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Video || Obama Falls Into the Gap

President Obama dropped by The Gap in midtown New York Tuesday to shop for Michelle and his daughters.

Something Michelle can wear when she goes to Target, you know?

Not seen here is a potential “king doesn’t get the masses” moment. From the pool report:

When Sonya told him that he could swipe his own card on the countertop card reader, Obama quipped, “Oh wow. So, you can sign the machine?” As the reporters in the pool started scribbling, he said he was teasing, adding, “They had these around the last time I shopped.”

Won’t make the papers. This isn’t George H.W. or George W. Bush. Obama’s for the little people, even if he doesn’t know how they pay for stuff.

16 Responses to Video || Obama Falls Into the Gap

  1. Sure. After a posh vacation at one of the most exclusive and expensive resorts in America , MrO must think that we’re thinking he’s “just like us”.

    MrsObama will hang that warm-up jacket from the Gap right next to her $12,000 evening gown, Sure she will.

  2. He’s incorrigible…and he’s Black. He gets bolder by the day knowing that no one will lay a hand on him. He’s LeBron, baby – he’s got game!

    • Just a shame they couldn’t rename the store “The Income Inequality Gap”.

      Or perhaps “The Gap Between What My People Should Be Getting and What Those Evil GOP White Guys Are Stealing”.

      Or we could try “The Transparent Credibility Gap”.

  3. What a joke. These little stunts are insulting to anyone who has a functioning brain (i.e., non-Obummer voters). I can only imagine the time and expense that goes into the advance prep and security prep for these foolish little side trips, not to mention the major inconvenience to many people. But, anything for another photo op for this POS. And it serves its purpose, as I’m sure all the low information voters were treated to segments highlighting his “cute” little shopping trip for Mooch and kids on the entertainment “news” shows. Heck, I bet the sycophants on all the morning shows will be showing clips of this stunt and gushing over the POS and his adorable little shopping trip. Same old sh*t, different day.

  4. Silly me: I thought he would be at his (empty) desk. You know, working.
    Clint Eastwood was right: chair’s empty, desk is empty. It’s a matched set.

    • Instead of these stupid happy clips from O. He should throw lots of files and papers on his desk and have a picture taken.
      Forgive me for making a similiar suggestion.
      Things need to be tended to.
      I was at the store yesterday, and the regular Meat guy there reminded me how much they cut of meat was last week, and how much it was going up next week.

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