As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:45 pm || Holds a bilateral meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk
4:15 pm || “Drops by” meeting with women Members of Congress; Roosevelt Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

22 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 12, 2014

  1. How curious, the President will “drop” by a meeting of Congresswomen being held in the WhiteHouse. Have they been excluded from the floor of the house now, Men Only rules?
    And, from where is MrO dropping , if anywhere.

    • He’s certainly dropping in the polls. I hope Florida’s special election and results today are an insight.

      Sink ‘sunk’ and Jolly won. Betcha he’s giving the ladies a pep talk. Started to type poop talk, which would be more reflective of the situation …constant b.s.

        • The special election in Florida was great news! The Dems poured lots of money into it and were very much hoping to flip this long held Republican seat to their side so they could claim that OzeroCare will not be the albatross that we all know it will be in the November elections. Of course, Pelosi and the Dems are already spinning it and acting as if they had no expectations at all in this one. Total BS. I’m so glad it turned out the way it did and I hope it’s just the beginning of huge victories for Republicans campaigning on full repeal of OzeroCare. Although, I don’t like that several points were shaved off due to the libertarian candidate, who I suspect was put up by the Dems for just that reason. Just like the VA governor’s race, part of their strategy this fall will be to put up third party candidates who will syphon votes from the Republicans.

          • I made the same comment on the headlines thread, Snarkie, about the Democrats ‘encouraging’ Libertarians to enter the races. You are spot on about what happened in Virginia. This will be a strategy of the Democrats in the Fall.

  2. Doesn’t look like there will be a joint presser with the Ukraine PM tomorrow. Answering questions could prove fatal for Preezy Putt-Putt.

    • I wonder how long this Ukrainian president will last. The NYT, of all places, says that the extreme right/neo-Nazi elements have a good chance of winning next time.

  3. OT Well, with the stroke of a pen Obama and his lackey Hagel fixed that criticism of cutting the # of Navy warships — shrinking it to the smallest fleet since WWII. No more. A simple reclassification (hospital ships and unarmed littorals I think, now “warships) and voila — warships saved or created overnight — 8.

    So, now he lies about the ability to defend the nation.

    • Hospital ships are forbidden from carrying offensive weapons by the Geneva Convention. For that reason, firing on a hospital ship is considered a war crime.

      So either Obama isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he’s blatantly lying, or he’s quietly announcing that he’s about to break the Geneva Convention.

      Knowing him, I can’t even rule out “both of those” as a possibility.

      • There was some discussion about the Geneva Convention but I don’t know enough to be precise. Moreover, this was gathered from comments from the AOS Overnight Open Discussion tonight.

        As for Obama who what where when why — who knows. The man is a liar and has no respect for any institution or authority. His word is worthless. He really does believe he can rule by the pen and the phone. We now have Presidential Policy Memos (Border Patrol to not respond to rock thowers or drug dealers in vehicles — PPM) which are pretty much diktats enforced through the bureaucracy.

    • Gracepmc I missed that information about a simple reclassification of hospital ships and unarmed littorals.
      Are you saying that O stuck these back in and considers this a help for the service?

      • Lee, This is beyond my area of expertise and as I said, something I picked up reading the Ace of Spades commentary. To get the finer points and who has authority to do work you might have to source a more military source. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

        My understanding is that he is reclassifying them to counter a charge that he is weakening the military, in this case the Navy.

  4. Another light day, as expected. Maybe one to two hours of actual “work”. This POS loser who rarely ever starts before 10 am makes the presidency looks like a part time job filled mostly with photo ops and fundraisers. He has no clue what it’s really like to work serious hours in corporate America or the legal profession, or any job for that matter, because he has never done it and still does not. It truly makes me ill to see a lazy POS who puts in far fewer hours than the average hard working tax paying American.

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  6. 10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing – It goes something like this:

    White House Butler (drawing open the bedroom drapes) ignoring the fetid smell in the room: ” Wake up Mr. President, time to get up.”
    Dictator Obama: (Groan)(Yawns). Do I have to?.”
    White House Butler: “Yesssir. I’m sorry sir, you have meetings today.”
    Dictator Obama: (Grumbling) “Can’t Valerie handle them?”
    White House Butler: “Sorry Sir” Valerie Jarrett’s orders. You have to make an appearance and read remarks from your teleprompter today. Shall I serve you your usual coffee with Kahula?”
    Dictator Obama: “Yeah, I have a thumping headache and a hangover! Where did I leave my butts?”
    White House Butler: “Their right there on the nightstand sir where you left them last night. Shall I light one up for you? Breakfast?”
    Dictator Obama: “Just a bloody Mary and toast.”
    White House Butler: ” Shall I lay out a fresh pair of jockey briefs for you today, Sir?”
    Dictator Obama: (Frowning) “I guess so otherwise Michelle will be complaining that I smell.”
    White House Butler: “Here they are sir, your favorite ones with Squarepants Sponge Bob on them.”
    Dictator Obama: (Brightening) “Oh, goody. I love my Squarepants Sponge Bob underwear!”

    End of Presidential Briefing.