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Koffler on the Rick Amato Show

This is an appearance I did this evening on the Rick Amato show, which appears nightly on the One American News Network.

OAN is making a run at Fox News, far as I can tell. They’ve gained access to a couple of big cable providers, AT&T, where they’re on channel 470 and in high definition. on channel 1470, as well as VerizonFiOS, where OAN is on 160 and in high def at 669. It’s the same channel for all cities in America.

Seems to me, given the hugeness of Fox News’ ratings, that they’ve got a shot at carving out a market. Their backers seem willing to spend, and they recently had a high profile at CPAC.

Today I talked to Rick mostly about Hillary Clinton and what I see as the vulnerability of her candidacy.

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  1. “A fossil”, snort! Of the three new faces he asked you about, I think Scott Walker has some solid accomplishments, not just rhetoric, but will the “good people” of Wisconsin return him to the governor’s mansion? My biggest concern at the moment.

      • Keith,

        Tell Rick Amato his background is AWFUL. He blends right into it. It’s dull, and dark, and fake.
        And that’s how people will associate him…dull, dark, fake.

        At least your background was bright and sharp. And that’s how you will be associated, bright and sharp.

    • Walker is the RARE politician that actually has a track record of results. Like/dislike his policies, he gets good results. It’s not hyperbole, or rhetoric. It’s action

      His big issue is his look. He looks like a dweeb.
      And I’m not being superficial. It’s that America is.

      They voted twice for someone who has no track record and has never done anything of note.
      But he has the right look, the right sound.

    • It’s great having Scott Walker as governor, and I want it stay that way! Please, I hope he doesn’t run for Pres.
      To Keith: Agreed with you, “what has she done?” If you recall, when she left SOS, didn’t BO gift her some money to pay off campaign loans?

  2. Very interesting. I found myself nodding my head in agreement with all the points both men put forth, on the Dems, MrsClinton, and the Repubs.

    MrK; let us know if and when DirecTV picks up this network. FOX is all we have now for the conservative view, but we’re getting tired of seeing and listening to the same old faces.

  3. Keith, very encouraging words from you. The political landscape looks bright. Tired Hillary doesn´t represent much and not at all the future, is connected with the abominable Barry and his healthcare, agree, the Republicans have the energy this year with the new candidates, agree. Oh, I really like Rand Paul , to me he looks trustworthy , a young man who can also appeal to young engaged people who can´t stand turncoats and greed. I don´t know so much about the other two.
    By the way, you have a nice, humorous twinkle in your eyes .

  4. By the way, there is another great interview posted on Zero Hedge, Rand Pauls Dad, Ron Paul , is interviewed on Fox. He discusses privacy, Dianne Feinsteins hypocrisy and the Russian invasion on Crimea. Oh, I agree with every word ! His son must have grown up in a home with great dinner conversations.

    • Swedish Lady,

      I will check that out. I am not a fan of Ron Paul’s although I do like Rand Paul’s defense of liberty and am looking at him as a serious player.

      However, so as not to delude myself, I read this linked piece. The writer is not a fan clearly of Rand Paul’s but if you take that out of it, it does well reflect Rand Paul’s changing positions on Ukraine, especially considering that Cruz and he had a round about with this.

      Anyway, here it is if you are so inclined.

      As an aside I approach libertarians with skepticism.

    • I read the interview. I was less than impressed with the Putin having the law on his side argument. The Crimea is leased and although I have heard various terms of that lease, some argue that the lease was to be renegotiated and could have been one of the pressure points behind Putin’s actions — and why not Obama made it clear that in no way with the US object. And I was not impressed with the usual Ron Paul “well the US does similar stuff…” — Guatanamo, Cuba.

      And anybody who thinks a vote on self determination or secession would be fair, surrounded by Russian thugs and troops …. Well, Ron Paul.

      • Grace, thanks for the link. I didn´t know that Rand Paul had flip-flopped like that on the Ukraina-issue. Hmmmm.
        Still, I do like Ron Pauls take on the issue. I think it is a charade going on and a dangerous one. I mean, Kerry is giving Putin an ultimatum ??!! Sounds almost like the Austrian note to the Serbs 1914 just before WWI. I am certain most Europeans do not want a war on behalf of Ukraina. It´s said here that the only one Putin listens to is Mrs Merkel and she always advocates careful diplomacy. Let her handle it .

        • I would not be surprised if Putin had it wrapped by Monday — in defiance of Kerry’s ultimatum. ‘

          WE and the US have opened a can of worms in their weak responses. And danger lies ahead.

  5. Well, normally that’s true of Fios but not here in Commie MA where the usual rules do not apply.

    If anyone knows if it’s on Fios up here AT ALL please let me know, but I believe Keith is right: Fios is the same everywhere… unless it’s not :(

  6. Nice job, Keith! I really like RickAmato – hope Time-Warner (soon to be Comcast) picks up the show here in L.A.. Won’t hold my breath.
    The ever-growing “What has Shrillary ever done” chorus of detractors is music to my ears. She was so arrogant and smug in 2008, she was broke and washed up after the first two primaries. We’ll see what she does with her $1.7 Billion $$$ PAC.

  7. I think we may be overly cowed by Hillary’s war chest. Money helps, but can’t overcome a bad candidate. In 2012, Meg Whitman seemed to be the unstoppable force in the CA governor’s race, willing to spend over $100 million of her own fortune to beat back all challengers. The problem was she had nothing to say. So Jerry Brown, who was admittedly not a very strong Democrat candidate, managed to beat her in November with less than half her money.

    We need a great candidate. That’s all I can say. I haven’t seen him or her yet, but we need a great candidate.

  8. Nicely done Keith. Good points on Shrillary — fossil, political. And I am with Julie — Scott Walker.

    Also, I have reading that many people think this whole ban “bossy” thing, like the war on women, is prep for the Shrill. And some have suggested that as long as we’re banning words these days, we should ban “pantsuit” as well. Can’t be to talking about fossils (fosillete?)in pantsuits in 2016.

  9. Ah, Keith. What’s that old chestnut? “From your mouth to God’s ear” about Hill.

    You have have expressed reasonable scenarios well and it was refreshing to listen to someone who was not jive talking us. Well done, Mr. Koffler!