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Video || Obama Vs. Galifianakis

This is pretty funny. And very unusual. President Obama plays along and does a great job.

Obama appeared Tuesday on the Zach Galifianakis show, in which the comedian apparently – I haven’t seem it before – specializes in getting testy with his guests. It’s comedy, but nevertheless somehow a refreshing change from the Washington suck up interview.

24 thoughts on “Video || Obama Vs. Galifianakis”

  1. We’ve seen this question asked a hundred times in a hundred different venues “just who in the Sam hill does Barack Obama think he is?”.
    Does he consider himself an entertainer, making jokes, insulting others like a sleezy comedian?
    He just let Russia’s Putin push him around, other world leaders scoff at his words, yet he finds time from his many vacations to appear on a little known website to answer silly questions for no discernable reason other than to amuse himself.
    Absolutely disgusting and shameful.

    1. Agree! Trying to remember any other pres whose face was on every channel, show, etc non stop except of course with some interviewers who might ask some important, pertinent questions, heaven forbid!

  2. Creepy! Watching the intense expression on his face and the look in his eyes, it doesn’t seem like ‘humor’ to me. More like the adversarial look he gives to Netanyahu or even with Romney in the debates.
    He is not funny – he is pathetic.

  3. Oh no, Keith, he is not doing a great job, it is not refreshing. Once again it´s obvious that he is just an actor. Right now he is unfortunately playing the role of president of the US. And again, this show is just safe political propaganda for him. He would never allow one non-scripted line from that other guy. It is this guy who is “playing along”, not Barry.

    1. The only thing “funny” about this is that he attempts to portray Obama as a tough guy. His responses are rather agressive. When in reality, he isn’t tough – he’s a BULLY. On who doesn’t have the balls to back it up.

      1. and the fact that Obama lets on that the White House could have been the set for a comedy show and he would have been clueless.

  4. Well, BO wants us to feel the pain ;)

    BO and MO seem to be on a constant audition preparing for their lives after the White House, maybe get into Showbiz and be the next Kathie Lee and Hoda or Kelly and Michael ?

    They’re already promised millions for books, but I’ll warn the publishers right now ….. don’t pay them a cent until the book is finished !

  5. What’s wrong with being a Nerd, Mr. President?
    If you didn’t hate on nerds, maybe they’d have created you a working website that is “working just as intended”.

  6. I pulled it up, no volume.
    I watched the tape. It did not seem that he was pleased.
    What question was asked, that caused O’s unhappy stare?

  7. Zach G.’s “Between Two Ferns” is and has been one of the funniest things on the internet for some time but don’t take my word for it, check out Charlez Theron, Bradley Cooper to name a couple. But that’s not the point: this devolves quickly into a state sponsored infomercial for a mandatory government program (which begs the question, why pitch something we HAVE to buy?) And once again, just like they did w/ sack races w/ Jimmy Fallon and Biggest Loser workouts in the Blue Room the O’s use the People’s House as a set. This was a reach out from your public servants in the WH to come shoot a segment IN THE WHITE HOUSE w/ the community organizer so he can badger 27 year olds who have no jobs and live w/ their parents to buy something they can’t afford. Funny or Die? Nope. More Bread and Circuses.

  8. This was so damn scripted. BO isn’t that quick on his feet or spontaneously witty. Not funny! And not befitting the office of the Presidency. I have a great sense of humor this was not funny…..sorry, Keith!

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