on overtime regs . . . The Hill
Obamacare needs 42 signups a minute . . . Associated Press
Sebelius: No more delays . . . Politico
WH seeks to ease burden on working women . . . CNS News
Fla. loss exposes Dems’ Obamacare disarray . . . Politico
WH: Obamacare not decisive in Florida . . . ABC News
How the GOP got tech-smart in Florida . . . Examiner
Dems have a dire 2014 turnout problem . . . The Hill
House passes “enforce the law” act . . . Washington Times
Obama meets with Ukraine PM . . . Fox News
Biden is WH Ukraine point man . . . National Journal
Huckabee urges solid anti-abortion stance . . . Newsmax

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 13, 2014

  1. WH seeks to ease burden on working women

    Is this a joke?
    Working women are now going to be forced to take a second job to pay for Obamacare. Not only for their own higher/unaffordable insurance, but for millions of newly created Medicaid recipients – courtesy of her husband’s massive expansion of the welfare stated. A 2Trillion boondoggle over the next decade.

    Working women are also going to be paying baby sitting services for tens of millions of children of minorities who will receive universal Pre-School if Obama gets his way. The days of Granny or Aunt Susie caring for the little ones while Mom is at work are over. The govt. is taking charge!

    Working women are paying higher prices at the grocery store to feed their own families thanks to the Mooch’s war on food. MO has now decreed that working women must also pay to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to millions of low income families, regardless of their citizenship status. Billions of $$$ in increased taxes.

    Working women will also bear the burden of providiing unemployment and disability benefits to the newly created permanent underclass, courtesy of Barack Obama….the highest number of recipients in history.

    And when these ‘working women’ reach retirement age – weary and exhausted from working their fingers to the bone – they will discover that Medicare is nothing but an empy shell – rationing and death panels. Welcome to the ObamaNation.

    • The old saying: You made your own bed, now lye in it.
      That saying is not mentioned much anymore.
      That is the way I grew up.
      Yes of course parents may have helped their grown children, if they were doing for themself.
      However the bottom line was you were taught to grow up and be responsible for yourself.
      His he teaching his children that the Government will take care of you when you grow up?

      • Except govt. dependents never grow up. We have a 52 y.o. drug-addled govt subsidized parasite (and his govt subsidized wife) occupying the Oval Office.

  2. Eric Holder — his position should be eliminated. There is no need for a Department of Justice. There are no laws that are enforced — no immigration laws, no drug laws, state laws are over ridden and challenged. The hell with the law. And the hell with Eric Holder.