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The Obama Morning News || March 12, 2014

Obamacare factor in GOP House win . . . Newsmax
Loss big blow to Dems 2014 hopes . . . Politico
GOP 2014 wave looks likely . . . National Journal
Crisis? Obama keeps chasing money . . . Examiner
Obama approval drops to record low . . . MSNBC
Galifianakis interview drives traffic to ACA site . . . Politico
Americans support wage hike . . . Bloomberg
Schumer feuds with State on Israel . . . The Hill
2016 candidates sound off on Ukraine . . . The Hill
Ready for Hillary staffs up . . . National Journal
Huckabee gearing up for another run . . . The Hill

20 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 12, 2014

  1. “Ready for Hillary” is the name of that PAC? Oh, yes, indeedy. I’m ready for Hillary. I’m ready for her to go away.

  2. Crisis? Obama keeps chasing money..

    “If I have just a smidgen of a cooperative Congress, think what we can do these next two and a half years,” he said.

    … he played the ‘smidgen’ card again.

  3. Schumer feuds with State on Israel ..

    The refusal rate for Israeli visa applicants, while fluctuating somewhat from year to year, has spiked from 2.5 percent in fiscal 2007 to 9.7 percent last year, a near 400 percent increase, according to State Department figures.

    Who’s running the State Dept.? The ghost of Cordell Hull.

    • There has to be more to this than what’s reported.
      First, why are so many young Israelis asking for visas, and what criteria is the State dept using to deny them?

      • The Israelis applying for visas are mostly young (post high school graduation and before military service). Many spend a year traveling prior to military service.

        State Dept. is claiming too many overstay their visas selling Dead Sea products, which sounds like a crock o’ sh*t to me. I think it’s part and parcel of hardball being played to pressure Israel.

  4. A very interesting compilation of news and opinion today.
    Bloomberg claims that MrO’s approval in the polls has risen dramatically, while MSNBC claims his polling numbers are tanking.

    Bloomberg also claims that polls show “Americans” approving of a higher minimum wage, no kidding. It’s just too bad for those Americans that they don’t have a lobby in DC to push this wage hike when every big employer has a lobby to fight against it.

    The Examiner wonders if it’s appropriate for the President to be out gathering campaign funds for other Dems when there are so many crisis’ in play today. MrObama’s priority isn’t dealing with those crisis since there’s no one who listens to him, nor does he have the will or energy to address them.
    MrO is more concerned with his domestic agenda and how much he can push until the whole country turns against him in the voting booth.

    Gov Huckabee; no, it’s not your time, never was. You seem like a good man, butt you’re not a national figure. Please don’t mess up the works with a futile run for the presidency.

    • Huckabee seems affable and says many of the right “conservative” things, but I think talk show host is about right for him. He has some creationism ideas and other notions that will be twisted and pounced on like mad.

  5. Before we can have a wage hike, you need to produce jobs.
    Not jobs for fast food company’s.
    In other words the economy needs to be fixed before anyone should expect hikes in salary’s.
    It would be nice if the people I know, get their jobs back,they lost ONLY TO THE O Mess.

  6. Jolly’s win would have been larger had there not been a Libertarian in the race who drew off around 5% of the vote. I think the Democrats will be encouraging (paying?) Libertarians to run in as many races as possible in November because Libertarians draw votes away from Republicans and not Democrats. This strategy was effective in the last Virginia gubernatorial race and hurt Cuccinelli, but I hope the Republicans are now wise to what’s happening.

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