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Obama Unilaterally Raises Workers’ Pay

In the latest installment on fulfilling his pledge to “close the income gap,” President Obama Thursday will act to increase workers’ pay by rewriting labor regulations so that millions more will qualify for overtime pay.

The move, which was announced via the New York Times, could cost businesses billions of dollars.

Obama’s authority to act “comes from his ability as president to revise the rules that carry out the Fair Labor Standards Act, which Congress originally passed in 1938,” the Times writes.

The White House argues that the move is justified because corporate profits have been piling up while worker salaries have stagnated. But the added labor costs could provide businesses with yet another incentive, along with the Obamacare insurance requirements and a potential hike in the minimum wage, to cut workers at a time of high unemployment.

Unless, of course, Obama issues an executive order preventing companies from firing people.

34 Responses to Obama Unilaterally Raises Workers’ Pay

  1. And so the disincentives to innovate and work hard keep piling on. If you manage capital effectively, you are a bad person and will be punished. If you have capital, you are a bad person and we will tax you. If you have anything We want, we will take it. And then We will have created equality. Everyone will have nothing. Except of course for the “We’s”.

    • Small business owners will get around this by hiring part-time, hourly workers. No bennies or overtime required.

      At the veterinary hospital I worked at, the practice owner wouldn’t even hire a full time associate and saved a ton of money by only hiring part-time vets.

      • This has been going on for years in the grocery chains and even in the post office’s competition, UPS and FedEx and the like who hire many temps to get around “bennies” (cute) and overtime.

    • All his policies seem geared to make all Americans either part-time workers or on the dole. He’s turning the world we grew up in upside down.

  2. Just happened to catch msDNC, covering Obama’s Start-GAP program to save America.

    The bottom scroll proclaimed “President Obama to press ahead with his agenda”.

    Wow. Stop the presses. (Or start a real press).

  3. This just sounds like more puffery from MrObama and his friends at the NYT. He doesn’t have the authority to actually change the rules of overtime, but can suggest to the NLRB that they change the definition of a certain class of employee.
    Even then, the rule can only be implemented by a certain Congressionally approved person to a positon that has been vacant for years.
    That’s how I read the piece in the NYT; MrO would like to see this done, can ask for it to be done, but it won’t be done if there’s a lot of pushback from the “public” or Congress…..sooo, it’s just puffery.

  4. “The move is justified because corporate profits have been piling up.” What businesses is he talking about ? Not the small companies I assume.
    Barrys talks and acts like a despotic unionboss. Keiths humorous suggestion that he might issue an executive order preventing companies from firing people may sound really plausible to him in his parallell world.
    He is really a politician as far from Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as I can imagine.

  5. Every single business owner and investor who voted for and continues to support Obama deserves this.

    Every corporate contract attorney who does not challenge this doesn’t deserve their job.

    Every Congressman and Senator who does not challenge this or speak out in a substantive way does not deserve to stand up and announce that they are fighting to preserve free enterprise and capitalism.

    Everyone looking for a job who will not get one of because this increased cost to business does not deserve this.

  6. As I’ve said a number of times in the past, when the good Lord was handing out brains, Nobama thought He said trains, and missed his.

    Semper Fi

  7. Obviously, there is no area where Obama won’t use his power, legal or not, to get his job destroying, life destroying, future destroying ideology in place. He knows he doesn’t have much time left to set the stage to fundamentally transform (destroy) the foundations of our country and knows he has nothing to lose. The RINO’s won’t set up impeachment proceedings which they should and he knows he can get away with anything because he has.

  8. He went into a GAP the other day, because the GAP had increased their minimum wage to $10.

    2 things strike me regarding this…
    1) This private company didn’t need the government to tell them how much to pay their employees in order to keep them, or get better talent
    2) Obama is still trying to make the GAP pay more by asking for a minimum wage of $10.10.

  9. No one ever mentions that this man let the Bush tax cut expire, thus giving every working person an automatic pay Cut… I haven’t forgotten.

  10. We can’t be too far from Directive 10-298 at this point.

    I’ve had to explain the following to liberals a hundred times, and none of them get it. Let’s see if smarter minds prevail here.

    Business A makes a $5,000 profit. Business B makes a $5,000 profit. Which did better?

    They both did the same, right?

    But what if Business A was a lemonade stand that only spent $500 and ended with $5,500, and Business B were a retailer that spent $5,000,000 and ended with $5,005,000?

    What matters is the profit margin, that is, how much you made relative to how much you spent to make it.

    Not that Obama understands jockey shorts about economics–and not that a lot of liberals I know understand it, either–but there it is.

    • Makes sense to me. And maybe you could also ‘splain to your liberal friends that the Government is not a business. It does not make money in any form. It receives money from taxes of those working. Thus when less and less people work, less taxes coming in. More money going out to pay others not to work. Solution – get more people working, not get more people on food stamps and welfare. Seems simple enough, and I did not even study economics.

  11. ObamaCare’s Secret Mandate Exemption
    HHS secretly repeals individual mandate purchase rules for two more years:

    The MSM needs to get on this…pronto!
    While Obama is out there day and night selling his snake oil, a secret waiver has been cooked up for individuals If you received a cancellation notice, do not worry. Just fill out a form and say that you can’t afford to purchase anything on the exchanges or anything else for that matter. Send a copy of your cancellation notice, and voila! You’re off the hook for 2 years. About those penaties/taxes? No problemo. They’re easy to get rid of, too. Just follow the directions.

    Is everyone in Congress asleep or on vacation? How can they let this desperado get away with highjacking the Constitution? Take his pen and phone away from him and indict him for abuse of power!

    • So, doesn’t this negate his message about the necessity of Obamacare? Especially since it’s nothing more than a political move to try and save Democrats in the election.

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