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Carney Offended “on behalf of my wife and my daughter”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney went into full fake foot stomping mode at Wednesday’s briefing, claiming to be offended “on behalf of my wife and my daughter” at a question posed by . . . wait for it . . . Ed Henry of Fox News. He then proceeded to promote a 2009 book by his wife, ABC’s Claire Shipman, called “Womenomics.”

Henry asked a rather benign and unextraordinary question about whether the White House was promoting policy for political effect, particularly the White House’s own emphasis Wednesday on women in the economy.

Women often trend Democratic and Democrats desperately need to get their base to the polls in November.

What? Politics in Washington? The nerve of Henry! Carney immediately rallied to the defense of his wife and daughter in response to Henry’s One Man War on Women.

Here’s the exchange:

Q   Jay, this focus today — women in the economy, minimum wage, overtime, pay increases as well — all important policy areas as was discussed at the top.  But will you also acknowledge these are also issues that test pretty well in an election year and that are a lot better to focus on than, say, the health care numbers from yesterday?

MR. CARNEY:  Ed, are you saying that we should have done this in 2012 because our margin with women wasn’t big enough?

Q   Your margin was pretty strong, so that might help you again in the midterms.

MR. CARNEY:  These are the right things to do for the economy.  No, Ed.

Q   So this has nothing to do with the midterms?

MR. CARNEY:  You know what, I think every woman in here ought to be offended by that.  I’m offended by it on behalf of my wife and my daughter.  It’s crazy.

Q   Major asked about the over — I thought when Major asked about the overtime issue and if you increased can you show that that will help women, and Betsey said, well, we’re studying that.  Is there a specific tie-in?

MR. CARNEY:  The overtime — altering and modernizing the rules regarding overtime is the right thing to do for the whole economy.  And she was asked if that disproportionately affects women in the way that raising the minimum wage does.

Q   — numbers on it.

MR. CARNEY:  What’s that?

Q   Just that they run numbers on it —

MR. CARNEY:  And I don’t think that assessment has been done.  It’s certainly the right thing to do regardless.  The assessments that have been done related to the minimum wage is that women would be affected more than men because women tend to have minimum wage jobs, as I understand it, not an economist, in greater number than men do.

But here’s the point — and I mentioned my wife’s book on this — I mean, there is a macroeconomic benefit to making sure —

This drew a bemused uproar in the briefing room, with reporters shouting out questions ironically to milk forward this obvious plug:

Q   What book?

MR. CARNEY:  “Womenomics.”

Q   What’s the title of it?

MR. CARNEY:  “Womenomics.”  (Laughter.)

Q   Is it available on Amazon?

MR. CARNEY:  Amazon.  It came out in 2009.  It might have been on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Carney then continued his discussion with Henry:

No, but I’m only saying this because I happen to know, because of that, a little bit about this subject — that there are bottom line benefits to making sure that the private and the public sector make sure that the rules of the road, if you will, when it comes to our economy, work for women because doing that is not just the right thing to do, it’s economically beneficial.  It helps the bottom line.  It helps the country’s bottom line and it helps the private sector bottom line.

So, again, I didn’t mean to jump on you.  But this is not about — this is good for the economy.

Q   (Inaudible.)

MR. CARNEY:  Well, maybe.  Well, it’s good for the economy, I promise you.

Q   And your wife is wonderful, a very nice person.

Of course he meant to jump on Ed. That was the whole point.

Claire is indeed a nice person. But mentioning her book from the podium is a mistake. It also fits with something Carney tends to do that I’ve rarely seen among press secretaries, which is to frequently personalize issues and speak for himself. Press secretaries normally speak solely for the president.


26 Responses to Carney Offended “on behalf of my wife and my daughter”

  1. I am offended that such a lying, sniveling, sarcastic, arrogant little weasel is standing in the same place as the likes of the late great Tony Snow and except for a couple, the White House Press Corps just lets him get away with it.
    After all, party invites and “access” is far more important to the Republic than speaking truth to power.

    • Dead on. Unfortunately the press corp seated in front of this weasel allow him to get away with it. He consistantly speaks down to them in a condescending tone and gets away with it. Even Ed Henry seems to accept his answers and moves on.

      • I agree. Keith is very kind to gave the this for us to see. I always have to take a couple days off, because I cannot understand how they sit there like puppets.

  2. Carney is actually worse than Obama, if that can be imagined.

    Obama has a personal agenda that he follows, which shows some integrity, even if the agenda is totally screwy.

    But Carney has no agenda, his job is just to parrot whatever nonsense Obama and his minions tell him, and to defend the indefensible.

    I can’t imagine how he maintains any personal pride, or how he can sleep soundly at night.

  3. WhiteHouse GoodFellers
    Jay Carney = Tommy DeVito
    Ed Henry = Billy Batts

    Carney = You insulted my wife, my daughter
    Henry = No, no, Jay. It just seems funny to do these………
    Carney = You think I’m funny, a funny guy?
    Henry = I like your wife, she’s ni……….
    Carney = You like my wife? did you buy her book?
    Henry = Well, no but
    Shots ring out, scene fade.

  4. This fake indignation coming from a bespectacled gnome who licks the bottom of Dictator Obama’s shoe each and every day and who is married to that shameless democrat communist propaganda shill, Claire Shipman.

    Memo to Jaybird (Someday to be called “Jailbird) Carney: In order to be able to exhibit true moral indignation requires possessing a sense of honesty, honor, and compassion for your fellow man. Virtues which you sadly lack. Carny exhibits all the attributes of a rodent.

  5. If Obama is in a tizzy about women and the economy, wants to do the “right” thing, and more than willing to doodle around with what employers pay their employees—then he can start with the women in his own office, who earn 87 cents on to dollar compared to men. What a hypocrite.

  6. Q Is available on Amazon?
    Mr. CARNEY: Amazon. It came out in 2009. It might have been on the New York Times Bestseller list.
    I just happen to have a few copies nearby available for sale and at today’s special discount price of only $9.99.

  7. “… might have been on the NY Times best seller list”? What kind of a husband doesn’t know important things like that?

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  9. I think Ed Henry asks great questions. I’d love to see unedited back and forth. Thanks for this Keith, it’s more than what we get on the news.