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Specter of Scandal in Hillaryland Rears Its Head

A woman who is a longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton and former top aide to Bill Clinton is alleged to have set up a potentially illegal off-the-books fundraising scheme for Hillary’s 2008 presidential bid, a charge that if true could swamp the Democratic frontrunner in a money scandal even before her 2016 campaign gets off the ground.

Hillary beseeches Allah to save her from scandal.
Hillary beseeches Allah to save her from scandal.

According to the Washington Post, Minyon Moore, who was a senior White House political advisor to Bill Clinton and who is expected to play a major role in Hillary’s 2016 campaign, “personally sought and secured the funding for what prosecutors say was an illegal shadow operation to boost Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid, according to court papers released as part of a wide-ranging campaign finance investigation,” the Post writes.

From the Post:

Washington businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson, who pleaded guilty Monday to federal conspiracy charges in a case that has focused largely on D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s (D) 2010 campaign, told federal prosecutors that Clinton aide Minyon Moore asked him to fund pro-Clinton efforts in four states and Puerto Rico costing $608,750 during the hard-fought 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, the documents show.

A spokesman for Moore denied the claim, and prosecutors said they have no evidence Mrs. Clinton was aware of the alleged scheme.

One fun fact here is how the Clinton camp hit back, taking a page right out of the Obama team’s playbook, which calls for bashing the press and trying to intimidate reporters into not writing true stories.

According to National Journal, a Clinton aide went directly after the Post using some of the colorful language Obama aides are famous for:

Burns Strider, a longtime Clinton aide who now works with the pro-Clinton rapid-response group Correct the Record, called the allegations “bizarre and brazenly false.” Strider defended Moore, with whom he’s worked with over the years, and called The Post‘s reporting “irresponsible.”

“I think it’s horseshit. I think The Washington Post is acting like some kind of an Internet blog or something instead of doing real reporting,” he told National Journal. “I think it’s pretty clear through everything that’s come out that [Moore] didn’t do anything wrong and has been exonerated and has been fully helpful in the case, and that’s the bottom line.”

A spokesperson for The Washington Post told National Journal that “the story is based on publicly available documents,” and that the paper gave Moore “ample time to reply.”

The Clinton team should be wary of ruining its relations with the press prior to the conclusion of the Democratic Party. At some point, reporters will fall in love with a Democratic insurgent campaign that looks like it might topple Hillary, and at that point the Clinton campaign will need the press.

After she’s wrapped up the nomination and she faces a Republican to whom the press will naturally be hostile, they can be less polite.

Assuming, of course, they’re not too concerned about the exercise of First Amendment rights.

18 Responses to Specter of Scandal in Hillaryland Rears Its Head

  1. Could it be that Mrs. Clinton’s many chickens are rousing (do chickens rouse? Perhaps.) and are now flapping their way to their old hen house, coming home to roost after all this time?

  2. Very suitable first name. Of course, she probably pronounces as Mignon as in filet mignon. But it looks like it could be pronounced as ‘minion.”

  3. Clinton and illegal again in the same sentences. Ahh, the good times are back!

    Isn’t a Clinton rapid response outfit to “correct the record” an oxymoron? Wouldn’t a more accurate name be “corrupt the truth”?

    Just sayin

  4. They didn’t want her in 2008, and now she’s years past her sell-by date.
    The Dems see a avalanche of Congressional Repubs coming to bury them this year.
    Thinking if they have any chance at all in 2016, it’s not with MrsClinton, but with someone new, fresh, and younger without all the baggage who can make voters forget MrObama.

  5. ObamaCare’s Secret Mandate Exemption
    HHS secretly repeals individual mandate purchase rules for two more years:

    The MSM needs to get on this…pronto!
    While Obama is out there day and night selling his snake oil, a secret waiver has been cooked up for individuals If you received a cancellation notice, do not worry. Just fill out a form and say that you can’t afford to purchase anything on the exchanges or anything else for that matter. Send a copy of your cancellation notice, and voila! You’re off the hook for 2 years. About those penaties/taxes? No problemo. They’re easy to get rid of, too. Just follow the directions.

    Is everyone in Congress asleep or on vacation? How can they let this desperado get away with highjacking the Constitution? Take his pen and phone away from him and indict him for abuse of power!

  6. I may have been half asleep this morning, but I think I heard someone on Morning Joe state that it’s going to cost $1.7 for Shrillary’s campaign! The gods must by crazy!

    • I don’t think she will run. Too much baggage.
      The Benghazi thing is not going away, and she was right in the middle of it.
      Keep the house, take the senate, and she will, or should be back on the front burner.
      We can’t afford to let it die.

  7. Pretty Astounding. Hillary “The Benghazi Butcher” Clinton claims to be qualified to be president (measured against past presidents qualifications not the low level standards of her hubby or Dictator Obama) and yet surprise, surprise she has “no knowledge” that one of her key aides is illegally raising hundreds of thousands in campaign funds. Remarkable how she is portrayed as so hands when she was a Senator or Secretary of Disgrace yet is so clueless about what her minions who do her foul bidding are up to. The press will fawn and worship her no matter how abusive she is to them.

    • And they will believe her lie about not knowing anything about it (how can you not know where your money is coming from) and they will continue to disbelieve Christie over some traffic. How do their heads not explode?

    • How did Hillary escape responsibility for substituting another spokeswoman to face the 5 Sunday morning new broadcast? Oh, she doesn’t work on Sundays. Oh, ok then.