As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 13, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

29 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 13, 2014

  1. Spineless liberal jibber jabber. Where is the American leadership. Why is there such an emphasis on relying on an international consensus? Because of the lack of American leadership and failed foreign policy of BO. Iran is an evil empire and a terrorist supporter. They are responsible for the airliner downing. Call a spade a spade, pussies! Too many excuses for me.

  2. I am watching Special Report and just muted Juan Williams who is arguing obstructionist Repubicans in face of Obama’s incessant presidential memos and not enforcing the law.

    I always mute Juan now and that is too bad. At one time, he was a reasonable commentator but not longer. And to hear him argue against Congress and for this obscene power grab by Obama makes me sick,

  3. OT, and I know to those of you who live in Florida this is not news. The WSJ carried an article by Karl Rove today poo-pooing Jolly’s victory: Republicans Beware of Tuesday’s Victory. Newsmax carried an article quoting Mark Levin: GOP Establishment ‘Dumped All Over’ Jolly. Living on the other side of the country, I had not realized that this was a conservative victory which the RINOs predicted would not happen.
    : – D

      • I am with you Star — Juan AND Rove are mutable — permanently.

        I live in FL — not far from Jolly — . I thought it was a very good win — that District went for Obama twice — and the Dem candidate was a known entity and BillJeff came down and campaigned for her.

        It was a win — a good win. Rove, McConnell are taking this way too far. The thing that would shut them up is for McConnel

        • McConnell to lose the primary to Bevin.

          Also re. the Jolly win — it was a vote against Obamacare. And Jolly noted that, but also took it to a broader text of less government, taxation, regulation and more jobs. So, screw Karl Rove and the Establishment.

          • Yes ma’am,….McConnell needs to be retired.
            The win in Fla. by Jolly is to me an indication that we have a chance of ridding ourselves of the progressives and maybe the POTUS and his regime.

          • Right now Ms. Lindsey is running under 50% which, if it holds, means a runoff in SC. There are many primary opponents, but let’s hope they put competition aside and will unite around the second place winner.

    • Rove’s time has come and gone.
      We are on to him and his tactics.
      He can no longer be trusted.
      Williams is just a highly paid puppet to keep FOX ‘fair and balanced’,… the tune of 2 million for his contract.

  4. OT Kerry gives Russia a Monday Deadline. On what? Climate Change — the greatest threat to our national security.

    This Administration is just such a joke. I cannot believe there is no way to get rid of these people — they are living out some leftist unicorn dream. And we — the people and the country — are paying for.

    Absolute fools and imbeciles. It is so hard to believe this level of incompetence, corruption and greed for power permeates.

    • grace, have faith in the American People.
      We will not allow this to go on for much longer.
      The next election will be the harbinger of what we can expect.

        • I share your concern. We are way past the tipping point. Today or the other day,Obama sapuid something to the effect “with my pen” or ” I have my pen” — whatever it was he said, it made me respond in my head and we have the constitution — which I amended to what happened to the constitution — what happened to the Body of Legislators — what happened to Justice?

          He changing laws or refusing to enforce them or making dictates around the law using “common sense” …

          So, I share your concern. My faith in the American people is wavering.

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